Monday, August 25, 2014

GAZONTO: What if Gaza Was Toronto?

This simple but powerful artistic collage by the Palestinian photographer Belal Khalel, couldn't sum up better how I feel about what is going on in Gaza.

The ceasefire broken, whole neighbourhoods reduced to rubble, hundreds of thousands with no place to call home. More than 2,000 dead. More than ten thousand wounded. 

The Hamas death cult death firing off rockets and mortars in the general direction of Israel.

While shooting their own people in the street... 

The Israeli Death Machine levelling entire apartment buildings.

As if they hadn't caused enough destruction. As if they hadn't imposed enough collective punishment on the innocent people of that poor little place....

It's beyond belief. It sears the soul. It enrages me. It depresses me.

But what really makes me want to scream is that although the hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed, with thousands of wounded and traumatized children...

And doctors there don't have the facilities or the resources to give the treatment they urgently need. And have asked other countries to help them by treating some of those wounded children in their hospitals.

Or sending hospital ships as soon as they possibly can. Like tomorrow. 

Stephen Harper's foul Con regime is STILL refusing to let Ontario bring 100 of those children to Canada to be healed in our hospitals...

The bully, the brute, the Con beast.

And what makes it even more depressing, is that it's getting harder to increase the pressure on the cruel monster, now that the MSM has decided that Gaza is yesterday's story. 

And the news cycle has moved on to places like Iraq, and Ferguson. Or the latest exciting development in the ice bucket challenge.

So it's harder to get Canadians to imagine what it might be like to live in Gaza. Imagine the scale of the destruction...

Or how they would feel if THEY were being bombed. 

Which is why I'm really glad that the Canadian filmmaker John Greyson is making it easier to imagine that horror and that terror with this powerful video...

Yeah. Imagine that eh? Imagine if we were the ones being bombed.

Now imagine if Stephen Harper wasn't Prime Minister and we could welcome those wounded children with open arms, like true Canadians should.

Wouldn't that be great?

Then keep up the pressure by writing your MPs or signing petitions like this one.

Until the day we can fire him. 

Demand a permanent ceasefire and a just peace.

And in the name of gentle humanity.

Please help spread this message...

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e.a.f. said...

Well, harper and his herd aren't going to mend their ways and he will most likely do whatever he can to keep the children from coming to Canada for medical treatment, even if they were unaccompanied orphan toddlers. He just doesn't get it. About all we can hope for is a jet to come to Canada, with the children and then he might be forced to let them land.

of course the Americans who sell arms to both sides and/or their supporters ought to be taking thousands of these children. They are making money off of the sales of arms, let them spend some money on the victims.

It is indeed tragic that these children are not receiving medical treatment, but I think Israeli would accept these children before harper and his herd ever did. We just need to remind voters of it come election time. Some of us might want to save our money, so when election time comes, we can take out ads in our local papers to remind voters of what harper and his herd stand for: cruel behaviour

lagatta à montréal said...

The Gaza Strip is considerably smaller than the island of Montréal: