Monday, March 30, 2015

Bill C-51 and Stephen Harper's Latest Scam

Well surprise, surprise, it was a false flag after all. 

The other day it looked like Stephen Harper had surrendered to reason, by finally agreeing to change his police state bill C-51. 

Even though him and his Cons had claimed, or squawked for weeks, that it was perfect and if you didn't like it you must be a terrorist.

But now the experts have taken a closer look at those proposed changes, and sure enough they are just an illusion. 

And that old Con artist Steve "Fingers" Harper is just trying to pull another scam...

Trying to fool Canadians into thinking he's changed the bill, when it's still hideously and dangerously flawed. 

First the good: it is helpful that the proposed changes will now exclude from the national security information sharing regime protests of all sort, and not just protest complying with each and every regulatory law. The amendments will also temper language that might have authorized further sharing of information to “anyone”, including in disregard of security caveats attached to that information.

By buffing it up with spit and shinola, while keeping its monstrous heart intact. So it still gives CSIS too much power, including the apparent right to run secret prisons.

The government’s peculiar language does precisely nothing to dispel concerns about a system of CSIS “security detention” or “detention for security interrogation.” Given the disturbing experience in other jurisdictions after Sept. 11, 2001, the absence of an express, emphatic bar on detention is alarming.

It still does nothing to make us safer...

On security, bill C-51 suggests a government with no clear security end-game. It does nothing to facilitate terrorism prosecutions. The government has not answered concerns that the new CSIS measures will “conflict” with RCMP police investigations or terrorism prosecutions.

It still threatens our freedoms.

The major liberties concerns in C-51 remain, including: the privacy issues; a new speech crime that comes without defences and will reach speech far removed from threats of terrorist violence; and, continued, stubborn disregard of reforms to our national security accountability system, already strained without C-51.

And because there is still no provision for better oversight, and the existing Security Intelligence Review Committee is appointed by Harper.

Who let us not forget once appointed as its head his notorious flunky Arthur Porter...

Who is now residing in a Panamanian prison.

Bill C-51 remains what it always was: just a plan for Great Leader to seize more powers for himself, use them against his enemies, and turn this country into a police state.

Surprise, surprise.

But the good news is that we can and will use it against him in the next election.

The more people know about the bill the more they hate it.

And all of the above makes it only too clear, if it wasn't clear before.

If we want to be truly safe, we must keep us these protests going...

Keep up the pressure.

Until the happy day we can defeat those sinister Cons.

Scrap the bill.

And give Steve the heave...

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Marmalade said...

Awesome song/video......thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if Cons MP, Michael Chong, does actually vote against C-51 this evening. Or will he once again vote with his party to support it, despite his public denouncement of C-51, just as he had done on several occasions before (e.g. he also voted with his party to support the "Unfair" Elections Act and the motions to limit debate on it as well).

Or will Chong declare victory that his public criticism has won these sham changes to C-51. Just as he had declared victory with his gutted MP Reform Bill which had been Harperized till it was toothless (Andrew Coyne had an interesting article pointing this out).

It will also be interesting to see how the Liberal Party will explain their voting in support of C-51 if Chong does end up voting against it. We know that Rathgeber, the ex Cons MP, will likely be voting against C-51.

e.a.f. said...

The federal liberals voting for Bill C-51, just puts them on the wrong side of history. Any party voting for Bill C-51 is nuts. Regardless of Trudeau's position, they will "repeal" it if elected, he hasn't given enough thought to him not being elected. If he doesn't have integrity on this issue, I'd have to question his judgement on a whole lot of other things. That leaves Mulcair, May, and the leader of the B.Q.

This bill will pass and we will see a whole lot of changes in Canada, including prisons for dissenters. We have only to look to Chicago and the "secret" jail their police dept. had. Those arrested couldn't make phone calls to their lawyers. Their lawyers and families couldn't find them. All was denied, until it became public. it will happen here except this time it will be our federal government who is doing it.