Monday, August 18, 2014

Justin Trudeau and the Monstrous Con Hate Mongers

In my last post I said that the break-in at Justin Trudeau's home was a clear attempt to terrorize him and his young family.

And I accused Stephen Harper and his Cons of having created a climate of hate. Which is so obvious in the comment section of this Sun story.

As well as in the comment sections of other newspapers and on websites like Twitter.

But while condemning those vile comments, the National Post's Michael Den Tandt somehow manages to save most of his scorn for the ones he calls Harper haters.

Now, here’s what’s interesting about the episode: The venom wasn’t one-sided. As quickly as Trudeau haters popped up to dine out on the break-in, Stephen Harper-haters piled on with their own equally anile attacks — alleging variously that Conservative party stooges carried out the break-in, that Prime Minister Harper personally bore full responsibility, and that Harper himself is a [insert unprintable here].

Comparing them to those hate mongers and suggesting that they should also be banned from making anonymous comments.

For daring to suggest that Harper should bear a measure of responsibility for having created that climate of hate, with his bestial attacks on Trudeau...

Or for daring to wonder whether the shadowy Con operatives who tried to steal an election, might be capable of trying to threaten and destabilize their most hated enemy.

Or God Lord Harper forbid, for daring to question this simplistic scenario:

Let’s dispense with the obvious, which is that no one can credibly blame the isolated act of a criminal or nut on anyone but the nut.

When the criminal didn't take anything. The "nut" slipped silently into the house, and then silently out. Which is not the way most mentally ill people would behave in that kind of situation. 

And the message is so sinister and so carefully designed to inflict psychological terror. 

A note left in Justin Trudeau’s Ottawa home during a break-in Saturday morning was placed on top of an arrangement of large knives, according to a source close to the Liberal Party leader. 

Five or six large butcher knives were laid out inside the home, some on the floor, the source told the Star. The note, which Trudeau called “threatening,” rested on the knives.

Because now we're talking about BUTCHER KNIVES.

And not even the police should call monsters like that mere "vandals." Not when motive should be their guide at this stage of the investigation. And nobody but nobody hates Justin Trudeau more than the Harper Cons.

Who judging by their actions, and the crazed words of their followers, are the real haters, and capable of ANYTHING...

And since they are so desperate, and they are so evil, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them thought they might be able to destabilize Justin Trudeau, knock him off his game, stop him from travelling across the country. 

Trudeau said he can only do his job if he’s assured his family is safe at home.

"And when my wife and kids, with the nanny, are at home on their own and someone breaks in and engages in some fairly disturbing behaviour, I think it's certainly something that gives me pause in my ability to do the travelling and the job that I'm doing that takes me away from them so much.”

While using his home invasion to reinforce the flimsy planks of their Great War on Crime.

Because that's who they are, that's what bullies do. What they do is disgusting.

And if Michael Den Tandt thinks I'm going to stay silent about the actions of those loathsome Con bullies, he's got another thought coming.

And while I'm at it, I should also make it clear to people like him and the other hapless stooges in the MSM, that I am not a "Harper hater." I do not hate him personally. All I feel for him is total and utter contempt.

Which is why I usually portray him like this...

As just a grubby little monkey leader.

But what what I do hate is what he's doing to this country, turning it into an ugly place, full of the lowest kind of people. A sewer if ever there was one, clogged with hate mongers, and Con stooges or those who have lost their moral compass.

The break-in must be solved because it doesn't just threaten Justin, it threatens our democracy.

And yes, nothing will shake my belief that my Canada will not be cleaner and better.

Until the glorious day that ghastly monkey is defeated.

Which needless to say, for the sake of human decency, can't come soon enough...

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  1. .. Anonymous Government Comments .. Its our so called Harper Government that plays the Anonymous game

    Here's a comment (below) I sent this AM to David Climenhaga over at Alberta Diary, Simon
    Though his analysis of Alberta 'governance' is always brilliant, when he turns to federal politics or Canadian political culture.. I really appreciate him even more..

    (to Alberta Diary) - I found the Den Tandt article interesting.. and your article about his article equally interesting, tho more valid in conclusion and analysis.. Below is the tweet I sent him last night as I feel there is an aspect of anonymity being overlooked..

    That aspect is being missed for what it is..
    Camouflage, Obstruction, Deflection, Unaccountability, Secrecy etc.

    And that Anonymous behavior game is practiced and polished every day by The Harper Government & Party when Spokespersons, Parliamentary Aides, Media Directors, Federal Lawyers, Ministerial Secretaries become the front to media and the citizens while the actual PM, Ministers, MP's, unelected aides, unelected Chief of Staff and backroom operators remain hidden, cloaked in power & seemingly unassailable and unaccountable.. Their denials, boasting, braying duplicity & deceits delivered by scripted underlings.. messengers that of course are never attacked, have no further response or answers or responsibility.

