Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Why Stephen Harper Will Not Escape the Duffy Trial

Well I can only imagine how grim the mood must be in Stephen Harper's monstrous PMO. 

After so many of Great Leader's most fanatical followers were subpoenaed to take the stand at the Mike Duffy trial.

And no doubt their depraved master is trying to console them. Which can't be easy.

Not when he's shaking in his boots, or in his closet...

Even though, unlike so many of his little monsters, it looks like he himself won't have to testify. 

The witness list continues to grow for the criminal trial of Sen. Mike Duffy, but one name remains off it so far: Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Harper had not been asked to testify as of Tuesday – just over a month before Duffy’s trial is set to begin – suggesting that the Crown doesn’t believe it needs the prime minister as a witness to prove its case against Duffy.

Because the Crown doesn't need him, or doesn't dare subpoena him. And O'l Duff can't get his hands on him either.

Duffy’s legal team has never closed the door to calling the prime minister as a witness, but calling Harper would be problematic: Like any sitting parliamentarian, Harper could invoke his privilege to avoid testifying. Harper has previously noted that government lawyers believe he wouldn’t have to testify at trial.

But of course that's no consolation, because Harper must surely know that when so many who worked for him in the PMO are grilled.

And their lines of authority are traced back to the source. 

Canadians are probably going to get a very good idea of the monstrous leader who pulled their strings.

Or wove the tangled web...

And they're probably not going to like what they see.

Just like he must also know that not even his Great War on Terror will be able to compete with the sight of Duffy coming after him...

Not with the kind of media coverage it will receive.

Not when it will last so long from April to June,

And not when everyone loves a parade...

Brian Gable/Globe and Mail

Yup. It will be a sensational trial.

And if you thought that this picture of a weasel riding on a woodpecker's back was a nightmare.

And you remember that Team Duffy could still unveil a few surprises, and force Stephen Harper to explain why he doesn't want to testify.

Which would be just as political devastating as if he did take the stand.

I wouldn't be surprised if Great Leader's nightmares are even more disturbing... 

For the trial will besmirch him further.

He will not escape his sordid past.

And it will help destroy him...

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  1. The Attorney General's powers let him falsify evidence, allow bribery, child abuse, terrorist acts...

    Why do you think that Duffy's trial will be any different?

    1. hi Morlock...well at least in an open trial we'll get to hear from those who participated in this dubious operation. And the courts may be flawed, but they are still our last line of defence against the depravities of the Con regime. So I'm hoping for any light in the darkness...

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    The reason they don't want Steve to testify:

    Harper is a pathological liar vis a vis:

    Canadian banks received a bailout of up to $125,000,000,000.00 yes one hundred and twenty five billion during the period of 2008 to 2010. [depending on who you read]

    A conservative figure is $114 Billion yet our lying sneaking hide in the queens closet PM Mr Stephen Joesph Harper assured us all that no such thing happened.

    When are they going to put him in a straight jacket and take him away to where he belongs in the loonie bin?

    Mogs Moglio

    1. hi Mogs...I'm afraid we're at a dangerous time in Canadian history, where war and fear have clouded the senses of many, and a madman can become a prophet and be followed by many. I can't remember a more troubling time in Canadian history, and I can't wait until this nightmare is over...

    2. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Me neither Simon but my spirit that is never wrong if I listen to it carefully enough says Harper will never get a majority government again. Me personally want to see a coalition of the Greens the NDP and the Liberals. That would be a truly progressive and centrist government. I would never give the reins of power from Harper to Trudeau Jr.

      Namaste and cheers,
      Mogs Moglio

  3. It's not gonna happen, but the law should be changed in the case of parliamentarians, including our Emperor..oops, PM, testifying if subpoenaed because no one should be able to be shielded from this sort of scandal..if scandal there is at the end of it all..
    I wish that I had your confidence in the system, but I don't, nor in Canadians' ability to see what a very bad idea it would be to re-elect Harper...after all, look what happened with Rob Ford..still crazy (and wildly popular) after all these years...Harper will do what Harper always does, deflect, deflect, deflect....and the blind and crazy rightwing whackjobs in this country will keep on voting for him, they just can't help themselves...

    1. hi mizdarlin...well I must admit that my confidence has taken a few hits recently. As I keep telling people even I never imagined that we would sink this low, and that we should find ourselves in the grip of a warmongering fascist acting maniac who is actually using fear as a political weapon. It's mind boggling, and it doesn't say much about a country that could allow this to happen. We are really in trouble, but although my confidence may be bruised, I'm more determined than ever to work to defeat them..

  4. e.a.f.7:12 PM

    We haven't had the trial yet. A deal could still be "cooked". We in B.C. have seen it when they had the B.C. Rail Trial. That "deal" which paid the "legal fees" of the defendants to the tune of $6M, they "pled" guilty, and everybody kept their mouths shut. Can it happen at a federal level? You bet and with a nice little envelope for Duffy. He may want to get even, but money in the bank is always best.

    On the other hand the Crown may not need Harper nor want him. He may decide to lie under oath, or give his version of the truth, which won't advance the Crown's case. It would be much easier to "build" a case which will allow people to come to their own conclusions.

    The RCMP and Crown, in the end report to Harper and his Cons, so how much justice can you really count on in Canada. The Cons look like just another criminal organization to me, just based on all their charges, guilty verdicts, et. Compared to some Hell's Angel's chapters, the Hell's Angel's look like a better alternative.

    Yes, I know the allegations about the hell's angels and how they go around "killing" people, but then what can we say about stevie and his wonton disregard for the Veterans who commit suicide in such numbers, its higher than those killed in action and the list goes on. And lets remember the one about Stevie thinks its more important to fight the deficit than child pornographers.

    1. hi e.a.f. Duffy's lawyer said a while ago that he wasn't interested in a deal, and I doubt that Duffy would slink quietly into the shadows or the penitentiary, without putting up a fight, unless his health betrayed him.
      But just seeing that Con gang being questioned in a court will give me enormous satisfaction. Let's hope it's just the beginning...

  5. Even though Harper could invoke his privilege to avoid testifying, Duffy's legal team should subpoena him anyway. You want the public to ask: If Harper's got nothing to hide, why won't he testify?

    1. hi David...exactly, Duffy should do that. Just by having to fight a subpoena would put the spotlight on him and make people think he's got something to hide. Polls show many Canadians already don't trust Harper so that will only reinforce that perception.I must send Ol' Duff a large crazy donut and encourage him to do that... ;)