Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why are the Generals Covering Up For Jason Kenney?

The only thing more disturbing than having an incompetent Cold War chickenhawk like Jason Kenney posing as a Defence Minister, and lying like a thief. Over and over again.

Is having Canada's top general, running behind him with a shovel.

To scoop up his manure, or as David Pugliese writes, dig him out of a bomb crater of his own making. 

Last week Defence Minister Jason Kenney claimed that Canada was needed in the Syrian bombing campaign because it and the U.S. are the only members of the coalition who have precision guided munitions.

Kenney’s claim, which he also repeated on two other occasions on different TV programs, was pretty sweeping. It was also completely false.

Because that IS what General Tom Lawson did by blowing enough hot air out of every orifice to float the Hindenburg:

Canadians can be proud of the contribution that their Armed Forces bring to the coalition – both in terms of advanced weaponry, and our expertise deploying it. Our contributions make Canada a highly valued and respected ally in the coalition effort to defeat ISIL.

While failing to deflate the blimp Kenney, as he so richly deserved...

Lawson’s statement is interesting for two reasons – as he tries to clarify Kenney’s comments he completely ignores that the Minister falsely stated that the Syrian coalition allies don’t have precision guided munitions. Kenney didn’t mention in his TV appearances that the U.S. (as well as Canada) will be the only ones using a specific type of weapon (i.e. laser/GPS precision guided munitions). 

He instead stated that the other coalition allies don’t even have any precision guided munitions…full stop.

And what makes it even worse, is that this isn't the first time Lawson and the Department of National Defence have covered up for that absurd chickenhawk.

For when Kenney claimed that Russian fighters had buzzed a Canadian frigate in the Black Sea...

Only to have NATO deny the story. 

DND sailed forth to his defence with a statement that suggests that NATO lies, but Kenney doesn't.

A statement that also includes helpful links to Harper's propaganda channel, and the Porky Action Plan, touting the Con's pathetic income-splitting tax scam.

Which would be laughable, if it wasn't for the unfortunate fact that it's making the Canadian Forces look like Harper's Army. And that simply cannot be allowed. 

Not only because it threatens our democracy. But also because it insults every decent member of the military who is serving now, or has served honourably in the past, and especially all those who died in its service.

Lawson should know that. Know that when an army's reputation is lost it is not easily recovered. And should set the record straight, before he leaves the job next fall.

Tell us what kind of political pressure are the Cons bringing to bear on him and his generals? Because we really need to know who exactly is running our military? And what kind of country we are really living in.

For if he doesn't he risks damaging the reputation of the forces further. 

And the verdict of history will be as harsh on him as it will be on the members of the Con regime...

As for Kenney, you should have seen him today in the Commons attacking Justin Trudeau for daring to criticize the war. Spewing foul insults at him in such a heated and disgusting manner, I honestly thought the blimp was going to explode.

But then that's how low we have fallen,

General Lawson should explain himself.

And for his crimes against the truth, and his total lack of decency.

Jason Kenney should resign...

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thwap said...

The military's top-brass has been covering for the harpercons for a long time now. Remember Peter MacKay's misuse of military helicopters to take him from a fishing trip to a press conference/photo-op? Military personnel were tasked with finding out whether a Liberal MP critical of him had ever used a military helicopter.

Methinks too many of our generals are more concerned with kissing the government's ass than in Canada's honour and international reputation. More interested in their careers than in standing-up against the vermin who are nickel-and-diming wounded veterans or even driving them to suicide.

Come to think of it, there's a lot of racism and sexism and callous behaviour in the Canadian Forces, even aside from their licking harper's dirty shit-hole.

e.a.f. said...

Canada having advanced weapons???????? Who is Jason trying to kid.
Advanced weapons are what the Americans, Brits, France, and Germany have. Canada has some toys which work once in awhile and dam few of them at that.

If one of Canada's armed forces members is captured by ISIS, it won't be pretty.

For a bunch of religious idiots, O.K. that explains it, they're religious idiots, because I do remember that line about, "thou shalt not kill". There was this other line also, about turning the other cheek. Oh, well it is just another e.g. of how the Cons can't read.