Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Harper Regime and the Continuing War on Canadian Veterans

The day Stephen Harper finally fired Julian Fantino, and made Erin O'Toole the new Minister of Veterans Affairs, I predicted that nothing would change.

Because the way the Cons have treated our veterans wasn't just a failure to communicate. It was a failure of human decency, and a betrayal of our Canadian values.

And sure enough, I was right. O'Toole turned out to be just another tool of his depraved leader.

And the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

A wounded soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan and has had to prove to Veterans Affairs every year that he still needs a wheelchair, will now only have to go through the experience every three years.

Can you believe that? The Cons are apparently prepared to accept that a wounded soldier can't grow his legs back in ONE year. But in three years who KNOWS?

And that criminal regime is still treating veterans like criminals:

Paul Franklin, who was a master corporal when he lost his legs in a 2006 roadside bombing in Kandahar, has long complained about the veterans system and its annual review.

In early February, he spoke to CTV’s Canada AM and said veterans affairs treats him and other ex-soldiers as though they are trying to cheat the system.

And yes, Rick Mercer was right to be angry...

But wait, it gets worse. The Cons don't want to hear from us OR the veterans. 

Canada’s veterans’ minister has defended the decision to axe a national survey that asked if ex-soldiers were happy with the service they got from Veterans Affairs Canada. 

The Citizen reported this week that the department has quietly cut a national client survey that asked veterans if they preferred dealing with the department in person or online; how they rated the quality of service they have received; and whether they were satisfied with the programs and services offered.

So much for the failure to communicate.

And why? Because Stephen Harper would rather portray himself as a friend of the veterans...

And a Great Warrior Leader in a time of war.

Even as his Cons continue his war on Canadian veterans. By cutting and privatizing services.

The federal government eliminated 44 jobs Wednesday at Veterans Affairs, a move the employees’ union says is due to contracting out the treatment of former soldiers to the private sector.

Great eh?

And the good news? No veteran in his or her right mind could now believe that ANYTHING will ever change as long the Cons remain in power.

And we will join them on the campaign trail and send Great Warrior Chicken Leader, and his faithful tool, a message...

It isn't a failure to communicate. It's a failure of human decency.

Our Canadian values will defeat you.

And your days in power are almost over...

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Marmalade said...

Human decency has gone down the toilet here in Canada!