Monday, March 09, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Calculated Bigotry of the Con Regime

It's already the most disgusting election campaign in modern Canadian history. With Stephen Harper fanning the flames of anti-Muslim bigotry in Quebec.

And the Con MP, and former Harper communications director John Williamson depositing this racist turd at the Manning Networking Conference:

"My part of the country, I deal with temporary foreign workers and the interaction with employment insurance, and it makes no sense from my point of view — I'm going to put this in terms of colours but it's not meant to be about race — it makes no sense to pay 'whities' to stay home while we bring in brown people to work in these jobs."

And what makes it even worse is that it's all so calculated, that even the apologies ring hollow.
For Williamson may claim he's sorry.

A Conservative MP has apologized for using “offensive and inappropriate language” related to Canada’s temporary foreign workers program.

“Today I used offensive and inappropriate language regarding the Temporary Foreign Workers Program,” he wrote on Twitter. “For this I apologize unreservedly.”

But as a former communications director, who understands the power of words, he must know that the damage is done.

And that his crude statement is just another dog whistle designed to appeal to Stephen Harper's rabid Con base...

And give bigots in this country an excuse to vent their racism.

While making it sound like the Cons are the ones cracking down on the temporary foreign worker's problem.

When in fact they were the ones who created it...

To steal jobs from Canadians and drive down wages.

And as for the man who flooded the country with those workers, he must also know that his attempt to make up for Harper's harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric is equally useless.

The vast majority of the victims of this dystopian vision of the caliphate from Nigeria to the Philippines are innocent, peaceful Muslim people who simply want to raise their families in peace and security," Kenney told the Manning Networking Conference, a conservative policy gathering.

Kenney rejected the suggestion the party has alienated Canadian Muslims, pointing out he is a frequent visitor to mosques and islamic community organizations, and that his government has offered support against islamophobic vandalism and threats.

And for the same reason; the damage is done. You can't just put bigotry back in the bag after you have let it out. You can't douse the flames of xenophobia after you've poured gasoline on them.

And among other things brought the Bloc back from the dead...

Only Harper has worked harder than Kenney to try to create a terrorist hysteria.

Defence Minister Jason Kenney is warning Canadians that homegrown terrorism in this country is now a “reality” and they should not ignore the likelihood of more “jihadist attacks”. 

Moreover, he says the threat of terrorism has never been greater and some Canadians are guilty of “wilful blindness” about the inter-connection of “jihadi violence” throughout the world.

When in fact two lone wolf attacks do not a terrifying terrorist menace make.

And all of the above is just another attempt to create more wedge issues to divide Canadians further, so Stephen Harper can try to scratch out another bloody majority.

Even if he rips apart the social fabric of this diverse country, and turns it into his screaming jungle.

But then that's who the Cons are, the ones who would do ANYTHING to win an election.

And the most disgusting government ever...

And the good news?

There are a lot of brown people in this country. And their whitey friends like me. 

So the Cons will pay a price for their political depravity.

We will use their bigotry against them.

And it will help destroy them...

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Hugh said...

Our Canadian values: hockey, beer, donuts. What's the problem?