Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Ghastly Record and Imaginary Trial of Stephen Harper

I was thinking today about Mike Duffy's trial, which is now only nine days away, and how it may last at least two months, because of all the evidence the Crown has collected.

And all the PMO witnesses they are going to have to grill.

And it gave me a really warm feeling. Until I had a horrible thought.

With all the evidence and the witnesses the Crimes Against Canada Tribunal could call upon at Stephen Harper's trial, it could go on for YEARS.

And we might have to wait forever for the Day of Justice.

But then I remembered we don't have to present everything we have on him. All we have to do is take any given week in any given year between 2006 and 2015, and it should be more than enough to convict him.

Take last week for example. Where he started off by announcing that he is expanding the Great War on Terror into Syria....

Made a joke about violating international law.

Even though the move does violate international law and the UN Charter. Even though it does increase the risks to our pilots. And even though it does make OUR lives more dangerous.

And the only reason he's doing it is to please his religious base who have been pressuring him to help the Christians in that country. 

And their friend the dictator Bashar Al-Assad...

The well known war criminal.

As well as trying to distract Canadians from his disastrous economic record. which just keeps getting worse and worse.

As more and more Canadians lose their jobs.

Then Harper was accused by the distinguished philosopher Charles Taylor of  fanning the flames of bigotry and recruiting terrorists.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was accused Saturday of playing into the hands of terrorist recruiters with inflammatory comments about the face-covering veil worn by some Muslim women.

Taylor said Harper seems “tone deaf” to the dangerous impact his rhetoric can have, although he said it also seems to be a deliberate tactic to whip up support in the run-up to the next federal election, scheduled for October.

For crass political purposes...

Not long after he was spotted slipping another knife into the back of the wounded CBC.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced Thursday that it is cutting another 244 jobs over the next six months to save $15-million annually, as part of its five-year plan to eliminate up to 1,500 positions by 2020.

Because he hates it so much, as he does so many other Canadian institutions.

While in the same week being accused by Jeffrey Simpson of building a monstrous alien monument to himself and his base in the heart of Ottawa.

Only the National Capital Commission now stands between the implantation of a memorial to the victims of communism on the main ceremonial street of Ottawa and its realization. The NCC, however, is composed largely of appointees of the Harper government. They have rolled over before; they might do so again, since the government is utterly determined for political reasons to get this monument built.

You know this one...

And compared by two well known political writers  Mark Bourrie and Michael Harris to a cancer on our democracy.

Democracy has suffered under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, say two prominent political authors who compared the effect of the Conservative regime over the past nine years to a “fibrous tumour.”

A leader who is trying to turn us into a police state, and has managed to brainwash many Canadians beyond recognition.

“What Harper has done, by controlling information and also by very skilled propaganda, is to change the way we think about ourselves and feel about our country, and the way we feel about each other.”

And all of the above in just ONE week. A fraction of his filthy record, and still more than enough to convict him of crimes against Canada. 

You know, I have no idea whether Stephen Harper will ever be tried in a criminal court, or whether he will only be judged by history.

But one way or the other, nobody will ever be able to deny that he was the worst and most dangerous Prime Minister this country has ever known.

And if there is any justice.

The verdict will be a harsh one....

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Anonymous said...

With the money and legal expertise the koch brothers are filtering into the fascisto-con party here these days, you'll be lucky to see any conviction at all. The k-bros have a huge investment in the harper regime vis-a-vis the tarsands so if you think they're going to let a little thing like breaking the law here is going to affect their trained monkey harpie adversely, you've got another thing coming. they will throw up a legal firewall around harpie to shield him against our legal system that will absolutely stun you in its intricacy and stall the proceedings for years if not decades, Simon. You also have to realize that the royal conservative mounted police just may have a few "accidents" with crucial evidence in that it is either destroyed "accidentally" or conveniently misplaced altogether never to be seen again. This is a whole lot more monumentally crucial trial in Canadian history than 95% of the Canadian population will ever realize. It is either the time that the rule of law takes back our country or we are lost forever more to whatever new dictator can wrest power from the old one.

Anonymous said...

The whole Con gang is no different than a criminal organization. They break the rules, the law and bully and destroy other people for simply opposing them. The RCMP do their bidding and even help them during elections. And once they retire or have to leave for getting caught breaking the law, they either end up in jail, or have scandal follow them wherever they go.
You can add up all Liberal scandals of the past and they wont even come close to the criminal rot that pervades Harper and his minions.

Simon said...

hi anon...I'm sure you're right about the Kochtopus, and our political system is corrupted, and the courts may not deliver up the Cons in handcuffs. But political perception is everything, nobody will believe Harper is innocent, what people don't know is sometimes more devastating that what they do know, so I'm pretty sure it will hurt his chances of winning the next election...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes I can't decide whether it's a mob or a cult, or a monstrous hybrid of both. But I have never seen a government so corrupt or so evil, and all that bad karma will catch up to them. Remember, all this crazy belligerent behaviour is only happening because they've lost the economy as a winning issue and they are desperate...

e.a.f. said...

there is the thought that once bill c-51 has passed, there will be no trial for Duffy. It would not be in the government's interest. It would "undermine" the "security" of the government.