Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Merry-Go-Round of Con Corruption

It's like some ghastly merry-go-round. Stephen Harper's groaning circle of scandal.

One moment it's Mike Duffy or Pamela Wallin.

The next moment it's Dean del Mastro.

And today it was Diane Finley's turn to mount the stinking nag of Con corruption. 

A nearly three-year ethics investigation has revealed cabinet-level discussions about the connection between public infrastructure projects and winning political support from Jewish voters in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson released a detailed, 46-page report on Tuesday that concludes the actions of Conservative minister Diane Finley were “improper” and violated the Conflict of Interest Act when she awarded federal money to an infrastructure project backed by a rabbi with close ties to prominent Conservative politicians, including the Prime Minister.

Finley, the ghastly Con who could never find any money for the unemployed who she never stopped attacking...

But could find a million dollars to try to buy the Jewish vote, with the help of Harper's old buddy, Nigel Wright.

The report reveals that in 2011, Ms. Finley had a private conversation with Nigel Wright, who was then chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, just outside the cabinet room. The report said that, according to Mr. Wright, the minister asked him whether the Markham proposal was important. Mr. Wright replied that the Prime Minister had asked him to “sort it out.”

To please a rabbi who was the "dear friend" of John Baird.

Although the project was in Markham, it was the subject of an extensive lobbying campaign by Ottawa-area Jewish leader Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn, who has described former Conservative minister John Baird as “a very dear friend.”

Which at the very least must make us wonder whether that was the reason Baird left office so hurriedly...

And must surely also make more Canadians wonder how low Stephen Harper can go?

Who was invoking his usual defence today: I know NOTHING.

Mr. Harper supported Ms. Finley, who is now Minister of Public Works. “I had no specific knowledge of these applications nor any preference in what was chosen,” he said, adding that Ms. Finley acted “in good faith.”

And the good news? Harper and Wright's role in this scandal are going to sound very familiar when the Mike Duffy trial begins...

When Wright is asked to explain what he meant when he said Harper told him the Duffy deal was "good to go."

And what looks like an isolated incident starts to look more like a PATTERN of bad behaviour.

Yes indeed, the corruption of his ghastly regime is coming back to haunt him.

He will not escape his scandals.

And they will help destroy him...

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Anonymous said...

And yet the old, white, fat, ignorant stoopified "Canadians" and the newcomers, who stevie slime is courting fiercely and unendingly, are actually going to vote this guy back in for another 4 years of making mayhem out of a once amazing and wonderful country. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?
I will blame that happening on us younger voters who couldn't and won't be bothered again when the time comes to cast our ballots to get rid of the fucking garbage that has taken a stranglehold of our country.
The old fucks can't run the country into the ground unless we let them!!!

Simon said...

hi anon...I don't want to get into any generational stuff, because there is enough blame for all of us to share. I want to see younger and older Canadians work together, because the Cons are bad for both of them.And when those two groups work together, as they did during the Quebec student protests, the results can be amazing, and extremely inspiring...

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 6:38 I'm old white I'm not fat I'm not ignorant nor stoopifed besides the correct English is not stoopifed it is stupefied and I am Canadian not a newcomer. I have never voted for the "cons" and I do vote. And I like young and old alike so if you want to run off at the mouth do not use ad hominem attacks.

So I have just debunked your generalizing ad hominem ho hum I think I'll take a nap now and wait for more interesting discussion on the subject being about the Harper-con scandals and criminal behavior.


Hi Simon ;)

Anonymous said...

He was elected in a tainted election but still elected. Which brings me to ask are we a nation of fools? I say yes. In our self-righteousness we seem to think we are fair and just with a healthy view of the rest of the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Under the fascist, yes fascist conservative government we elected Canada has become complete a-holes with a bad rep everywhere but in our own minds. I don't care if your old fat man woman white or whatever there are no free rides. This monster called Harper is murdering his way around the world in our name because we allow it to happen. This jerk is such a creep he had the nerve to call the president of Russia, a nation that lost over 25 million people to the Nazis Hitler. Canada called the president of Russia Hitler. That is beyond sick it is foolhardy to the extreme. Now we send troops to Russia's border looking for a fight. These are not the actions of a sane man or a civilized nation. They are the actions of a lunatic or in our case a nation of lunatics. But we still have hockey and that is all that matters.