Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Con Clown John Baird and the Destruction of Gaza

As if the situation in Gaza wasn't bad enough. As if the need for serious diplomacy to end the slaughter couldn't be greater.

As if Canada wasn't enough of a rogue nation in the eyes of the world.

And the last thing anyone needed was the Con clown John Baird pouring more oil on the flames. 

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has come under fire from Human Rights Watch over comments that “Hamas will be solely to blame for any further loss of life” after a Gaza ceasefire quickly unravelled Friday.

In a statement , Mr. Baird said Hamas had violated the ceasefire and that Israel was forced to defend itself. “Hamas has lost all credibility, and we must continue to work to isolate this terrorist organization that values death over peace,” Mr. Baird said.

Even though there never was a real ceasefire, Israel never halted its military operations. 

And all Baird is doing is giving the criminal Netanyahu regime the green light to continue its brutal assault on the innocent civilians of Gaza...

“If Hamas broke the ceasefire, it does not make it responsible for more Israeli attacks that hit schools and hospitals, or kill children on a beach,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director for Human Rights Watch.

“If Canada is so concerned about reaching peace, it should pressure all parties to abide by the laws of war, and demand justice for the horrible abuses that have taken place.”

Acting more like a cheerleader than a responsible diplomat. 

At a time when even the new Con foreign minister of Britain is calling on the Israelis to restrain themselves. 

The British public is “deeply disturbed” by the suffering of the people of Gaza, Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, has said.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Hammond said he had received thousands of emails, from a “broad swathe” of people, expressing horror at the impact of Israel’s bombardment on Gaza’s civilian population.

And even though if Hamas values death over peace, so does Israel. 

For what else could explain such savage collective punishment?

Or the monstrous scale of the devastation...

And what kind of Canadian leader could encourage more of the same and still call himself human? Or the true representative of a people with a once proud peacekeeping tradition.

But then of course, nobody should be surprised. 

When Baird and his morally depraved leader Stephen Harper have always placed the interests of the Netanyahu regime, or their beloved Benny, before the interests of Canada...

Or the cause of peace.

And as Jeffrey Simpson points out, their bellicose or bullhorn diplomacy is isolating Canada from even its own traditional allies. 

Where’s Canada gone? It’s a question foreign diplomats posted to Ottawa ask, privately and quietly of course. And it’s a good question, because the current government in Ottawa has distanced Canada somewhat from its traditional allies.

For example, every country with which Canada has been traditionally allied has been calling for a ceasefire in the Israeli-Hamas “conflict” (or “war” if you prefer). The Obama administration has been using whatever diplomatic leverage it could to bring one about. Canada, by contrast, stands mute, which is to say the government might like a cessation of hostilities (or maybe not for the time being), but will continue to take its cue from the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

Reinforcing Canada's image as a rogue nation, and making the Cons look like maniacs.

Or stooges...

For that is how low we have fallen. And this is the bottom line:

What the world needs now is serious diplomacy to stop the devastating destruction of Gaza, and end the intolerable suffering of its people.

What this country needs now is a foreign policy that can make us feel proud, not ashamed to be Canadians.

And we shall have neither until those Con clowns are defeated...

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Anonymous said...

"Every single man is ashamed of the government he lives under" H.L.Menken

If "Hamas has lost all credibility", What does that say about the Canadian government? Oh yeah, they never had any! I for one am ashamed to be Canadian and as I spend a lot of my time in Hong Kong where there is a truly diverse collection of nations, our country has become the brunt of jokes and has lost all credibility among those who pay attention. Such a laughing stock that it can make you cry. Prison is too good for them, Harper and Baird at least.

Steve said...

It takes two sides to tangle and the Hamas side seems to be death by cop. The Sammy Atem shooting is a metaphor for whats going on now. Harper playing politics with this is another stain on his Sunday Morning Sidewalk of shame.

thwap said...

When I hear the demented attempts to defend Israel's actions, I start to wonder about what other dark madness inhabits people's minds.

Steve said...

that is not fair. cause and effect, cause and effect. Right now Lukid is taking liberty, but this did not happen in a vacuum. Lets see how many rockets I shoot at your house before you say, kill them all

Anonymous said...

The Israelis are intent on pounding the Gazans back into the Stone Age to defeat the Hamas. The Israelis believe that the muslims only understand brute force and they must be defeated with extreme prejudice.

After all, Hamas did start the war with their rocket launches into Israel and more than 2800 rockets were launched. Just imagine if the Israelis didn't have their Iron Dome anti-missile system in place.... they would have had to overrun Gaza to eliminate the Hamas terrorists.

