Saturday, August 30, 2014

Inside Stephen Harper's Head: The Trudeau Obsession

I have no idea why anyone in the MSM would want to psychoanalyze Stephen Harper. 

It seems something better left between a psychiatrist and his patient. Or in Harper's case a trembling shrink and his maniac.

But Paul Wells, who would be his Boswell and his Dr Welby, apparently could not be restrained.

And has made a desperate attempt to try to understand Harper's depraved obsession with Justin Trudeau 

And after reading it all I could think of was golly, I hope they paid Wells by the word, if not why bother? 

Because for starters, nobody but NOBODY needs to know what Michelle Rempel thinks about Justin Trudeau...

I mean who cares? And the fact that even his videos apparently drive her into a "blind rage." 

Seeing this clip, Rempel was fit to bust a gasket. “This man . . .  spews a diatribe of non sequiturs and platitudes,” she told her Facebook followers. “I ask you to imagine this man at the helm of our nation while serious international conflicts arise. How would he position our country? What would the consequences to our nation be? To the international community?” she asked, calling Trudeau’s answer “so mind-bogglingly ridiculous, I have to post it.”

Is something she should see HER shrink about. And almost as bad as admitting that she watches the Ezra Levant show.

Because as we know watching Sun News is not something nice people do...

Just the lowest of the lowest, the human toilets, and of course hapless stooges like Rempel.

Who would work for a man who hates women so much...

Which is so "mind bogglingly ridiculous" it defies belief. And decency.

Then there's the part where Wells explores the foaming hatred Harper and his Reform Cons rednecks still have for Pierre Trudeau. Even though he's been dead for fourteen years.

Which does remind us of how only a crass classless Con like Stephen Harper could write this about Trudeau just a few days after his death:

Harper wrote that he had passed the elder Trudeau in the street a year earlier and been struck by “a tired out, little old man” who had once “provoked both the loves and hatreds of my political passion.” The loves came first for Harper, he wrote, the hatreds as he matured. 

He called Trudeau “a distant leader who neither understood, nor cared to understand, a group of people over whom his actions had immense impact,” a man who “flail[ed] from one pet policy objective to another,” whose government “created huge deficits, a mammoth national debt, high taxes, bloated bureaucracy, rising unemployment, record inflation, curtailed trade and declining competitiveness.”

Before going on to accuse him of being a Nazi sympathizer and/ or a traitor.

But only says more about Harper, the little man, than it says about Trudeau the giant. 

And quite frankly we don't give a shit what those western rednecks have to say about Trudeau, or for that matter about ANYTHING. 

But what really bothers me about Wells' article, is that he over intellectualizes everything. Lards it with too much Con spin. When the reasons the Cons hate Justin Trudeau are really quite simple:

(1) He's so much more popular than Stephen Harper that it looks as if the son of the man he hated so much is going to humiliate him in the next election. And I mean HUMILIATE him. 

(2) Justin is the living symbol of the resilience of the Liberal Party, that Harper thought he had destroyed, only to see it come back and threaten to destroy HIM. Because not only is Trudeau supported by nostalgic boomers who remember his father and the halcyon days of their youth fondly.

He is also supported by younger Canadians who see him as a symbol of change.

(3) Trudeau embodies that change without even lifting a finger or mussing a hair on his head. While nothing they can do can make Stephen Harper younger or prettier.

No matter how hard they try...

At a time when Canadians are desperate for change, and more and more of them can't stand the sight of Great Ugly Leader. He offends their eyes, and burns their nostrils.

So when the Cons talk darkly about how their killer attack ads will eventually bring Justin down, they're only inhaling their own fumes. 

For as studies have shown, the more the deeply unpopular Stephen Harper attacks the wildly popular Trudeau the more creepy disgusting he looks.

But of course there is some good in ANYTHING. So it is good of Wells to remind us of the blind hatred the Cons have for Trudeau, so he can make sure to get some good SECURITY.

Through it all, Trudeau professes to be too busy focusing on Canadians to worry when the government focuses on him. He will need his insouciance. The stakes are so high, the echoes of history so insistent, that the Conservatives will continue to treat him as something more than just another opponent. The last few times they took a Liberal apart, it was business. This time, it’s personal.

