Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech and the Cowardice of Stephen Harper

Well it couldn't have been a more grotesque spectacle, the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the U.S. Congress, and claiming that all he's interested in is peace.

When the only reason he was there was to try to improve his chances of winning the next Israeli election, try to start a war with Iran, and try to stick a fork into Obama.

And the only consolation is that his ghastly speech is getting some REALLY bad reviews.

Bad reviews in the United States.

Mr. Netanyahu’s speech offered nothing of substance that was new, making it clear that this performance was all about proving his toughness on security issues ahead of the parliamentary election he faces on March 17. He offered no new insight on Iran and no new reasons to reject the agreement being negotiated with Iran by the United States and five other major powers to constrain Iran’s nuclear program.

His demand that Mr. Obama push for a better deal is hollow. He clearly doesn’t want negotiations and failed to suggest any reasonable alternative approach that could halt Iran’s nuclear efforts.

And bad reviews in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the U.S. Congress on Tuesday brought the humbug that has characterized all the candidates in this election to a climax. All of them are ignoring the real existential threat to Israel and its ability to survive as a “Jewish and democratic state”: the unending occupation of the territories. Israel’s insistence on ruling over millions of Palestinians in the West Bank who lack civil rights, expanding the settlements and keeping residents of the Gaza Strip under siege is the danger that threatens its future.

With some Americans even wondering who the Republican Congress is really working for...

Just like many Canadians often wonder whether Stephen Harper thinks he is the Prime Minister of Canada, or the Foreign Minister of Israel.

Or like his boyfriend Benny, the King of the Jews...

For in his shameless pursuit of the Jewish vote he will say or do ANYTHING.

But of course some Americans were only too happy to see Netanyahu. Like the grubby right-wing billionaire Sheldon Adelson...

Who not content with spending all that money to organize the event, had his wife throw HER purse at his political opponents. 

Republican mega donor Sheldon Adelson is used to throwing money at politicians. But purses? 

The casino magnate and his wife Miriam were in the House gallery for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress Tuesday when her bag fell and almost clocked Rep. Brad Ashford (D-Neb.).

And no doubt the bestial Benny was delighted with his hideous performance. Just like he was after he delivered a similar speech to the
 United Nations. 

Following his speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that he is “pretty satisfied” with his trip to the U.S. to instigate World War III.

“All in all, I think I accomplished my goal of pushing humanity toward the brink of complete and utter annihilation,” said Netanyahu, adding that his implicit calls for international military action against Iran, which would ultimately escalate the conflict to an Armageddon-level of death and destruction, went “fairly well.”

Even though that speech was later proved fraudulent, as will be the one he delivered yesterday...

Katie Miranda

Which brings me back to Stephen Harper, who despite his love for Benny and his weapon of mass destruction, remained totally silent yesterday. As did every single one of his ghastly Cons.

Just as I predicted they would.

For he does not want to Canadians to understand that him and Netanyahu are playing the same dirty game...

And as we all know his cowardice knows no limits.

And yes, what I said the other day still holds.

They are both Cons, they are both war criminals.

They are both leading us to disaster.

And we can't get rid of them soon enough...

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  1. I was half expecting Benny to fly to Ottawa after his U.S. visit to meet with Harper. Did he?

    1. Net'nYahoo is only popular in the right-voting States..and Harper needs no more fodder for the opposition at this point.
      Besides, just like always, Canada is a bit player on the world stage..Benny 'N Steve might get cozy in Israel, but our fearful closeted leader has no pull when it comes to anything else..he is a nameless irritant to Benny now that his Congressional speech went nowhere, fast...

    2. hi David...I don't think Benny did drop in on Steve. I'm sure I would have noticed, or spotted the column of steam rising from the love in. But as I said in my post, Netanyahu would be no help to Harper at this time, for he could make him look even more like an extremist who is using fear to harvest votes. And not even Benny can be allowed to get in the way of his bloody majority...

  2. e.a.f.7:17 PM

    The Republicans will go to any length to try to make things "difficult" for President Obama. Benny ought to try to remember, who actually sends all that money to Israel. he may find in the future some of those Iron Dome pieces go missing.

    it was interesting that Stevie didn't run down to watch the "bennie" show in Congress. Bennie has been trying to get Europeans to move to Israel, he wants to portray himself as the "saviour" of the Jews. Bennie needs a shrink. Expect to see Bennie loose the election,

    1. hi e.a.f...unfortunately the U.S. will probably continue its blind support for Israel, even though in the long run they do the Israelis no favours, only condemn to live in a hell of their own making. However, I am hoping that Netanyahu will lose the election, because his opponent seems like far more reasonable man, and maybe he could finally lead Israel to the peace table where it belongs, so we can finally heal that gaping wound....