BTW... where did Hamas get all those sophisticated rockets.... from Iran??

thwap said...

"Steve." I thought about mentioning you specifically, but I didn't want to draw your attention. Because you're an idiot. I could tell you that the Occupation and its cruelties and injustices produce the hatred that fires the rockets. But what you will do in response is feign ignorance where convenient, lie elsewhere, and engage in racist comments everywhere else.

You're blind to your own "double-standard." Apparently only Israelis are allowed to defend themselves and fight back.

Anonymous said...

Well, the west has been named Fascist, more than once. It is said, the Common Wealth is going fascist too. Australia, Canada and Britain. Harper does dump his criminal degenerates in England. Gordon Campbell and Nigel Wright, belong in prison too. However, they are harbored in London.

Harper of course, is urging Israel to make war on Palestine. Harper has told Israel, Canada will back Israel to the hilt. Someone should tell Israel that, Harper does not speak for all Canadians. Scores of Canadians despise Harper, as an evil monster. Shame on the US and every country, that supports Israels genocide.

Harper's disgraceful support rally for Israel, how disgusting was that? They celebrate the deaths of the Palestinian children? Harper and Israel should be tried for, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Their behavior is repulsive to decent people. The dead children of Palestine, are merely collateral damage.

Six members of my family served in WW2. One brother was 17 when he joined. Down the road in that war? He was given the duty of, burying concentration camp victims with a bulldozer. The family had always had compassion for the Jewish people.

I have now changed my mind towards the Jewish people. Were the little Jewish children with tattoos on their arms? Merely collateral damage too?

Harper is the most evil monster, since Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.

David said...

How can there be so many Palestinian citizens killed, about 50 Israeli soldiers killed, and yet no one identified as being a Hamas soldier killed?

A friend received the following email from a veteran:

"I think there have likely been many Hamas fighters slain during this go-around, but I suspect that it's hard to identify them because I think they blend into the populace instead of wear identifiable military uniforms.
That is why the middle east is so hard to wage war in because a middle aged woman, a teen boy, and a grandfather may be terrorists even in the same cell. I would say that those who adopt fanaticism as a way of life will perform Jihad no matter one's gender or age."

The Toll in Gaza and Israel, Day by Day

Anonymous said...

@thwap...... so you believe that Hamas was justified in launching over 2800 rockets into Israel (and a couple of them exploding on the launch pad and destroying a Gazan school with children inside) and using civilians as bait in the launch sites for Israeli retaliation?!

You say "... the Occupation and its cruelties and injustices...", so why does Hamas execute Gazans who call for a cessation of rocket launchings and want peace? Looks like the Hamas mad dogs are in a vicious and desperate state having to execute Gazans in opposition to the Hamas-initiated war.

Anonymous said...

So what are you going to do about it besides spewing your demented venom? Perhaps you should volunteer and leave Canada if you are truly committed to your ranting.

e.a.f. said...

while everyone is getting hot under the collar about Israeli bombs killing children in Gaza no one is getting all that exercised about the U.S.A. sending children back to Central America and certain death. Like what is going on here. its o.k. for the U.S.A. to kill kids but not Israel and Hamas?

thwap said...

Anonymous: "so you believe that Hamas was justified in launching over 2800 rockets into Israel"

Only if you believe that Israel is justified in slaughtering innocent Palestinian men, women and children for what Hamas does to Israel. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm employing your own logic against you. You point to Hamas's rockets to justify the IDF's mass-murders. Hamas can point to the thefts, assaults, kidnappings, torture and murder of Palestinians at the hands of Israel to justify its rockets.

If such simple truths remain beyond your grasp, then you're hopeless.

"(and a couple of them exploding on the launch pad and destroying a Gazan school with children inside)"

So, you're asking me if Hamas was "justified" in having their rockets blow up on the launch pad and damaging a school? Is that it? That Hamas deliberately had those rockets blow up before they even got to Israel?

Is that what you're asking me?

You shit-head?

"and using civilians as bait in the launch sites for Israeli retaliation?!"

"?!" Indeed! So, innocent civilian lives are "bait" for the IDF are they? Hamas must know the IDF better than I give them credit!

HAMAS: "Here IDF! Here IDF! Look what we have for you! Innocent Palestinian civilians for you to kill! Come and get it!"

IDF: "Oh man! They look so good! And I do so love to kill innocent people! Please Colonel! Let us go over there and kill those tasty-looking civilians!"

You are obviously a very sick, stupid person.

Last point: This was an Israeli-initiated war. Full stop. (Not that I expect a pathological racist liar such as yourself to ever stop.)

Anonymous said...

Very well said.