Friday, March 06, 2015

Breaking: The Duffy Trial Just Got Bigger and Better !!!

We always knew it was going to be a big trial. We knew that Mike Duffy would make sure it was.

Especially now that he has had time to think about how Stephen Harper treated him, and he's REALLY pumped or pissed.

And of course, as I pointed out yesterday, the perp walk of PMO witnesses will be bigger than the Macy's Parade...

But believe it or not, as big as it already is, the trial just got even BIGGER. 

The RCMP have zeroed in on some of suspended senator Mike Duffy's travels in the weeks after he'd been master of ceremonies at an event for Prime Minister Stephen Harper in June 2009, CBC News has learned.

All kinds of other Cons are being questioned, and even the Deaner will be there !!!

Sources tell CBC News former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro has been asked to testify at the trial that begins April 7.

Oh boy. I'm going to have to call in sick from April to June eh? So I don't miss a single episode of Senategate 2.

Because let's be clear what this now means. Two trials for the price of one.

On the one hand, the lawyers grilling the PMO witnesses and forcing them to reveal the secrets of that dark and smelly place, like you pry open a sardine can. And no doubt releasing a stench that will force the judge to clear the court room.

And on the other hand, all kinds of Con MP's being forced to remind their voters of their warm relationship with Duffy. And their appalling judgement.

Or just running for cover... 

And then there's the star of the show, Ol' Duff himself. 

Who should he be asked to take the stand, could deliver the kind of powerful performance that rocked the Senate to its foundations, two years ago...

And just by reminding Canadians about his version of events doing Stephen Harper great damage.

By placing him at the centre of the scandal, at least in the minds of many.

And if the PMO gang and Duffy don't make even more Canadians question Great Leader's judgement.

Then the Deaner should finish him off...

Gawd. How many days can you call in sick before you're fired?

Because I wouldn't want to miss a minute of this show. 

Especially the magic moment.

When Boss Harper goes down...

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  1. I, like you Simon, am "good to go" !

    1. hi Kathleen...I like to think I am too, even though right now I am good to go to sleep for 48 hours... ;)

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I hope the bible doesn't burst into flames when they swear to tell the "truth".

    1. hi anon...that's a good point. I think we may have to ask Jason Kenney if we can borrow his. The one with the asbestos cover....or the chastity belt... ;)

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Haven't had much of a doubt as to where Oil Duce's allegiance lies. Publicly he claims to be a "Christian", but in reality he like so many of his party are nothing but mammonites.

    1. hi bahamut...I'm an atheist and I consider myself a better Christian than Harper. He is as you point out, an unholy hypocrite, and a member of the oily mammonite tribe...

  4. We're tough on crime.

    1. hi Hugh...yes, it is ironic isn't it. Those scandalous Cons posing as crime fighters. You know, if the situation wasn't so ghastly the Cons could provide material for a hilarious musical comedy...

  5. Hey, Simon. From what I've heard and seen, Duffy's is the only account consistent with the facts. I haven't read the 800 pages of correspondence and e-mails but I've spoken with someone who has. Duffy is in no position to squander what it takes to retain Don Bayne for a 41-day trial. There's no reward for him in Heaven.

    If Duffy's expense problems include trips to help Stephen Joseph Harper, that's perfect. It's far too late to walk that back down.

    1. hi Mound...yes, I've heard that too, and Michael Harris seems to think that Duffy could be more victim than villain. I'm not hoping for much on the legal front, but I do hope the perception that Harper could be hiding something will take some of the wind out of his sails. I'll be praying for that or sacrificing a BBQ chicken to that end... ;)

  6. e.a.f4:55 AM

    How many days, well if you have a medical certificate.............
    Oh, well you could just PVR it or watch it on your cell phone...........
    O.K. will they at least televise it.

    41 days of laying by the beach, listening via radio will work for me.

    its going to be fun. Perhaps we will see the "second coming" the P.M. and 60 of his caucus mates believe in. Their church says its "immiment". Perhaps if its so imminemnt, Stevie and his crew think the second coming will be here before the trial ends, or some such thing. of course stevie's church believes the bible is "inerrant" so perhaps there is something in the bible which says stevie will get away with it and Duffy will be guilty. who knows, but its entertaining to say the least. let the fun begin. Loved the cartoon.

    1. hi e.a.f...well I'm close enough to Ottawa to actually dream of attending the trial. So I am tortured by the question of going or not. But you're right, if it was on the radio I could listen to it at work, or better still on the beach... :)

  7. e.a.f.2:54 PM

    going to watch the trial will be the best entertainment one does not have to pay for. I'd probably take the train to go watch, its not that far. From B.C. you'd have to get on a jet and that isn't so much fun. I'll watch on t.v. or listen on radio. What ever happens its going to be fun. Although the B.C. Rail trial was very anti climatic. they took a "deal" right when the going got interesting. First we had all those management types having memory failure. questions were answered with a "no recollection" or words to that effect. Then the next day there was to be an "important' witness and over night by some miracle, viola, a deal. Now both Basi and Verk were younger men with families who might have wanted to get on with their lives. Duffy is at the end of his days or getting close. He may want one big show on his way out.

    That man raised more money for the Cons than anyone else, so how can Stevie say he doesn't know anything. If he knew that little, perhaps he really doesn't know what he is doing as P.M. and ought to resign. I do mean, a guy who thinks the" second coming" is "imminent"??????? Unless he is talking about sex. I don't think that guy Jesus is coming back for a second run at being crucified.

  8. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Whatever the outcome, it is another example of alleged abused privileges by a person, in a position of trust, as most Canadians would have thought , would show by example ? This I am sure will play out like a Tom Clancy novel ! However, don't rush to the stands to buy the story ! Go into the trash bin , as this is where this belongs along with the persons perpetrated in the saga !!!