Because those Cons are ugly political thugs, they are desperate, and they are CRAZY.

So they are capable of ANYTHING....

But fortunately for us, and unfortunately for Wells, whose new book is called Stephen Harper:The Longer I'm Prime Minister, Harper won't be Prime Minister for much longer.

Because we are going to take HIM apart. 

With the most savage attack ads this country has ever seen.

Yup. This ugly tale of political depravity is almost over.

It has been a horror story.

But it will have a happy ending...

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  1. I love you, Montreal Simon!

    And, " love came first; hatred as (Harper) matured"???

    What kind of warped, regressive, decaying...oh yeah;



    Welcome to Remple's Canada-- blinding rages and buffoonery for all.

    1. hi liberalandlovingit....I'm extremely disappointed with Rempel, I honestly thought she was better than most Cons. But joining in the "hug-a-thug" meme of the ghastly and increasingly desperate PMO shows she's not better than the rest...

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Michelle Rempel is our own Canadian version of Sarah Palin, eh? Wonder whether she can see Russia from Alberta?

    Paul Wells was one of those in the MSM who used to tell us how brilliant a strategist he was. That says it all.

    As for Harper, I suspect he will be running for the hills before the end of the year. Unlikely he will take the chance that he will be humiliated by Justin. Unless of course he prorogues Parliament, permanently ... which some would say is a possibility based on his past actions.

    1. hi I told the previous commenter I did think Rempel was better than that. (Excuse me if I stop for a moment to slap myself in the face.) As for Paul Wells, whose book I will buy as soon as it's remaindered, I really wish he would stop trying to treat Harper as just another Canadian leader. Because Harper is the anti-Canada, no political genius just a bully thug, and Wells should know better by now...

  3. When the history of the 2015 election is written it will be titled " The West Wanted Out ".

    1. hi rumleyfips...well I'm always hopeful, and I'm pretty sure BC is ready to separate from the Con cult. But sadly Saskatchewan continues its descent into depravity, and as for Alberta, the Banana Republic one-party state, I'm afraid it's beyond redemption...

    2. I actually meant that Alberta and Saskatchewan now want out of Canada's society and government.

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. The above comment was deleted because it was too Con, too vulgar, and because the redneck who wrote it made repeated references to "beastality" so obviously can't spell, even as he rides his horse, or the horse rides him...


  7. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Harper instantly attacked Trudeau, the minute he became leader of the Liberal Party. Trudeau hadn't been in office, long enough to earn Harper's hate, spite and malice. Harper's own team refused to send out his, bizarre hate literature towards Trudeau. That's how bad it was. Very shameful behavior for a Canadian PM.

    However? the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper. If you recall? Harper rewarded Campbell the post as, High Commissioner to the U.K. Nigel Wright can now keep Campbell company, he too is in Britain.

    We know Harper is no Conservative so, the BC Liberals can't be Liberals either. Never has Canada been brought so low since, Herr Harper the dictator grabbed control.

  8. A bit off topic, but didn't Our Dear Leader forget to celebrate the burning of the White House (August, 1814) in his War of 1812 celebrations (The British Embassy remembered!) ? Or, I guess we're now on to the "Great War". (Do you know why it is now called the "white house"? I'm sure you do, Simon.)

    1. hi anon...I don't know whether Stephen Harper forgot to burn the White House, I tuned out of his 1812 celebrations the moment they began, and I'm doing my best to ignore the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Except for the lessons the world should have learned from it. All I know is that Harper has declared war on Canada and its values, and we must defeat him if this country is to survive...

  9. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Simon, you seem to have anger issues. You must have caught that "Harper Derangement Syndrome" from Heather Mallick. I'll be checking to see what you have to say the day after the Conservatives win another majority in 2015. By the way, your profanity is indicative of something in your character. Can you guess what?

