Friday, August 08, 2014

Ethics Watchdog May Investigate Harper's Inner Circle

Well I'm glad to see that Senategate might not be just a one shot made for TV movie. Where we only get to hear from selected members of the Con mob.

It may be a much longer series where we get to hear from just about EVERYONE in Lord Harp's inner circle.

The Commons' ethics watchdog says she may investigate several members of the prime minister's inner circle who were involved in the scheme to cover up a $90,000 payment from Stephen Harper's then-chief of staff Nigel Wright to then-Conservative senator Mike Duffy.

And I mean EVERYONE.

Dawson confirmed several individuals who fall under her jurisdiction could be investigated by her office, namely: Conservative senator and former cabinet minister Marjory LeBreton; 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former legal advisor Benjamin Perrin, 
Harper's current chief of staff and former principal secretary, Ray Novak; 
Harper's former manager of Parliamentary affairs Patrick Rodgers, currently the director of policy in the heritage minister's office;
Wright's assistant David van Hemmen, currently the director of budget planning in the finance minister's office;
Harper’s former director of issues management Chris Woodcock, currently the director of corporate relations at the Crown agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

So Ol' Duff might not be the only star of this sordid drama...

Duffy, a former newsman appointed to the Senate by Harper, was charged last month with multiple counts of fraud and breach of trust. The Mounties allege he defrauded taxpayers of $90,000 by illegally claiming housing expenses he wasn't entitled to, as well as $50,000 for expenses claims that were unrelated to his Senate business and another $60,000 related to the awarding of consulting contracts.

Even though I understand he's raring to go.

Or should that be good to go?

And let's not forget that we still don't know whether Pamela Wallin will also have a starring role....

Or what she might have to say about the way Harper treated her. 

Which might be even WORSE than what Ol' Duff is planning to say eh?

If that's possible...

And where is the Brazman anyway?

I can't wait to hear what he has to say sing.

Oh goody. This should take Senategate all the way to the next election.

And make it almost impossible for Great Ugly Leader to recover, or improve his sleazy image.

Golly. I'm going to have to order a TON of popcorn !!!!!

What a horror story eh?

He made them in his own image.

And they came back to haunt him...

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e.a.f. said...

My heart be still! An investigation into all of them. Simon you made my day. I live in hope. It would keep us entertained for months if not years. If the CBC packages it correctly, they could be making a mint.