Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Climate of Fear

As the Ukraine crisis continues to escalate, and so does the warlike rhetoric in Europe.

"It is the fact that Russia is in a war state against Ukraine. That means it is in a state of war against a country which would like to be closely integrated with the EU. Practically Russia is in a state of war against Europe."

I'm glad to see that Obama and others in the U.S. are pointing out, that if you want to avoid escalating the situation further, and avoid a potentially catastrophic superpower confrontation.

It's vitally important that you measure your words. 

"The more you hype it, the more you diagnose the severity of the illness, the more you're obligated, either morally, politically or practically, to find a cure," said Aaron David Miller, a foreign policy expert and scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars.

Calling the crisis an invasion would raise expectations that a response to that invasion will be be robust "when the chances are that the Western response will be anything but robust," said Randall Hansen, director of the University of Toronto's Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies.

Which of course, is NOT what Stephen Harper and his flying Con monkeys are doing...

Other Western leaders have also avoided use of the "invasion" word, except Canada, which continues to employ tough rhetoric against Moscow.

They're actually trying to escalate the situation, with their hysterical war of words, or all that hot air they're blowing out of their rear ends.

"The Canadian government can shout and scream as much as it likes knowing that it doesn't really have to do anything. In contrast, Obama and [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel have to measure every word because the entire world is hanging on them and have a level of responsibility that neither Harper or Baird has or will have."

Because all they care about is trying to win the ethnic vote, by whatever means necessary. Even if it leads to an all-out war.

In fact it seems pretty obvious they'd actually welcome a war.

So Stephen Harper can pose as a Great Wartime Leader.

And try to scare Canadians into voting for him...

Because that too is what this is all about. Creating a climate of FEAR.

Like his Con cousin, David Cameron is doing in Britain. 

Britain faces the “greatest and deepest” terror threat in the country’s history, David Cameron warned as he pledged emergency measures to tackle extremists.

Because like Harper he too is crazy DESPERATE.

And all I can say is, I'm surprised that Stephen Harper won the United States Department of Fear's Dick Award so easily. 

The votes have been counted. The people have spoken. America's Dick for 2014 is Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada! 

And by a landslide. Stephen Harper received 190 votes, or 45% of the total--just over twice as many votes as runner-up David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain.

But I suppose he does deserve it...

The Secretary of Fear told Fox News, "Stephen Harper is an exemplary ally. He's created new opportunities for our corporate partners to feed at the Canadian trough. He's toughened sentencing to fill prisons. He's integrated border security. He's militarized Canadian police forces. He's used police to violently crush protests. He's censored government scientists. He's gutted Canada's environmental laws. He's carbon-friendly."

For who else could do all that? Terrorize his own country while claiming to be its saviour. And be willing to risk starting the Third World War, for crass political reasons.

Because as I'm sure you know by now, he would pose as a Great Strong Leader...

No matter how ridiculous or monstrous he looks.

But of course, this only makes what we need to do even clearer and more urgent.

We really need to get rid of that criminally irresponsible leader. 


Before he takes us all down with him...

Yes indeed, I really think the time has come, if we value our survival.

To end this nightmare show as soon as is humanly possible.

And send that freakish Con back to the Department of Fear.

Or the place he really belongs...

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  1. The West creates these problems and then act like it's someone else's fault - Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

    1. hi UU4077...True, colonialism and the product of two wars have left the world in a mess. The diplomatic profession is about as reputable as the oldest one...

  2. Simon, in a state of War, could Harper suspend Elections?

    1. hi Kim...I'm sure he probably could, but as I said in the post I think he'd rather hold an election in a climate of fear (war terrorism criminals) and try to make us believe that only he can save us. It's an old fascist tactic and he is desperate so he is capable of anything. The fact that he would welcome a war tells us he is unfit to remain in office, but there are so many other reasons we probably won't need that one...

  3. Bush Jr. played the fear card, which contributed to his re-election in 2004:

    Full Show: The Lies That Lead to War
    June 27, 2014

    Full Show: Chaos in Iraq
    June 20, 2014

    935 LIES
    The Future Of Truth and the Decline of America's Moral Integrity
    Charles Lewis

    1. hi David...yes as I said, it's an old tactic and the last refuge of the fascist or the scoundrel. Harper is playing with fire but hopefully he will only burn himself....

  4. No good guys. Not Valdimer or the other oligarchic side.

    1. hi Steve...Here's how I see the situation. Putin is a thug, but the other side doesn't have its nose clean either. And both sides have to stop the violence and sit down and negotiate. Or we will stumble into a catastrophic war just like we did in 1914. Everybody is slightly nuts and we need this crisis at a time when ISIS is running wild, and the planet is burning like we need a hole in the head...

  5. Three Rights which, in my opinion, should be preserved:
    1 - The right to monoparenthood in traditionally monogamous societies: see the blog "The Origin Of Sex-Taboo". [English]
    2 - The right to veto who pays (the taxpayer) - Semi-Direct Democracy: see blog "Fim-da-Cidadania-Infantil". [Portuguese]
    3 - The right to survival of indigenous identities: see the blog "50-SEPARATISM-50." [English]
    The separatists-50-50 doesn't seek pretexts to deny the Right to survival of others one... the separatists-50-50 only claim the Right to survival of Indigenous Identities (read: the 'globalization-lovers' must respect the rights of others one... and vice versa!)

    1. hi FRUIAR....well that;'s an interesting point of view. Let it not be said that this blog doesn't aspire to higher intellectual pretensions, despite the low quality of my contributions. And of course I am against all sex taboos among consenting adults, even if I'm fairly conservative in that regard. But hopefully not boring... ;)

  6. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Come the 10/15 election, sane Canadians will decide who they want to represent them and fight for them in a hostile world.... and it certainly won't be Justin "Chippendale" Trudeau or Thomas "Angry" Mulcair.... both a couple of garçons quebecois not worth a mess of poutine.... and it's Harper all the way!!!

    1. hi anon....well you cling to your illusions, while you can. But as i've tried to explain before, better Prime Ministers than Harper have defeated by the passage of time, and with his record, and his personality, his time is almost up. And your stereotypical views about Quebecers say more about you than it does about them. And believe me it's not flattering...

  7. Anonymous1:02 AM

    My Celtic origin probably helps me appreciate many of your observations. As for David Cameron and Stephen Harper I made the following comment on a CBC article about Cameron's secret meeting in Ottawa about 3 months ago..

    The self-appointed "King Stephen" invited his self-appointed confrere "King David" for a meeting of "want-to-be-royals". Their strategy focused on their divine rights to rule their respective kingdoms.

    Although my comment not polite it was not slanderous, but it was disabled by monitors.

    1. hi anon...well we Celts must stick together. And it's funny how even though Harper and Cameron are very different people their policies and their approach to politics are starting to resemble each other. Of course, they do have Margaret Thatcher in common, so they were always going to be ghastly...