Saturday, March 21, 2015

Three More Reasons Why Bill C-51 Should be Scrapped

There are so many good reasons why Bill C-51 should be gutted or scrapped.

Starting with the main one: it would turn us into a police state.

But here are three other reasons I came across today:

(1) The police didn't need any new powers to arrest and convict these pathetic wannabe terrorists.

Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier, two men accused of plotting to derail a Via passenger train travelling between Canada and the U.S., have been found guilty of a series of terror-related charges.

They had all the tools they needed, and some they didn't use. And as in other cases, enough video to make a movie.

(2) Michael Geist, who knows what he's talking about, says the bill is dangerous. 

As witnesses line up to warn about the dangers associated with Bill C-51, Canada’s anti-terrorism bill, it’s increasingly clear that the proposed legislation is an unprecedented undermining of Canadian privacy protection.

The bill permits information-sharing across government for an incredibly wide range of purposes, most of which have nothing to do with terrorism. The government has tried to justify the provisions on the grounds that Canadians would support sharing information for national security purposes — but the bill allows sharing for reasons that would surprise and disturb most Canadians.

But even though it would gut the Privacy Act, the Con controlled Public Security committee hasn't seen fit to invite the Privacy Commissioner.

Because that's the kind of kangaroo hearings Roxanne James and the other Cons are running...

Which in itself tells us all we need to know about the bill, and why it should be scrapped.

(3) The Canadian Bar Association also thinks the Bill threatens our freedoms. 

The Conservative government's anti-terrorism bill contains "ill-considered" measures that will deprive Canadians of liberties without increasing their safety, the Canadian Bar Association says. 

And the Charter of Rights.

It potentially brings "the entire Charter into jeopardy, undermines the rule of law, and goes against the fundamental role of judges as the protectors of Canada's constitutional rights."

But despite the CBA's expertise, or because of it, the Con committee hasn't invited it to testify either.

Now take all of the above, boil it down, and sum it up this way for anyone who STILL doesn't get it. 

Bill C-51 should be scrapped, because it has nothing to do with terrorism, and everything to do with YOU...

And our deranged Big Brother, and his depraved need for total control...

And since we can't scrap the bill, unless we defeat him, we know what to do.

Help spread the message about why it's so dangerous. Because polls show the more people know what's in the bill, the more they dislike it.

And of course, for the sake of internet freedom, and the rule of law.

Work to drive Stephen Harper and his foul Cons from power. 

Before they turn this country into a police state...

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David said...

In Committee from the House of Commons - Public Safety and National Security - March 12, 2015 - Part 2

16:00 mark: Craig Forcese (associate professor, Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa)

Craig Forcese dissects Bill C-51

March 15 letter

David said...

Bill C-51 Reveals Harper's Inner Bully

Pass that Bill! Slow that One Down! On Harper's Hurry-Up Hypocrisy

Simon said...

hi David...thanks for the links. I liked the Tyee story about Harper's inner bully a lot, because what else can explain why he is so intent in ramming that foul bill through parliament. We really are in the grip of a mad man....

e.a.f. said...

In my opinion this bill has little to do with "terrorists" and everything to do with control. The need for control has more to do with the trade agreements harper signed with China and a number of other countries. Once Canadians start to see the effects of these trade agreements, as foreign corporations win contracts and bring in their own workers, unrest will begin. Bill C-51 will enable harper to control Canadians. China will demand they be able to bring in their own workers. large foreign corporations will insist on bringing their workers from Spain, the eastern European countries, etc. who will work for much lower salaries. The trade agreements will have to be enforced by the "Canadian" government and that is why we have bill C-51. Any one who objects to what is happening to the environment, land usage, can be deemed a "terrorist" or going against the "interests of the state". Once it is established you are acting contrary to "interests of the state" you can expect to spend time in jail.

LNG corporations in B.C. are still running ads about all the jobs they will create even though they have said the plants, if and when they will be built will be built in Asia and then floated over. They will bring their own workers to operate the plants, because under trade agreements they can. Now imagine unemployed Canadians watching this going on. Sort of reminds you of the 1930s and we know what happened then. This time instead of shooting citizens, they will be able to arrest them and jail them.

do not expect China to sit by idly and watch their "investments" tank because a few million Canadians are upset about being unemployed. A law suit in the international courts would be very expensive, hence protestors would be considered to be acting against the "interests of the state". Get your go to jail card here. Oh and that jail will be operated by an American prison corporations traded on the NYSE.

Hugh said...

The case of Eli Lilly suing Canada over drug patents, for $500 million, apparently is still ongoing.

That case is under ISDS provisions of NAFTA. Similar provisions are also in CETA, China-FIPA etc.

1.6 million people in Europe have signed a petition against CETA/TTIP: