Monday, March 09, 2015

Pamela Wallin and the Embarrassment of Stephen Harper

Uh oh. As if Stephen Harper didn't have enough problems.

In less than a month the Mike Duffy trial will begin. Two days after that his former parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro will be sentenced.

And now he has to worry about what might happen to Pamela Wallin.

Because she's back in the news again !!! 

An RCMP investigation into Pamela Wallin’s expenses has identified 150 “suspicious” claims, including two dozen relating to the suspended senator’s work as a board member for two Toronto-based companies, according to documents filed in an Ottawa court.

A document signed by Cpl. Exantus says there are reasonable grounds to believe that Ms. Wallin committed a breach of trust by making improper expense claims and defrauded the Senate by more than $5,000 between 2009 and 2012.

And of course that couldn't be more embarrassing eh?

Because if you remember Great Economist Leader once claimed that he had PERSONALLY examined her expenses and found them to be reasonable. 

"I have looked at the numbers. Her travel costs are comparable to any parliamentarian travelling from that particular area of the country over the period of time," Harper said. "Last year Senator Wallin spent almost half of her time in the province she represents in the Senate. The costs are to travel to and from that province, as any similar parliamentarian would do."

Which makes me wonder, if Wallin is charged, could Harper be charged as well for being an accessory after the fact?

And since we know that Pammy has been VERY annoyed by this unseemly scandal...

And we know how she absolutely HATES that kind of bad publicity...

I can only imagine what she might say to Harper the next time she bumps into him...

Yup. Don't call him a Great Economist Leader, or a Great Accountant Leader.

Just call him Great Scandal Leader.

And send him where he belongs...

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Kirbycairo said...

HE blew the economy, he blew transparency, he blew accountability, he blew honest governance, he blew federal-provincial relations, he blew every aspect of good government. How is he not at five points in the polls?

Omar said...

A rock solid 30% political base. I think I heard Paul Wells say 'there are Canadian voters who have waited an entire generation for someone just like Mr Harper to come along and they *will not* give up on him easily'. By the looks of things, I would suggest they won't give up on him at all.

Marmalade said...

The Truth will always come out eventually............this is just another example of how people in power abuse their positions for their own means. Have mercy on their souls!

bcwaterboy said...

Good point Kirby, but he will always have 30 odd percent support out there, conservatives who would vote for this party no matter how low the indiscretions. He remains our PM for being good (no absolutely brilliant at) creating a message, repeating it often enough, and dumbing people down on absence of facts. This similar winning formula has also worked well at the provincial level as seen with the shocking incompetence of Christy Clark and her continued ability to "win".

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Pam. The can says nothing will stick to you.

e.a.f. said...

Stevie really have "good judgement" issues, saying the expenses looked o.k. or words to that effect. His other appointments aren't looking so great either. Some of them are in trouble with the law. Welcome home Arthur Porter.

Duffy and Wallin aren't stupid. They claimed expenses because they though they could or had reason to believe they could get away with it. Either way, some one is in trouble and it just isn't Duffy and Wallin. I think they are as pissed as they are, because they were told they could do this. It will be very entertaining when it all goes to trial.