Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Vigilantes

Oh boy. It's so hard to keep up with Stephen Harper and all the voices in his head.

One moment he's urging people in rural areas to get a gun to protect themselves if they don't live near a police station.

The next moment he's claiming he's NOT supporting vigilantism.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he's not opening the door to vigilante justice by supporting firearm ownership for Canadians living in rural areas. The PM lashed out at his critics Wednesday after some took issue with his suggestion that firearms are for "a certain level of security" in rural areas where police are not readily available.

Even though he clearly is....

And the Quebec government clearly isn't impressed:

Jean-Marc Fournier, Quebec's minister for intergovernmental affairs, said he was surprised Harper would suggest a gun could be a substitute for the presence of police.

"Making that declaration practically makes it legitimate for people to carry out justice themselves and even get access to a firearm to do it, which doesn't correspond to our system of law, our system of justice and our system of protection of the public."

So please, if Great Strong Leader isn't around to protect you from the criminals and the terrorists, and you need to feel safe.

Or reassure your scared children.

Don't get a gun, get an ISIS Security Night Light instead...

Or better still don't be afraid.

Just understand that Stephen Harper is a clear and present danger to our country and its values.

And drive him out of Dodge City as soon as you can...

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Anonymous said...

Mercer Mercer Mercer and drum roll please Montreal Simon you are both priceless and very much enjoyed part of the Canadian fabric! Can I use that word fabric? I think it fits eh?

Love all-ways
Mogs moglio

Marmalade said...

I totally agree......The Rick Mercer Report and 22 Minutes are the BEST shows on Canadian TV........makes me wonder how they get away with their 'digs' at the Harper Government etc.
Will they ever be banded for "TERRIORISM"? haha

Simon said...

hi Mogs....I really enjoy running Mercer's videos these days, as they've never been better and more political. When historians look at the very low level of resistance to the foul Con regime Mercer will stick out for his creative protest. If only we could harness a million like him...

Simon said...

hi Kathleen...well think of it this way, if they are arrested, it should make our prison time more entertaining. Misery loves comedy.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well not 'harness' because that suggests 'slavery' I think 'encouragement' is a better word do you? Wink nod know what I mean? We like comedians poking fun at the so-called Harper-con government...

So we can all laugh them out of office and laugh at how ridiculous they really are eh Simon?

Mogs Moglio