Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is Stephen Harper Trying to Fiddle With the Disastrous Job Report?

I think it's safe to say that Statistics Canada's last job report was not well received in Stephen Harper's PMO.

Because when you can only create 200 jobs in the whole of Canada in July, it is the Con Gotterdammerung. And the end of the myth of Great Economist Leader.

So I'm not surprised to see that the PMO wants us to know that Statistics Canada will soon be changing that disastrous report. 

Statistics Canada retracted its July employment report on Tuesday, four days after reporting that the Canadian economy created only 200 jobs during the month.

"An error has been detected in the processing of the Aug. 8 Labour Force Survey release," the data agency said. "This error impacts only the July 2014 estimates."

And since we live in Harperland, where the truth is muzzled, and the Big Lie rules. And since Stats Can won't tell us what that mistake was:

The data agency declined to offer details on what sort of error had been detected, but they said it has been identified and corrected. The agency says the mistake does not affect other statistical programs, and says new, corrected numbers will be released this coming Friday.

Or why they are waiting until Friday to correct the record.

At least one Bay Street watcher was confused by the news. "Taking the very rare step of issuing a formal correction … suggests that this will not be a minor revision," Scotiabank said in a note to clients. "I don't know why they'd wait until Friday … if they know they have an error now."

I can't help wondering whether Boss Harper and the Con mob are trying to fiddle with the figures. Or to put it more crudely, are trying to polish a turd.

Especially since the numbers are so stinky. 

And even the CIBC's Chief Economist of World Markets is giving the Con's job creation efforts a failing grade...

Because with a job creation record like that one, even an F for epic FAIL isn't low enough to do it justice.

How about a G for ghastly, or an H for HORRENDOUS?

And of course this whole shady affair raises another disturbing question: Have the Cons gutted Statistics Canada so savagely that the once proud agency now can't do its job properly?

And is that why they did it? So the truth can be massaged, to make the Cons look good?

Or the turd can be polished...

I must confess I don't know. The Cons have damaged Canada so much it's surprising that ANYTHING works.

But I am sure of this eh?

Stephen Harper's fraudulent reputation as a good money manager can't survive more hits like this one. Or more stinky job numbers

You can't trust him and his Cons as far as you can spit.

And this country will not be clean, and the truth will not be safe.

Until the day they are defeated...

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Anonymous said...

Benjamin Tal, through his thick accent, is one of the more astute bank commentators out there.

The accent conceals his ironic take on things. If he got too mouthy however, Steve would call his boss and get him fired.

Oliver was out there today promising big tax cuts. Things look like they're heating up. My call (taking bets) = a snap election for Nov. 16.


Anonymous said...

Heads will roll at StatsCan... jihadi style... believe it.

Simon said...

hi anon...well Tal certainly impressed me. It wasn't a long clip but after that indictment if I were the Cons I would go for a plea bargain. And yes I saw that Olly was out there today promising to bribe us with tax cuts.
So I wouldn't bet against an early election, and Nov 16th sounds just about right...

Simon said...

hi anon...well I understand that so many heads have already rolled at Stats Can if they cut off any more they'd have to go back to Kijiji. And of course if they were really to punish those responsible, the Cons would have to behead THEMSELVES....