Monday, August 04, 2014

The Day Stephen Harper Broke Up With Homer Simpson

Well they always were a weird couple, Stephen Harper and Homer Simpson.

Sharing a strange space together on Lord Harp's sinister Twitter feed. 

Wading through the people Prime Minister Stephen Harper follows on his Twitter account is like going through a laundry list of Conservative members of Parliament. All the familiar faces are there: Employment Minister Jason Kenney, Treasury Board President Tony Clement, Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq. 

And then there's Springfield resident Homer J. Simpson.

It just didn't make sense.

I mean Kenney I understand. Harper has to follow him closely, lest he wake up with a knife or a fork in his back. The Clement arrangement is the usual sneaky deal between two socially challenged Con nerds : I'll follow you if you follow me. Pleeeeeeease.

And of course, Aglukkaq could make anyone, and I mean anyone, feel like a genius.

But following Homer Simpson? 

Sharing ANYTHING with HIM ???

That didn't make sense either. No matter what this "expert" says:

"You might say 'OK, Homer Simpson, that just seems odd,'" says Mark Blevis, an Ottawa-based digital public affairs analyst. But public figures often want to show "a little bit of fun,” in their Twitter accounts, he says. "And who doesn’t like a good Homerism?"

Not when Harper is so unpopular, and so boring, even Homer doesn't bother to follow him. Because even though old Homie is as dumb as your average Con, he is basically a nice guy, who just wants to have some fun with his family and his friends.

While Lord Harp's idea of a fun time is dreaming of Justin Trudeau being caught in his satanic sex trap...

And be seen by shocked Canadians to be having a wild menage-a-trois with a Russian-speaking hooker AND the Chief Justice. While puffing on a large joint, in a bordello run by Hamas. Or the NDP. 

And Homer may be horribly flawed, but I doubt he's as sick or as kinky as that.

Besides how could Lord Porky Action Plan share his intimate Twitter space, with a man who likes bacon so much?

If you know what I mean...

So the only reason I can think of why Harper followed Homer was so he could try to find new ways to diddle the next election, like he diddled the last one.

By counting on the ignorance of voters, like Mitt Romney tried to do in the last American election...

But of course it didn't work for Mittens Romney and it won't work for Kittens Harper. Canadians know him too well, and hate him too much. 

So today's break-up was inevitable.

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper publicly distanced himself Sunday from popular cartoon character Homer Simpson, whom he used to follow on Twitter.

Not long after the story ran on CBC, @pmharper no longer counted Simpson among his Twitter interests, which now number 223.

And no doubt tonight the hapless PMO twitter gnomes who tried and failed to make Lord Harp look cool, are feeling his mighty wrath.

Or the animal fury of the PMO pit bull hog Jenni Byrne...

For making Great Leader look ridiculous. By trying to make us believe that he's actually a pretty cool guy, who keeps up with popular culture. Instead of a sinister nerd who lives in his own world.

In a desperate effort to get more Canadians to like him more. Instead of giving him a big fat finger, and telling him he's good to go.

And when he realized it wasn't working, he did what he always does.

And blamed Homer...

And really what more can I say or do?

Except ask when can we get rid of that maniac?

Remind myself that what this little story tells us is that the Cons really are desperate.  


And give Homer the last word...

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Anonymous said...

Please invite me to your seppuku ceremony on October 20, 2015 (the day after the election).

sassy said...

Anon at 6:44 AM - Whatever would give you the idea that Simon would do to himself what Harper has been doing to Canada? Could it be that bad batch of Kool-Aid is looks like you may have gotten into.?

Anonymous said...

Hey, sassy.... Canada is doing just fine under the governance of the Harper Conservative government. True and loyal Canadians will most certainly reject les deux garçons quebecois and resoundingly reelect the Harper Conservative government on 10/15.... and you know it because all this hate/fear/smearmongering confirms your constant fears... soooo obvious.

astone said...

Off to the nether world you disgusting troll!! And while there you could do us all a favor by committing Sepuku yourself.