Friday, March 13, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Attack of the Con Scandals

It must be Stephen Harper's worst nightmare. Just as he's trying to scare Canadians into voting for him, with his politics of fear and his Great War on Terror.

He himself must be terrified by the number of Con scandals coming out of the woodwork to tarnish his government's already soiled reputation..

For as if Mike Duffy and Dean Del Mastro weren't enough to keep him awake at night.

Now comes his old buddy Vic Toews, staggering out of the darkness to haunt him.

Vic Toews’ wife complained to the Winnipeg Police Service on Thursday about “absurd” financial records that appear to show a transfer of almost $1 million from a Manitoba first nation to her company. Stacey Meek, common-law spouse of the former federal minister, said in an email Thursday that her company did not receive $966,500 for “strategic advice” from Peguis First Nation.

For it can't help but make people wonder what kind of "strategic advice" could Toews' very young wife offer the Peguis First Nation?

As well as remind people that Harper made him a judge...

Aimee Fortier, executive assistant to the chief judge of the court, said Mr. Toews recused himself from dealing with the case. She said Mr. Toews could not answer questions about his business dealings. 

“The subject of your questions is not something that would be appropriate for a judge to comment on,” she said in an email.

And if that wasn't bad enough, then there's that other scandal he just can't escape. The one involving his Public Work's Minister Diane Finley...

And his old buddy Nigel Wright.

The one Michael Harris calls the ethics problem that just won't go away. 

By any rational measure, the Diane Finley affair should be the boot that punts Stephen Harper’s sorry ass out of office. This one’s a dead skunk in the middle of the road — or maybe a dead flounder on the Highway of Hypocrites.

The strange story of the Jewish community centre that received a grant it wasn't qualified to receive. Apparently because the man who applied for it, rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn, is such a good friend of the Conservative party. And such a "dear friend" of John Baird.

Despite the fact that public servants in the department of Human Resources disqualified the Mendelsohn application on its merits, a crew of Conservative political heavies revived it. Baird, Peter Kent, Nigel Wright and others in the PMO either advised, strong-armed or lobbied Finley into reconsidering the project. 

Wright told Dawson that he had advised Finley that the matter had to be considered “carefully and fairly.”

Which can only remind people of the role Wright also played in the Duffy scandal...

As well as reminding everyone of Harper's broken promises.

Stephen Harper rode into power on a tide of popular revulsion against Liberal corruption in the ad sponsorship scandal. He took office on the promise of accountability and transparency, but delivered neither. 

The new sheriff failed miserably to clean up Dodge. Instead, after nearly ten years in power, he has a clothesline buckling under the weight of his own dirty laundry — stretching all the way from the In-and-Out scandal of 2006 to Dawson’s report on Finley.

And to make matters even worse, now even the Brazman has come back to haunt him.

Now we’re being told by suspended Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau that Finley pulled funding from a community centre because the NDP won the riding in which it was located. 

Brazeau alleged that he met Finley — then the Social Development minister — and Nigel Wright, then the PM’s chief-of-staff, about the pulled funding.

And as I said the other night, all these scandals will hurt Harper, if only by reminding many Canadians how much they wanted to get rid of him, before the terrorist scare revived his sagging fortunes.

The economy will do him the most damage. 

But the war will not help him.

And his scandals will finish him off...

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Marmalade said...

Michael Harris .......yes! I was reading "Party of One" yet again........what happened to Nathan Jacobson?

Anonymous said...

Hit the button and close that dumpster truck, I can't take the smell anymore that thing is rotten to the core.

BTW Simon have you been following Rocco Galati's ongoing court case against the government and the Bank of Canada? it accuses the government of conspiracy to undermine Canadian Sovereignty, it would be the final nail in the coffin for Harper if it goes through, it already has survived 3 appeals by the government to have the case dismissed, so Judges have found validity in Rocco's claims. Bloggers like you are required to keep it in the lime light, cause Harper has issued a gag order on MSM on this.

Anonymous said...

The criminal actions of this regime knows no boundaries. No wonder Bairdsie jumped ship. Harper's cons are making Mulroney's stuffed envelopes look ethical. This has to be the most corrupt government this great country has ever seen. I have to admit that I love watching them slowly implode as Harper looks more and more like he's turning zombie. If only the MSM would pull their heads out of their asses and start calling a spade a spade, then zombie's days as PM will soon be over.

rumleyfips said...

So Nige laundered the bribe to Duf and helped shovel sheckles to Diane's dump. We know know that two Wrights equal a wrong.

Marmalade said...

WOW! I just checked this ............Make No Wonder Harper Does Not Want This Broadcasted To Canadians!

Maybe I could get an interest-free loan?

Marmalade said...

Check out Video Rebel's Blog..........we are heading for a Global Depression!

David said...

Oops! They did it again -- a short history of Conservative conflict of interest

Anonymous said...

Harper's war is going down the toilet as fast Harper is.

Anonymous said...