Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu's Phony Phone Call

Lordy. If I didn't know Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu so well I'd swear their legendary love affair is heading for the International Divorce Court.

Instead of the International Criminal Court.

At least judging by what Harper says he told Netanyahu on the phone today. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has reiterated Canada's support for a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians during a phone call to newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Because that would be a real slap in the face of his beloved Benny.

In the final days of the hotly contested campaign, Netanyahu said he would not support the creation of an independent Palestinian state — a position that flies in the face of that taken by the U.S., Europe and Canada.

If it had really happened. Which it almost certainly did NOT.

Not after the way Harper and his Con stooges have worked to undermine the peace process from the moment they came to office.

And not after Great Israel Leader's sworn devotion to Netanyahu...

And/or the Jewish vote.

But of course what's really interesting is that Steve apparently had NOTHING to say about the disgusting way Benny scared many Israelis into voting for him. And his even more disgusting racist comments aimed at his country's Arab citizens.

Unlike the way Obama took Netanyahu to the wood shed.

Obama told the Huffington Post that Netanyahu's election rhetoric runs contrary to Israel's traditional commitment to democracy and equality, and could also give ammunition to the country's enemies.

But of course Harper wouldn't or couldn't eh? 

Not when he's also using fear and racism to try to win the next election...

Which makes him as bad as the bigot Benny.

And makes me think that his phone conversation with his boyfriend went more like this...

And that they aren't heading for a divorce court anytime soon.

But with a little luck, will one day.

End up together in a court like this one...

Stephen Harper, what a guy.

Was there ever a greater and more shameless stooge?

Was there ever a worse Prime Minister?

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Anonymous said...

When Harper first tweeted his congratulations to Bibi with the usual "Israel has no better friend than Canada" drivel, I was repulsed. Bibi had stolen the election in the most deplorable way, and our world stage embarrassment of a PM was giving him a high five. Given Obama's rightful condemnation of Bibi's tactics, Harper has ensured that our relationship with our biggest trading partner will erode even more than it has under his watch and don't be surprised to see him using Bibi's tactics this fall. Fear and hate, Harper's mantra.

Anonymous said...

Simon the fact that Bibi got back in using fear as a tactic Harper is cloning I wonder how often they have been in bed together?

At the Knesset 1

Harper playing "With a little help from my fiends 2

Harper condemning the Palestinians 3

Harper supporting Naziism at the UN 4

Harper stroking the US dictatorship in the Ukraine 5

Harper bombing innocents in the middle east to support Bibi 6

Harper destroying veterans 7

Harper claiming Obama asked him to join the war in Syria 8

Harper claiming he is a grand economist [that one blew up in your face Steve] 9

Harper masquerading with criminals 10

Simon I could get up to a thousand reasons all valid and still have more if people ordinary Canadian citizens are paying attention to this rubbish we have in command and control of Canada 'My home and native land" the Harper-cons disgust me.


jrkrideau said...

"Harper has ensured that our relationship with our biggest trading partner will erode"

Well what did you expect? Harper's record in international dealings is no wins, 100% losses. Getting us kicked out of the United Arab Emirates during the Afgan campaign had to be a classic worthy of Monte Python at their best.

Anonymous said...

Its funny.. looking at that collage at the end of Harper on the phone I remembered... when was the last time Harper wore a wedding ring?

Steve said...

Ironicly if Harper was not such a bonehead Canada would have a seat at the security council and have some real use for Isreal.