    That is Anonymous and Robotic governance. Distorted Paramountcy

    @salamanderhorde: @mdentandt #cdnpoli In the absence of accountability Harper & party revel, excel in mealy anonymity of denial

    1. hi salamander...yes you're right, there are two Con governments in Ottawa, the one you see and the one you don't. And like an iceberg the part you don't see is far bigger and more dangerous. But don't worry, some of us are after them. And it's only a matter of time before they are caught in a mousetrap and made to pay for their crimes. But I will say this, because they are so desperate they have never been so dangerous...

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Well, Justin just got a taste of the real (sad to say) world of politics in CON Canada. He has to protect himself and especially his family from the teabagger wannabes that now infest what was once a valid and respected political party here in Canada. To be a conservative wasn't always everyone else's cup of tea but at least they were then respected. The new neo-nazi, christofascista party that calls itself "progressive conservatives" (can you say juxtaposition of the incongruous? -- I knew you could) is onlya thuggish, semi-criminal organization without even the respect that the Outlaws or Hell's Angels or the Mafia enjoys. The real conservatives left in this country should be screaming their heads off at the hijacking of their party by these witless mutants and doing everything in their power to take back their party instead of hiding their heads in the sand.

    Salam and Shalom,
    Mahmoud Steinbergman

    1. hi Mahmoud...Justin definitely needs to get police protection, after all the hate the Harperites have whipped up against him I feel he is in real danger, and it seems unthinkable that neither he nor Mulcair have bodyguards. The police better kick their act up a notch or I fear something horrible could happen. The messages I am receiving from the Con freaks out there tells me they are both sick and dangerous. It's time for this country to wake up before tragedy strikes...

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I think that article held a mirror up too you and your ugly little hate blog, and surprise you didn't like what you saw.

    1. You were really traumatized when your mother cut you off of breast-feeding when you turned 18, weren't you?

    2. hi anon 9:45...and I think you are a syphilitic Con freak, who doesn't like what they see when they look in the mirror. If you can't see the real monsters, you must be one of them yourself. And please don't come back again because from now on you're quarantined...

  4. Simon, I'm repeating what I wrote at babble:

    What do you expect from a Sun and Pest columnist?

    This is scary:

    Third, online anonymity, in social media and news comment streams, should be abolished. That is a step that publishers can take. It would require some re-jigging, and might crimp online traffic at the outset. But it would have an immediate salutary effect on the quality of public debate in Canada, and would also target bullies.

    Yes, of course we are "responsible" if we threaten anyone online; the police can easily find any of our accounts. But abolishing anonymity, or rather web handles, means a lot of people simply can't comment, as we have employment or other security concerns. Hardly democratic.

    And adding that this means that professional columnists and pundits get a free hand, while those of us who have to earn a living otherwise are muzzled.

    1. hi lagatta...yeah the MSM really has a nerve, calling for an end to anonymity in a country like this one run by the most sinister government in Canadian history. I'm afraid they already know who we are, their internet monitoring is a huge operation, they are the firs ones to read my blog as soon as I publish a post. And I strongly suspect, that some of them are engaged in illegal activities. Of course I encourage that because that's the kind of thing that can rid us of the Cons for a GENERATION. But let body be under any illusions, they are evil, they are desperate and they have never been so dangerous....

  5. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Remember the vandalization of houses and cars displaying Liberal lawn signs in the last two elections? Their garage doors were painted with hate/crazy messages and some had the brake lines of their cars slashed. One person reported that he nearly got into an accident with his children because his car brakes failed to work as he tried to stop. It happened in Guelph and in Toronto. Even Bob Rae's car's tires were slashed. As I recall, no arrests were ever made. Harper, as I recalled, failed to strongly condemn these actions during an election campaign.

    Thus this apparent attempt to intimidate JT is not surprising when Con supporters like Ian Macdonald seem to be panicking (not suggesting though that he supports or condones these types of actions):

    den Tandt of course had to appear that he is balanced but in the process had made himself look silly. How many houses or cars of people with lawn signs supporting Cons candidates had been vandalized? Someone should tell him the answer: ZERO.

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      All those attacks on Liberal supporters were staged during the election campaign to gain a sympathy vote. It happens to Liberals every election like clockwork. It's not credible to assign the blame to opponents because it's too obvious why it's being done.

      e.g. The TO Star dutifully reports on the house graffiti and damages done to cars belonging to Liberals only and plasters it on their front page. It regularly happens in Carolyn Bennett's St. Paul's riding and the Star gets a photo of police and a glowering Bennett for their front page smear. It happened in the last two elections and if that's what the Liberals must resort to to win... God help them!!

