Friday, March 06, 2015

Stephen Harper Fear Campaign Gets Slammed by Canadians

Well as you know Stephen Harper has been busy trying to crank up the Fear Factor in his Great War on Terror.

By spreading terrorist propaganda on his Facebook site, to try to scare Canadians into voting for him. While he turns Canada into a police state with his dangerously flawed Bill C-51.

But unfortunately for him and his ghastly Cons, his crass performance is a little too obvious.

And it's getting some really bad reviews.

The messaging is clear — support us or terrorists are going to storm your local mall...The message here — vote for us, or old convicted killers are going to be stalking your neighbourhood.

His disgusting behaviour is being noticed.

Terrorists at the mall. Killers walking free. Scary old country, this Canada, eh? That’s just the way the Conservatives want it.

His fear campaign is being widely panned. So is his police state bill.

The government’s anti-terrorism bill provides excessive powers to federal agencies to monitor and profile ordinary Canadians as part of the war on terror, the Privacy Commissioner is arguing. “All Canadians – not only terrorism suspects – will be caught in this web,” Daniel Therrien said an an open-letter published in The Globe and Mail.

And even the right-wing commentator Tasha Kheirridin is accusing him of playing the terrorist's game. 

Give terrorists the power to change our daily lives simply by making threats, and you’re giving in to terrorism. Face it — anything is a possible terrorist target. Our malls, our schools, our office buildings, our sporting arenas … anything could be attacked, at any moment. Vigilance — reporting suspicious activity, for example — is good, and should be encouraged. Paranoia — the kind of paralyzing fear that can shut society down — is exactly what we don’t want.

Canada needs to move ahead sensibly and rationally to combat terror. But our government shouldn’t terrorize us as well.

Because that's exactly what he's trying to do, terrorize his own people. Which much surely be the lowest thing Stephen Harper has ever done.

Even by his own low standards...

And for that alone he deserves to be removed from office. 

But I thought Rick Mercer asked the best question, the one I want Harper to answer:

Why does he want us all to be cowards like him?

And should we, in the name of safety and security, be even too afraid to go to the TOILET?

Because ironically enough, that is where HE is going eh? 

His dirty game has soiled what was left of his reputation.

The stench burns the nostrils

And his day is almost done... 

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Anonymous said...

Harper is so deluded that he thinks we will hang on his every word and pray he saves us from a terrorist attack that is no more likely than being t-boned at an intersection. If he thinks Canadians will put up with his "Fear-a-thon" for much longer, he's sadly mistaken. His campaign slogan should read, "Stephen Harper, all fear, all the time".

Anonymous said...

Yes Rick Mercer is priceless I love his rants. This one about bathrooms is particularly hilarious because I believe Steve Harper and the whole con criminal clown show is about to go down the toilet in one gigantic flush in the upcoming election.

Cheers Simon,
Mogs Moglio

e.a.f. said...

Stevie may want to "crank up" the fear factor, but in some places in Canada its already there. Its there where there is a First Nations woman. But Stevie and his religious nut bars don't care. They couldn't even be bothered to attend the national round table on why there were 1,200 Murdered First Nation's women.

He wants longer prison sentences for murderers who are already there. Those that killed the 1,200 murdered First nations women are free to go and kill at will. He not only won't call an inquiry, he won't spend an extra nickel to find out who murdered these women so we have all these murderers walking around free. They haven't served one day in prison for these murders.

Stevie and his zealots of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church don't seem to get it. I don't know what the religion preaches but it certainly can't be the bible's King James version.

He wants to keep people in jail indefinitely and only he gets to let them out. The cases he cites are very, very small in number but the people who murdered the First nations women must number in the hundreds. So what's wrong with this picture. Perhaps its some thing in the 'wine' they drink at communion. Perhaps its because the victims are First nations. What ever it is Stevie is a poor excuse for a P.M. I've never heard a Canadian P.M. ever say, the murder of 1,200 women wasn't on their radar. some of them may have thought it, who knows, but not one was stupid enough to say it.

He holds a press conference and trots out the mother of one of Olsen's victims. Olsen died in prison. We all knew he wasn't ever going to get out. He killed 9 kids. It was awful. But the police in B.C. caught him. Now we have 1,200 murdered women and the P.M. says its not on his radar. So whats the difference here?

Pickton killed 49 women. Now it is true, it took the cops a very long time to get him. Most likely because the women involved were sex trade workers and many of them women of colour. But the police did get him and we all know he isn't ever going to get out. So why the need to change the laws so only cabinet gets to decide who gets out.

That ought to be fun. Want a murderer to get out of jail, just finance the next M.P.s campaign. We see all sorts of cases in the U.S.A. where judges and such are elected and we know who contributes to their campaigns and we see how well justice is served there. For those in doubt check out Alabama, where a politician can hire a judge to have you arrested without a warrant. Have a look at Missouri. Politics and Justice need to be kept apart, but Stevie sees it another way, but do remember this is a man who thinks the second coming is "imminent" and the bible is "inerrant". Sounds a lot like some of those jihadists, if you ask me.

Marmalade said...

Simon, you make my day!