Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Return of Sgt. Doiron and the Betrayal of Cpl. Langridge

They brought Sgt. Andrew Doiron back to Canada today, and I was glad to see that thousands of Canadians turned out to welcome him home down the Highway of Heroes.

Once I thought that reception was too militaristic, and too American. 

But now I think it's right that we should value every life, and honour those who lose their lives in the service of Canada.

Too bad, Cpl. Stuart Langridge and his family weren't so lucky. 

A Military Police Complaints Commission report on the investigations into the suicide of Cpl. Stuart Langridge details a list of errors and failures by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, including a decision to withhold a suicide note he had addressed to his family. 

As a result, Langridge's wishes for his funeral were not respected and his parents were denied control over funeral arrangements.

Can you believe that? They didn't believe he was suffering from PTSD. They didn't treat his illness. They treated him like a cheater. Until he finally hanged himself.

They betrayed him, and then they betrayed his family, claiming there was no suicide note. So his parents had to wait more than a year to find out from their dead son why he did what he did.

And they couldn't even honour his humble funeral requests, for even that those cruel bastards would deny him.

And can you believe this?

The commission says the military's response to its report seeks to evade the most important issues, offers no plan to improve its behaviour in the future and suggests the military police intend to make no significant changes.

"The military police has, with a few minor exceptions, either rejected or failed to respond to the commission’s findings and recommendations," Stannard said.

But then why should anyone be surprised? When we have seen how the Cons and the military have treated our veterans. How they discard them like broken toys, how they bully them, how they disrespect them.

And that's what happens when you become Harper's Army.

He corrupts everything he touches...

And you forget that you are the CANADIAN Forces, and we expect you to be different and better, and respect OUR values.

But then we also know what we must do. When we finally defeat Harper and his grotesque Con regime, we're going to have to put Canada back into everything from our social programs, to our military, to our foreign policy.

And at least there was some consolation today, something to celebrate.

Sgt Andrew Doiron was welcomed home and honoured by his people...

Cpl. Stuart Langridge's parents never stopped fighting for their son. 

They finally won their battle for him and all the others.

And Stuart finally got some justice...

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Marmalade said...

I just hope that Foreign troops never get 'orders' to land on Canadian soil for whatever reason and start killing innocent Canadians!

Anonymous said...

PSTD is not recognized by the Harperites because they figure it was GOD who judged them for being evil.

Now that being said think people think god id dog spelled backwards and evil is live spelled backwards. Jesus properly pronounced phonetically is hey-zuess and is a Spanish name for a male. Religion is a hoax much like the Harper-cons are who swear by it.


e.a.f. said...

another dead solider. another photo op for harper.