Thursday, March 05, 2015

Stephen Harper, Bill C-51, and the Harvest of Fear

For months Stephen Harper has been working day and night to try to create a climate of fear.

He has fanned the flames of paranoia and xenophobia, appealed to the beasts that dwell within us.

He is using the armed forces to help him portray the world as a dark and threatening place, with videos like this one...

Which is designed to dovetail with his own party propaganda, is full of the hollow words he uses every day, like "values" and "freedoms." And is being played over and over again on Canadian TV. 

So not surprisingly he is reaping his harvest of fear. 

Nearly half of Canadians say they feel less safe from terrorism than they did two years ago, according to a survey conducted for CBC News. Two-thirds say it is likely that an attack will occur in Canada within the next five years, including 42 per cent who expect that it will result in mass death and destruction.

But for Harper this isn't good enough.

However, only nine per cent think terrorism and national security should be the top priority for federal politicians, behind unemployment (20 per cent), the economy(19 per cent) and health care (15 per cent).

He needs to make his Great War on Terror THE issue of the next campaign, because it's the only issue he has left.

Along with his Great War on Crime...

He needs to scare Canadians out of their minds, if he hopes to win another majority. Stampede them into believing that he must turn Canada into a police state with his infamous Bill C-51, if he is to make them SAFER.

So him and his sinister Con cult are trying to SCARE Canadians further, with this new Facebook ad...

Where if you follow the link you end up in this dark place.

The international jihadist movement has declared war on Canada. We are being targeted because jihadi terrorists hate our society and the values it represents. Jihadi terrorism is not a human right; it is an act of war. 

And after that deranged message, which clearly seeks to connect human rights  and terrorism, you are invited to surrender your liberties, join the Harper party, and keep Canada "glorious and free."

Safe in the hands of Great Strong Leader...

Who knows what's best for you, and would never let a law, or the truth, or even human decency stand between him and another bloody majority.

But then he is desperate, he's slowly going crazy, his authoritarian tendencies have erupted like boils. 

And him and his Cons are so brutish and dumb they don't even understand that the terrorist poster they are using for crass political purposes, could land THEM once their foul bill is passed.

Would Conservative Party of Canada staffers be looking at jail time if Stephen Harper's terror bill were in place today? 

Harper's controversial Bill C-51 includes provisions aimed at "terrorist propaganda" and promoting "terrorist offences in general" that are supposed to target violent ideologues, but have been criticized as being so vague and so broad that they could criminalize legitimate news, speech and debate.

And that the bill, that would turn us into a police state, is yet another reason NOT to vote for them:

In other words, anyone writing about terrorism in the media, anyone blogging about things they read in the news, anyone sending tweets into the twitterverse, anyone sharing their thoughts on Facebook (and this includes Conservative MPs, by the way) could accidentally run afoul of the law because they said something, quoted somebody, re-posted something or shared a link to something that may inspire someone to possibly "commit a terrorism offence as a result of the communication" -- even if no one ever does.

You know, it seems so obvious to me that Stephen Harper has finally crossed the line between political thug and would be dictator. Or the line between sanity and madness.

And that in a better Canada, that alone should be enough to remove him from office, by whatever legal or medical means necessary.

But I also recognize that fear can make some people crazy, turn crowds into mobs, and deliver them into the hands of demagogues like him... 

So when we fight him, we must now fight fear as well.

I'll have some ideas about how we can do that on the weekend. 

But for now we all know what we must do. 

Talk to our friends and neighbours, explain to them why Bill C-51 is so dangerous. 

Warn people that there is a beast loose in this country...

And if it and its monstrous master are not stopped.

The beast will blind us.

And his madness will devour us...

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Anonymous said...

The only thing we don't know is how much more fearful people are , say on a scale of one to ten. Maybe many of them a just slightly more fearful. After all Canada was one of the most secure countries in the world before the cons took power. They have brought this on us. Let's not forget that.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Joesph Harper has gone off the deep end my pity to any one that believes that insane asylum monster. He reminds me of Hannibal Lecter played by Sir Anthony Hopkins...

No offense meant to you Sir Hopkins. Just the character you played in the "Silence of the Lambs" reminds me of Stephen Joesph Harper. A cruel and unusual lunatic.

Namaste Simon,
And cheers,
Mogs Moglio

Grant G said...

Stephen Harper, cheap, tawdry electioneering, too little, too late..

11 years in power, 5 years with a majority and now he brings forth non-constitutional legislation on crime so close to the election it..Where was his crime concern 5 years ago.

Hugh said...

All those recent trade deals (CETA, China-FIPA etc) are obviously not in Canada long-term financial or economic interest.
So wouldn't Bill C-51 target those who would promote those deals?

Anonymous said...

Every time Harper talks of protecting our values and freedoms I want to throw up. He has no values and is hell bent on taking away our freedoms. When is this stupid fuck*ng electorate of ours going to wake up and realize this?

e.a.f. said...

The only group which is truly in danger in Canada are the First Nations. And the danger comes from P.M. Steveie Harper. there are 1,200 murdered/missing First Nations women and what does Harper say? Its not on his "radar". If he can't get concerned about that many murdered women, then why would the rest of us get excited about something which hasn't happened. The only thing I am afraid of in this country is that women I know will be murdered because they are First Nations.

Do I think some terrorist is going to blow something up? No.
Do I think we are going to have jihadists kill 1,200 Canadians some time in the next 5, 10, 20 yrs? No

I'm concerned about our health care system being dismantled in Canada. I'm concerned people can't get hip replacements when they should in Canada. I'm concerned we have 40K premature deaths in Canada due to income inequity. Terrorists, not even on my radar, nor are the "criminals" Harper keeps talking about. of course harper must know a lot about criminals. He has enough of them in his party, cabinet, etc.

Anonymous said...

CSIS is a'comin .... believe it...!!!