Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Anti-Harper Ads the MSM Doesn't Want You to Watch

It's ironic that at a time when Stephen Harper is trying to ram his dangerous anti-terrorist bill through parliament.

Muzzle some of his most distinguished critics. 

A parliamentary committee will hear from strong supporters and vocal critics of the government’s anti-terrorism bill, but not from four former prime ministers who have decried the lack of increased oversight in the legislation.

And has terrorized Canadians more than any other leader in Canadian history.

It's ironic and outrageous, that our big TV networks won't run an ad like this one...

But this is Harperland so sadly it's true.

All the major Canadian TV network and station owners: Bell, Corus, Québécor, Rogers and Shaw have refused to air Friends of Canadian Broadcasting TV ads that satirize Stephen Harper for his hostile agenda towards the CBC.

Even though the ads are intended to hold the Harper regime accountable for the terrible damage they have done to one of Canada's most precious institutions.

And even though they were pre-approved.

Before being submitted, Friends’ ads were approved by the Television Bureau of Canada, an industry consortium that screens proposed TV ads to ensure they meet industry standards.

And the networks didn't seem to have any problems running this misleading ad over and over again...

But then we know where we live, and we know that nothing will ever change until Harper and his foul Cons are finally defeated.

And in the meantime all we can do is express our support for the CBC.

And help spread ads like this one...

Because both ads are just harmless metaphors for the way Harper and his Cons have acted while in power. And they should never have been banned.

You know, one day I'm sure historians will write that one of the reasons Stephen Harper was able to cling to power so long, was because the MSM never really understood him, or what he was trying to do.

And were never able to call a spade a spade, or a fascist a fascist, or maniac a maniac.

So our strong views about that foul un-Canadian regime were never properly represented, as if we had no voice, as if we never existed. 

And all I can say is, I dream of the day when we can defeat them.

And they can muzzle us no longer...

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David said...

Neo-con Brian Lilley dislikes pro-CBC ad. Too bad!

Anonymous said...

Harper has lost his mind and has gone over the brink of reality to a suicidal crazed mentally unbalanced state. Look if you don't agree with his paranoid state of mind you automatically become his enemy Simon I know you see that. I'm hoping his base wakes up. But then they are right wing religious zealots waiting for the "rapture" in other words loonie bin cases. My opinion. There will be no rapture Jesus properly pronounced is Hey_Zeus ya no shit it is a Spanish name common in Spain. The Roman Catholic Church invented a Jewish boy named Hey_Zeus born to a virgin ya you have got to be crackers to believe that shit. Also their is no god like Stephen Joesph Harper thinks in his deluded brain he is serving.

Look at it the Earth in combination with the star we call Sun gives us everything those are our god and godess we walk upon the godess every day. It is about time we started looking after her Harper has to go in order for that to happen.

Cheers and Namaste,
Mogs Moglio

e.a.f. said...

harper isn't the only one who has lost his mind. he has 60 others in his caucus who are members of the Christian & missionary Alliance Church. What do they believe? That the bible is "inerrant" and that the second coming is "imminent". Now that's a bunch of wack jobs.