Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Are the Harper Cons Preparing to Support Al Qaeda?

The brutish Con message has been there from the very beginning, but it just got even more disturbing.

Because there is nothing Stephen Harper will not do or say to try to win another  majority.

So if you don't support Bill C-51, his plan to turn us into a police state, you must be with the terrorists.

And if you don't support our Glorious War in Iraq AND Syria, and counting. 

You're not a Canadian !!! 

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau are "dismissing Canadian values" by opposing the mission against ISIS, Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson said Thursday as MPs kicked off the debate on extending it by a year and sending Canadian pilots to bomb targets in Syria.

"ISIL has declared war on Canada," Nicholson said. "By name, it seeks to wage its jihad against our people. No matter how these facts are communicated, Canadians know that the leaders of the opposition parties will dismiss that and with that, they [are] dismissing Canadian values."

And yes, it's true. Just as in the last scenes of Orwell's Animal Farm, in the last scenes of Harperland the Con hogs are walking around on their hind legs.

And deciding who is a Canadian and who isn't... 

Even though Rob Nicholson and his Con freaks might as well have come from Outer Space, or Alabama. And they wouldn't know a Canadian value if it hit them in their hoggy snouts.

But of course we knew that. They are aliens, they are ideological monsters, they don't have an ounce of humanity or decency.

And what also worries me, now that they have made our lives more dangerous for crass political purposes...

Is that they really don't know what they're doing. They're brutish but as dumb as spoons. So they might think they're helping to destroy ISIS, when they're actually helping build up Al Qaeda. 

Experts say al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra is gaining ground in Syria’s civil war at the expense of other groups, and could in the long run pose as big a problem as ISIS. They're warning that the decision by the U.S.-led coalition in Syria to focus its bombing efforts only on ISIS risks assisting al-Qaeda, as well as the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Or fail to understand that they're getting us further involved in all out regional  religious war. 

The turmoil in Yemen grew into a regional conflict Thursday, with Saudi Arabia and its allies bombing Shia rebels allied with Iran, while Egyptian officials said a ground assault will follow the air strikes.

And that they are not just leading us into a quagmire, they're leading us into a bloody nightmare of Biblical proportions. One that could bring in the Iranians, the Israelis  and the Russians, and threaten us in ways we can't even imagine.

And the good news? Support for Harper's War is beginning to soften. 

The Canadian military mission to combat and contain the Islamic State in Iraq continues to receive majority support from Canadians — but this support is beginning to soften and is increasingly divided across partisan divisions and other key faultlines.

Given the trajectory of support for extending the mission, and historical patterns of eroding support for past missions, it’s probably safe to say that we could see majority opposition to the mission extension in the near future.

And that's bad news for Great Warrior Leader.

As support for the mission has softened, so too has Harper’s rise in the polls — now stalled and arguably falling backward. It seems unlikely at this point that this mission extension will provide much support to Mr. Harper’s quest for another mandate in October; by then, it could be a brake rather than a boon. 

Because without war fever, and without fear, he's got NOTHING.

Right now he's probably celebrating the way the fighting in Yemen in pushing up oil prices. 

But he won't be celebrating for long.

He suckled the war. He would suckle Al Qaeda. 

But baby will grow into a monster. 

And it will come back to bite him...

And of course, first we will defeat those terrorists.

And then we will arrest them...

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Anonymous said...

The only thing scarier then a terrorist attack is hands down the "Harper Con-Clown Show" eh?

Mogs Moglio

They scare the living fuck out of me,