Friday, August 15, 2014

Julian Fantino, Justin Trudeau, and the Marijuana Baloney Meter

Well as you know Julian Fantino is the worst Veterans Affairs Minister this country has ever known.

An incompetent bully if ever there was one.

But now he has a new cause. Saving us and the children of Canada from the dastardly Justin Trudeau.

And it couldn't be more disgusting.

So I'm glad to see that Justin is finally firing back. 

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau went on the counterattack today, reiterating his stance on marijuana use amid claims he wants to make the drug available to young people. Late last month, Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino distributed flyers in his Vaughan riding claiming Trudeau had been speaking at elementary schools about the benefits of marijuana.

By putting Fantino on the spot.

Trudeau hit back at the allegations, not only defending his position, but questioning whether Fantino’s approach of criminalized marijuana was more dangerous for youth.

“I could stand here and ask why Julian Fantino supports the drug trade, why does Julian Fantino support criminal organizations and gangs, but I’m not going to say that,” he said. “What I will say instead is that we need a reasonable conversation about how best to protect our young people.” 

Because we really need to ask the Cons in the strongest way possible: Why do they hate children so much, and why do they want to make foreign drug lords even RICHER ???

Or allow them to threaten the health of the population...

I mean whose side are those grubby Cons on? Ours or the CRIMINALS???

But since I might be accused of being biased eh?

I thought I better put Julie Fantino's position on Justin and marijuana through the Canadian Press' baloney meter. 

To expose HIS phony baloney:

Since the flyer refers to multiple "schools," Fantino's office was asked about other schools where Trudeau has spoken about marijuana. In an emailed response, spokeswoman Ashlee Smith did not identify other schools, nor did she provide evidence to substantiate the claim that Trudeau has spoken to students about the "benefits of marijuana" — as opposed to stating his position. 

 In a follow-up phone call, Smith did not provide the name of any other schools or a specific example of Trudeau speaking to students about the benefits of marijuana.

Or his Big Lies.

And sure enough he FAILED.

Trudeau argues the current approach is not working and kids are still finding ways to get marijuana. He has not said his first order of business is to make the drug more accessible to minors, or that he wants to make buying it a normal, everyday activity for young Canadians. 

For these reasons, the claims in Fantino's flyer contain "a lot of baloney."


And this is the bottom line:

For our safety and our sanity we need to recall that tainted Con baloney...

Before they poison our democracy further.

And Julian Fantino is still one of the worst ministers this country has ever known.

A shameless liar and and IDIOT.

And should also be recalled, as soon as is humanly possible...

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e.a.f. said...

oh well the cons will continue to come out with all sorts of stupid comments between now and election day. It is up to Canadians to realize the comments are just that stupid. If they don't, they will stupidly re-elect stupid and the country can continue to go down the drain and their kids will go to jail. See how they like harper and his herd's rules then.

Keeping the current laws for weed will simply enrich organized and unorganized crime. It will bring more illegal guns into Canada and Mexico because that is what is traded for Canadian weed, guns. If weed were regulated, just like booze, we would all be further ahead. the government could make money on taxes, small stores could open, the quality and variety would improve and organized crime would have lost a lucrative business. Police officers could then focus on more important matters.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....I honestly believe that the Cons are on the wrong side of history with this one. The trend is towards decriminalization and legalization. We're told that the Cons are using this reefer madness to suck dollars out of their rabid base. But if that's the only objective they clearly are desperate....

mizdarlin said...

What's really amazing about this is that Fantino used to be a police chief..thought they had to have at least a Grade 8 education to climb so high in the for being a Con 'Minister' that evidently takes no brains at all, just blind submission to the dictates of Great Leader...
Most police officials, at least in private, admit that pot should be legal....not to mention the obvious economical savings for the taxpayers of this country, who could use a break..
Maybe the savings (in the multi-millions) could go towards retaining our mail system...or something else truly useful and important...