Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jason Kenney's Monstrous Day of Delusion

What a happy coincidence. The day after I pointed out that the Con's religious base has been pressuring them to expand the war into Syria.

So they can help the Syrian Christians who support that country's bloody dictator, and have been targeted by the ISIS crazies.

The uncrowned Pope of that religious base, Jason Kenney did come galloping stumbling out.

To declare that it was the Americans who pressured or nudged us into Syria. 

The United States made it clear Canada's precision-guided bomb arsenal and expertise would be welcome in Syria, Jason Kenney said Wednesday — a narrow glimmer of clarity in the Harper government's murky reasons for expanding its Middle East campaign to include the war-torn region.

Or whatever.

The defence minister would not go so far as to say the Americans asked Canada to expand the scope of its airstrikes outside of Iraq, but did indicate that Washington left the option open for consideration.

Because although our planes have only carried out 53 airstrikes compared to the 5,300 the Americans have, they apparently need all the help they can get and all the bombs we can spare.

"Let me put it this way: We have conversations back and forth and they made it clear that they thought our precision-guided munitions would be helpful," Kenney said.

Which beggars belief, as does his claim that we have the legal right to bomb targets in Syria according to Article 51 of the UN Charter.

That provision says a country can take individual or collective self-defence action if a member is under armed attack, but the invocation of that clause is usually followed by an international resolution authorizing force. 

Even still, Canada has a right to defend itself — and extremists returning from the civil war battlefields of Syria personify that threat, Kenney suggested.

Which was no doubt delivered in this position...

Considering his obvious desire to avoid the truth.

Legal experts in Washington, who've argued against the U.S. bombing campaign, say the self-defence justification requires an imminent threat, otherwise it's a preventative war — something the international community does not look kindly upon.

And delude himself and others.

As was his claim that our pilots will be just as safe flying over Syria as they are flying over Iraq.

Defence Minister Jason Kenney says Canadian jet fighters will face no greater risk waging war in Syria, home to the hostile Assad regime and headquarters of the Islamic State, than they encountered over Iraq.

Even though their new friend, Bashar al-Assad, is as crazy as our Great Leader and capable of anything...

The Assad government, a pariah in the international community for waging war against its civilians, reportedly shot down a U.S. military drone in northwest Syria several weeks ago, an act widely interpreted as signalling there are limits to what the Syrian government will accept in terms of violations of its airspace.

His arsenal of modern Russian missiles is a real threat.

Our pilots will be at greater risk of ending up in the hands of the ISIS crazies...

And all Kenney is doing is lying like a thief. Again. 

And like the other Cons and their depraved leader, is just trying to pleasure their rabid base, inflame emotions, divide us, and distract us from the real problems we face. Like the economy and climate change.

And the good news? They will not escape those problems. They will not be able to scare people all the way to the next election.

And when more Canadians realize what a monstrous game Harper and Kenney are playing...

It will be game over.

Hope and the desire for change will conquer fear.

And the war they were hoping would win them another bloody majority.

Will in the end help defeat them...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How do you know when Jason Kenney's lying? His big fat mouth is moving.
I think by adding Syria to the mission, it greatly enhances the probability of more homegrown attacks. They're playing right into the ISIS method of provoking western powers to attack and when they do, a whole new generation of Iraqis or Syrians will become radicalized with the sole purpose of destroying western democracies. Harper knows this and that is his goal. A little homegrown terror is good for the polls and what's a few innocent lives lost when it could win an election.