Friday, March 20, 2015

The Arrival of Spring and the Con Climate Change Deniers

Well I have to admit that there were times during this brutal winter when I thought the blessed day would never arrive. But Spring is here at last.

The island ferry is running again after being grounded for days due to the thick ice.

And although my beautiful swans are still having trouble feeding themselves...

It seems the worst is over, except in Atlantic Canada.

Where the Snowmageddon continues, and the people who live there deserve a medal for what they have endured...

But since this is the second harsh winter in a row, I wonder when Canadians will finally realize that the Big Chill is just another sign that climate change is here?

And that thanks to a warming sea, and a sagging jet stream brought about by the warming of the Arctic. 

Brutal winters like we have experienced could become the new normal.

And if so, when will they hold that against Stephen Harper for having done nothing to fight the problem?

Because the day they do, I'll bet they get REALLY angry.

Especially when we're all forced to wear something like this...

Great eh? Who needs headlights when we got them?

And the good news? Spring is here at last, and it will get warmer soon even in Atlantic Canada. 

And you know what that means...

It's the season of love again.

OMG. I survived. Spring is finally here AND it's Friday !!!!

I swear I'll never take summer for granted again.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!!

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Marmalade said...

It was beautiful here in NS today........sunshine, but lots of SNOW! I treated myself to a dozen yellow favourite daffodils at the store........usually buy them this time of year!

I will look at them all weekend, since we are in for more nasty weather.......snow/rain/ice pellets. Bring it on.....I'm stocked with lots of coffee, milk and TP! haha

Have a great weekend, Simon.

deb said...

live in the warmest part of canada, we didnt have winter this year:)

Simon said...

hi Kathleen...well I'm still putting you down for the Order of The Great White North. I can't believe some of the pictures of all that snow. I think of myself, I think of a shovel, and I want to go back to bed.;) Haver a great weekend !!!

Simon said...

hi must live in BC. I have a friend there who loves telling me what a warm winter you have had. Which makes me want to jump out of my seat and do a rain dance.... :)

Anonymous said...

Sad clamp? I want a happy clamp from Home Hardware in the Steve and his cons are gone in the sane aisle...

Sounds juicy doesn't it eh?

Oh my everyone I talk to with the rare exception in my town in the Okanagan valley can't stand Harper-cons.

Only the red-necks like him...

@Deb Scott don't make Simon jealous he-he!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man Simon the leaves are all coming out the yellow flowered forsythia bushes are everywhere blooming with sunny radiance...

Spring Cheers,