Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Breaking: Ezra Levant to Appear at the Mike Duffy Trial !!

Golly. As if the trial of Mike Duffy wasn't big enough, with a cast of thousands from the Harper PMO.

With Nigel Wright, Ray Novak, and Dean Del Mastro.

I see it just got even bigger.

And no doubt even louder. 

Ezra Levant and Sen. Mike Duffy have appeared on each other's talk shows over the years — now they'll both be featured in one of the year's most-watched courtroom dramas. Levant, the provocative political commentator formerly of Sun News, has been subpoenaed to testify at Duffy's upcoming fraud and bribery trial.

And although it's hard to know what role Levant will play in that trial and he isn't talking squealing.

Levant, also a lawyer and columnist, said he wrote "a couple" of speeches for Duffy five or six years ago. He declined to comment on the subject matter of the speeches. "...Out of respect for the court I don't propose to give my testimony in advance," Levant said an email.

It should make it even more sensational !!!

And yes, Ol' Duff is right...

If Stephen Harper thinks he can dodge this one, or distract us with his politics of fear.

He's got another thought coming...

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e.a.f. said...

O.K. perhaps we need to take the day off and go watch Levant. this is going to be good. I do hope the show is televised. Sorry, I meant trial.

Anonymous said...

Ezra aka EZ is one of the biggest if not the biggest bigot in Canada the only thing he does not hate is the Harper-cons and he is a proven liar just like his hero Steve. What good will he be at the trial? Makes one snicker.


Anonymous said...

Apparently this guy was on some kind of show with Norm Chomsky. How that even apes outside comedy is beyond me.