    2. Interesting that you used the word "silly" too - describing how den Tandt had made himself look.
      Exactly the wording I used last nite when I commented on the article after reading this: "To begin, the prime minister, to whom all Canadians look for leadership, could ditch the stupidest of his party’s attack ads and begin speaking positively, regularly and publicly about how he hopes to build a better country "
      There have been a number of valid points made in these responses today Simon - regardless whom they were made by. IMO, Canada has already slid down that slippery slope and I feel the damage is irreparable - and Yes, I certainly do put all the responsibility for this 'thuggery' attitude/language of gutter politics and bully tactics squarely on #HeilHarpers shoulders! Those of us that have been around the block a few times know that Canada's politics were never the best,or even close to it, but most slip ups, judgement errors, attempts at thievery, etc. were few and far between. And if/when they became public, arrangements for inquiries, independent audits, commissions, etc. were put in place to bring an end to them and give the public an honest accounting of the wrongdoing.
      But this - this so-called 'govt.' is an affront to every Canadian, to every honest person that works, pays their taxes, and votes for the party they believe will have their best interests as their #1 priority. Add the insults of Duffy, Wright, Dean DM, Toews, Wallin, and easily a dozen others, And not even one - convicted and/or serving time, or stripped of their pensions or their jobs.
      Simon, what we have is so despicable - I'm beyond finding words to describe them, certainly 'evil', but more than that - they have successfully divided and demoralized our people, raped, pillaged, ruined, and sold off our natural resources, tried to convince the world that we agree with the genocide in Gaza, that we are warmongers instead of peacekeepers, that we agree with their treatment of First Nations - My Gawd Simon, I could go on all night, listing the abhorrent abominations that we - as a country and as a people - have been subjected to by these political imposters! Is there nothing - is there no one - that can stop them? What if the LPC, NDP, and GP - all walked out together, when parliament resumes? Would that not stop them? Wouldn't everything come to a halt?

    3. hi anon 11:18....yes that's what most annoyed me about Den Tandt's story. He seemed to be comparing us to the Cons, when they are the ones who degraded our political process, And if the MSM had done its job properly, ordinary citizens wouldn't have to be the ones carrying the fight to those beasts, or standing up for OUR Canada. This is a thug government and for that alone it must be driven from office...

    4. hi cheena...I know, the list of crimes the Cons have committed against Canada and its values is so long as to be almost unbelievable. Never in my worst nightmares did I think anyone could degrade our Canada as much as they have. But the good news is that they have gone too far. They have turned most of the population against them. They are trailing in eight out of ten provinces, and their foul behaviour will only make them less popular. We really do finally have them where we want them, and we are going to crush them...

  6. Hi Simon, you do not have to be Simon and Simon or even Columbo to solve

    1. hi Steve....the difference is the Watergate burglars didn't want anybody to know what they were doing, while those who broke into Trudeau's place wanted him and his family to know that they had been there. Which tells me that even the Watergate gang was better than those Con thugs. But if we're lucky the Con criminals will end up in the same place they did...

  7. Anonymous2:23 PM

    From the Toronto Star article:
    "Trudeau said Sunday he and wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, have been discussing the amount of time he spends on the road since the burglary.
    "Honestly, we're a little bit shaken," Trudeau told The Canadian Press.
    "There's no question that Sophie and I have had some very serious conversations over the past 24 hours ... about this path we're undertaking together and the amount of, I don't know, I guess exposure that comes with it.”"

    I'm thinking about this unlikely situation where burglars bring large knives to their break-in and then leave a conciliatory note warning that the home should not be left unlocked and vulnerable.

    Now I'm wondering if Sophie had something to do with this obviously staged scenario... perhaps expressing her unhappiness with the obvious loss of her husband to the Liberal party and leaving them unprotected. Perhaps the "very serious conversations" involved family affairs. Justin should come clean on that.

    Didn't Justin refuse to enter the previous leadership race against Dion, Rae and Ignatieff... stating that his young family obligations came first... and now he has an even bigger young family and is absent from home much of the time while his wife must cope with three children. To me it sounds like a cry for help. Sophie doesn't want to end up like Margaret.

    1. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Brainless assessment. His wife need not garner more attention as Trudeau Mania is sweeping the nation.

    2. hi anon.2:23....I find your attempt to blame or smear Sophie simply despicable. Can't you understand that people can be traumatized by a home invasion, especially when you're a woman alone in a house with three young children. You know I've given up trying to look for any decency in a Con, And believe me I'm the kind of guy who is always looking for the good in everyone. You're attitudes are beastly, and you should be so ashamed of yourself....

