Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Con Clown Jason Kenney is Caught Lying. Again

Well as you know, I already consider Jason Kenney to be the worst Defence Minister this country has ever known.

He has lied about the terrorist threat, he has endangered the security of our troops in Iraq.

But this is the absolute limit.

The federal government has ratcheted up its war of words over Ukraine, with the parliamentary defence secretary claiming Russian warships confronted a Canadian frigate in the Black Sea. NATO officials, however, say no such thing happened.

Can you believe it?

Making it sound like the Russians are singling out Canada.

James Bezan, parliamentary secretary to Minister of National Defence Jason Kenney, told the House of Commons this week: "Since arriving in the Black Sea, Royal Canadian Navy sailors have been confronted by Russian warships and buzzed by Russian fighter jets." Kenney also repeated the claim the next day, stating that a Russian jet buzzed the Canadian frigate HMCS Fredericton at low altitude.

Only to be shot down by our own NATO allies...

NATO officials say the frigate, part of a NATO naval task group, was not buzzed and there was no confrontation. The Russian vessels could be seen far off on the horizon, kilometres away.

NATO officials said the encounter wasn't unusual and if Russian ships showed up on Canada's coasts, the Royal Canadian Navy would have followed similar procedures for keeping an eye on foreign vessel traffic.

And made to look like an idiot or a MANIAC.

The world is a dangerous enough place. Russia is a dangerous enough country.

Without having Kenney pour gasoline on the flames, and escalate the situation even further.

In relentless pursuit of the ethnic vote.

What will he do next I wonder?

And when in the name of world peace.

Can we get rid of that dangerous liar?

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  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    It has been reported elsewhere that the Russian pilots were wearing niqabs! It is time to panic, Canada! Russian pilots wearing niqabs are coming, and will behead your in your beds!

    1. If this were on Facebook, I'd give it a 'Like' lol

    2. hi anon...oh no, not Russians with NIQABS ??? Th's enough to send me flying into my closet. But seriously, the fact that we have a Cold War warrior like Kenney in charge of the military at a time like this one, should scare everybody. The man is out of his depth and definitely dangerous...

  2. There's one big fat reason for the US, UK, Blackwell and CANADA especially, to stay out of the Ukraine is their is about 20 nuclear power generation stations in operation there and if 1 of those gets hit -- well you know the rest....

    1. hi jolly is a very dangerous conflict. There are no innocent parties as far as I can determine, and the overheated rhetoric that the Harper Cons are constantly blowing out of every orifice doesn't help matters. I only wish that we still had our peacekeeping credentials so we could try to help with a peace process instead of beating the drums of war...

  3. "And made to look like an idiot or a MANIAC."

    These are not mutually exclusive as I believe the minister is demonstrating.

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Jason Kenney is just another lying POS Harper lap dog. Fetch boy, fetch, lie boy, lie. Lie, lie, lie...

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Come on give all the liars here a break there just trying to out do the other liars like were not in Ukraine

  5. e.a.f.3:19 PM

    O.K. Jason Kenney was a "little loose" with the truth. What can you expect from a Con. cabinet minister? given their criminal record, what's a little "lying" with friends.

    Now if the Russians were "guilty" of the allegations, what would you expect? YOu poke the bear in the eye, he is going to hit back. Quite frankly I would not blame the Russians if they did do what they are accused of doing. that is why its called war, not bull shit poker.