    1. hi I don't have anger issues, I have an issue with the way Stephen Harper is corrupting this country and threatening our democracy. And the only "Harper Derangement Syndrome" I recognize is the derangement of those who still believe he is fit enough to remain in office. But of course you are one of them, so tell me I'm curious: are you one of his cult members or is your issue alcoholism? Oh well you'll probably need a lot of booze when your leader is fantastically humiliated. And in the meantime you really need to understand me better. I actually enjoy degrading your Great Leader, and if it drives you crazy bitter, well that's just a BONUS... :)

    2. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Simplistic Simon and his merry band of sycophants. Dont count your chickens before they're hatched. A year is a long time in politics and 'Little Pierre" has lots of time to screw up his lead in the polls :)

    3. hi wish. If Justin falters Tom Mulcair will take his place. When will you understand that most Canadians think Harper is good to go and will do what needs to be done to get rid of him. And as for a Con calling me simplistic, that's a good one. May I suggest the PMO raise your fee to 10 cents a comment, you're definitely worth it....

  10. e.a.f.1:42 AM

    Trudeau is quite correct about wars and diminishing resources. When everyone has enough, usually there isn't much in the way of war. People who are content and have something to loose are less likely to go to war. Most parts of the world where there is war there is inequity. People like harper and his herd feed on inequity and I do believe they are afraid people may start to believe Trudeau. That would be dangerous for the cons.

    Many in Alberta, have seen the oil wealth but what has it brought the province? Not a huge bank account. Citizens still have to pay taxes, so what are they getting out of it except a weekly pay cheque, which may go if they import workers. People in Alberta are seeing the environmental problems, and the intrusion of foreign corporations.

    What harper and his herd are most afraid of, is when people look at a picture of Trudeau, they see a young face with a smile and some friendliness. When they look at harper and his herd, there is no smile, just preaching some sort of bull shit that few are believing as our country becomes more and more controlled by corporations and foreign countries. when they look at harper and his herd they know what they did to Veterans, they know they won't have an inquiry into the missing F.N. women, they won't sign the national medical health accord, they see a loud mouth on the world stage. This isn't the Canada most of us grew up with. That is why Harper and his herd are "obsessed" with Trudeau.

    Even those of us who never voted for Trudeau Sr., know he was a great Canadian. He brought us our constitution. It is most likely harper and his herd hate the Constitution because that is what has prevented them from turning this country into a harpercon dictatorship.

    harper's description of Trudeau, Sr., is more like a description of himself. Trudeau had a vision for this Country. Harper never had one, beyond enriching the corporate elite and foreign countries. How someone who came to office decrying Communist China went to wanting a free trade agreement with them and every two bit dictatorship around, is beyond me, but I'd sure like to look at his bank balance or his wife's because either the capitalist god spoke to him, or he had a brain wack. Harper went from slagging the federal liberals for excesses and proceeded to out do them. Hey why did Peter MacKay get to use all that air force stuff and why does harper get to use government gets to go on personal business. Why do I have to pay for his P.R. stunt every summer in the north, while Northerners live in inadequate housing and have less money spent on their children for health and education.

    Trudeau Sr. was a brilliant man and harper is never going to be in that league. Oh, and I never was a Liberals.

    1. hi e.a.f....yes I think it's pretty obvious that the Con hate for Pierre Trudeau is based on jealousy, because whether you agreed with him or not, he was a great leader. And their hatred for Justin is based on the fear that he could humiliate them. I bet Harper wakes up screaming sometimes, and I have to say never was a cruel fate so richly deserved...

    2. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Unfortunately we're not going to be able to elect Trudeau Sr. next year.
      Its his son.
      An intellectual light weight who's only qualification is his last name and the silver spoon in his mouth.
      Quite a choice. Control freak Harper. Little Pierre. Or the bearded Communist.

      I'll be sitting the next election out.
      Like the majority.

  11. Here we are 2 days from the election and Justin Trudeau is leading by at least 7 points in the latest poll, and I couldn't be happier! Hopefully this holds true and we can can finally heave Steve!

  12. Here we are 2 days from the election and Justin Trudeau is leading by at least 7 points in the latest poll, and I couldn't be happier! Hopefully this holds true and we can can finally heave Steve!