      P.S. don't bother coming back for I shall delete you on arrival....

  8. e.a.f.2:31 PM

    What remains to be seen is if the RCMP actually starts to provide "protection and security" services to the Trudeau family. NO politician in this country should have to worry about their family while campaigning. These types of actions are what we see in second and third world dictatorships.

    It is unknown who did this but all politicians ought to be concerned about what happened to the Trudeau family. If it can happen to them and there is no "protection" provided, then who will run for political office in the future. This is a slippery slope, for Canada.

    1. hi e.a,f...I can't believe that the RCMP won't conclude that Justin and Mulcair need police protection. It's simply obscene that Harper should spend $20 million plus on his own security, while the opposition leaders have none. Harper has whipped up hate against them, and if anything bad should happen he will be held responsible...

    2. Anonymous11:44 PM

      I think that RCMP protection is requested by the individual opposition leaders. I think that with what has happened. There will be security whether Mr Trudeau requests it or not. I wnet to a presentation that Prime Minister Cretien gave in Chinatown in Vancouver a few weeks after 911. the undercover police were everywhere! Several protesters unfurled banners and started shouting......grabbed, cuffed, an unmarked van.....gone. That fast.
      It isnt just the Conservatives that have police protection.
      Google the War Measures Act and see how Trudeau senior handled seperatists and insurrection........... :)

    3. The huge difference now tho - is that they need protection from another political party - the party of thugs!!! Sigh -

  9. With this kind of threat, BOTH Trudeau and Mulcair should receive RCMP protection and security, at least until this case is solved. This is a very serious threat, whoever the culprits are.

    Did the culprits actually bring their own butcher knives, or did they leave the knives the Trudeau family had in their kitchen? I imagine a young professional couple from Québec as having a well-equipped kitchen. Usually one doesn't "lock up" kitchen knives and cleavers, as one would do with guns; one simply makes sure that they are out of reach of small children.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      What made the culprits change their mind and then courteously leaving an apologetic note warning the occupants of the house to lock their doors at night... and putting the note on knives?

      If you believe that, you are truly gullible or refuse to accept the probability that the incident was staged from within.

    2. hi lagatta...I completely agree, to leave Trudeau and Mulcair without protection in this kind of climate of terrorism and fear is simply unthinkable. I don't know whether the criminals brought their own knives to the Trudeau house, as opposed to just stealing them from the kitchen. But it doesn't really matter, the message was clear, and the police must crack this case because it' doesn't just threaten Justin and his family, it threatens our democracy. The culprits must be caught and sentenced to at least ten years in prison...

  10. Anonymous4:15 PM

    From the TO Star article on the alleged "break-in":
    "Trudeau said he can only do his job if he’s assured his family is safe at home.

    "And when my wife and kids, with the nanny, are at home on their own and someone breaks in and engages in some fairly disturbing behaviour, I think it's certainly something that gives me pause in my ability to do the travelling and the job that I'm doing that takes me away from them so much.”"

    "fairly disturbing behaviour" according to Justin?! Isn't that a somewhat mild statement of concern when the lives of your family are at stake?!

    Methinks Justin is reconsidering his position as Liberal leader rebuilding the party on a full time basis. He is now questioning his "ability to do ... the job". I can see Justin packing it in as Liberal leader and devoting his time and life to Sophie and the children.

    I doubt Sophie wants an RCMP detachment around and following her every step of the way. It's too intrusive and stressful too.

    1. hi anon...what are you talking about? Are you crazy or just drunk. Have you not seen the latest polls? Justin is killing your foul leader in eight out of ten provinces. And not just narrowly either, by huge margins. The Con show is almost over and I promise you your ghastly leader is about to be humiliated like you can't even imagine. And boy will that be fun....

  11. Hi Simon
    Harper will stop at nothing and I mean nothing to win in 2015. Anyone who has studied him closely knows this. This alledged break-in and how it was done stinks to high heaven. It feels very contrived and it is not beyond the pale for the Cons to be responsible for planning this. It is also not far fetched at all to suspect them. Again amoral, ruthless Harper will do anything to win in 2015. Trudeau is a big threat to him.

    1. hi Pamela...yes you're right, Harper will stop at nothing. His power is eroding, he must see the writing on the wall, but as you know he thinks he can control reality, so he is in denial, and it will be a rude awakening.
      But on the other hand, watching him deal with that shock when it comes should be very enjoyable. I'm going to really enjoy his last act. I'm bringing popcorn for myself, and a big box of kleenex for him... ;)

  12. NOTE: A large number of comments on this post have been deleted for being too Con and crass beyond all decency. I will not allow the comment section of my blog to turned into a Harperite sewer. So clean up your act or expect to be DELETED...