Friday, March 13, 2015

Cpl. Stuart Langridge and the Horror of Harper's Army

The other night I wrote about the tragic story of Cpl. Stuart Langridge, who killed himself seven years ago after serving his country honourably in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

And I described how the military didn't accept that he was suffering from PTSD, treated him like a criminal, and didn't let his family read the suicide note he addressed to them until more than a year after he died.

Well today his family finally got to read a heavily redacted secret military report, and it couldn't be more shocking.

A previously secret military investigation into the suicide of Corporal Stuart Langridge blames not only Cpl. Langridge himself for the tragedy, but also his biological parents, who divorced when he was five.

Or more disgusting.

“The board found the main source of stress for Cpl. Langridge was his personal relationship with his common-law wife,” said the analysis. “The divorce of his parents when he was five years old and the subsequent estrangement of his father was a traumatic personal event which left Cpl. Langridge with a fear of abandonment that pervaded his adult life and damaged and destroyed his personal and professional relationships.”

It dismissed what he witnessed Bosnia and Afghanistan as not relevant to his mental health, even though he told military doctors it bothered him.

And yes, his mother is right.

“This is an ongoing nightmare,” Sheila Fynes said in a statement. “These gratuitous comments are outside the accepted bounds of humanity, decency and civility.”

And I was also right when I said that this is what happens in Harper's Army.

For he really does corrupt everything he touches... 

So now all I have left to say is this:

Deliver us from evil. Let there be justice for Stuart Langridge and his family.

Give us back our army and our Canada.

Defeat that monstrous regime and its cruel and depraved leader.

Before they destroy all that is decent and honourable in this country...

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Anonymous said...

"It was his own fucking fault for killing himself and also his parents for having a kid!"
General Mayhem, H.M.R.C.A.F.

Marmalade said...

I always believed a 'Great Leader' led by example.........there goes another of my beliefs right out the window!