Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Harper PMO and the Insane War on Justin Trudeau

Well you might think that Stephen Harper and his PMO gang might have better things to worry about than the Liberal leader's visit to Edmonton.

Like the disastrous state of the Canadian economy which is only producing part-time jobs.

Or how they're going to explain why they failed to prevent this totally preventable catastrophe.

Or how they're going to dodge the beginning of the Mike Duffy trial on the same day that Parliament returns.

But no, as this memo from the PMO shows, they have only one thing on their minds.

The total destruction of Justin Trudeau. 

The following email, which I'm posting verbatim complete with a little inter-office chatter at the top, went out from Stephen Lecce, a press person at the Prime Minister's Office, to the office of the Parliamentary Press Gallery this afternoon, and thence to every journalist who is a member of the gallery. The occasion was the Liberal caucus gathering in Edmonton.

Even if they have to smear him beyond recognition for daring to visit the cowboy province...

“While Justin celebrates the breadth of his team, I think every-day Canadians would be appalled that Justin Trudeau is courting the pro-drug vote with the impending nomination of Jodie Emery, Canada’s foremost pot legalization advocate.

“Justin has committed to repealing our Government’s mandatory prison sentences for the most violent crimes – including child sexual offenses and serious gun crimes. This is in addition to his steadfast defence of his visit to a radical Wahabi mosque that is alleged to recruit for Al-Qaeda. Yet again, Justin has decided to advance interests of violent criminals and extremists, over law-abiding Canadian families.

And when I finished reading that deranged memo, all I could think of was this:

Who wrote that shit? Are they morally depraved, crazy, or both? And who is Stephen Lecce?

And sure enough he's one of those young Con fanatics, seen here with his former boss Julian Fantino...

One of the the so-called boys in short pants who are now running the PMO.

The ones Stephen Harper recruited and corrupted. The ones who love him like a father.

Or a Big Daddy...

And would follow him to hell and back.

And all I can say is I'm glad the RCMP were protecting Justin during his visit to the Con province.

An RCMP protective detail stood watch at Justin Trudeau's rally in Edmonton Tuesday night, though that didn't stop the federal Liberal leader from wading into the crowd of supporters. The security detail was assigned following a threat assessment by the RCMP after a break-in at Trudeau's Ottawa home.

Because after that creepy break-in, and the butcher knives, and that PMO memo, or this "joke."

It seems pretty obvious to me that the Cons are morally depraved, they are crazy, and they are desperate.

So they are capable of ANYTHING...

And the good news?

Those young fanatics don't know what they are doing. They're swimming in the wrong pond. This is Canada not Amerika.

Their Republican-style smear campaign will only make Stephen Harper look even uglier, and even more like a bully.

Which is the last thing he needs when he is trailing in eight out of the ten provinces, his Cons are in danger of slipping into third place, and unless he can boost those numbers in the next few months he could be forced to resign.

So rather than help him, those young fanatics in the PMO could actually help destroy him. And rather than follow him to hell and back, they could soon be following him off a cliff.

Like lemmings...

Which since they are young, but would still work for a man like Stephen Harper.

The mortal enemy of their idealistic generation, and the death of decency.

Is a fate they justly deserve.

He was their depraved Big Daddy. They were his faithful followers.

And they're all going down together...

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  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    What the challenged Kids in the PMO don't understand is the fact that the more they attack Trudeau, the more they make him strong. So carry on, Kids, carry on.

    1. hi're absolutely right. They don't understand that when Harper is already seen as a hideous bully, attacking Trudeau in such a disgusting manner only make him look worse. So yes, go little monsters go...

  2. If it keeps up, Stevie will have the punks in the PMO organizing a Werwolf . . .

    1. hi Edstock...good one. It is a scary spectacle, and jot won't be long before they're biting each other or howling at the moon.... ;)

  3. Utterlly insane. This is what we get from enabling these right-wing blowhards when they're young men on campus. A report comes out detailing his party's government's responsibility for a horrific national tragedy, and all this little prick can do is blather about marijuana and made-up bullshit about an extremist mosque.

    It's telling that he served Julian Fantino. Shows a long familiarity with corruption and incompetence.

    1. hi is utterly insane isn't it? I really need to hear that, because sometimes I find that Con horror show so unbelievable I question my own. Can you imagine those ghastly little fanatics drawing up that deranged list? Are they drunk on their own koolaid, or just crazy and criminal? One day we are going to have to seriously examine how such a thing could have happened in a place like Canada. But right now we've got to teach that sinister cult a lesson it will never forget...

  4. "Justin has committed to repealing our Government’s mandatory prison sentences for the most violent crimes – including child sexual offenses and serious gun crimes."

    Given the absolute fiasco mandatory prison sentences have been in the USA and, I believe to a lesser extent in the UK this is almost enough to make me vote liberal without looking at anything else in their platform.

    "It seems pretty obvious to me that the Cons are morally depraved, they are crazy, and they are desperate."
    Well yes.

    "So they are capable of ANYTHING... "
    Well no. On the evidence they are capable of trying ANYTHING but, especially recently, they seem too incompetent to tie their own shoelaces.

    1. hi jrkrideau...well that's a good point but a fine one. ;) What I meant by they are capable of anything is that I honestly believe they are so desperate to cling to power, that they would even break the law to do that. They are an incompetent bunch, but they're out of control, and they're definitely dangerous...

  5. Simon
    Harper doesn't get it! He doesn't have a clue what "everyday Canadians" think because he completely disregards them. He commuicates only with his base which is mainly evangelical christians. He creates all of his policies with them in mind. The other part of Canada i.e. the majority, those "every-day Canadians" that he ignores do not support the policies and legislation he has created along with his base. Canadians are fairly progressive people. These "everyday Canadians" for the most part agree with Trudeau's social thinking. Harpers 1950's evangelical,leave it to beaver social programs may please his base, but not the majority of Canadians, which is why he hides from them. It is also why he uses stealth and intimidation to push his legislation, regardless of majority opposition, through. He will do anything and I mean anything underhanded to win in 2015. This memo from the guy in short pants shows how desperate they are. I think Harper and his cons know what a serious threat Trudeau is to them, but they really do not know what to do,how to strategically counteract the threat. Thus
    the memo. If Trudeau was the kind of man that they painted him as being in their memo, then why haven't the majority of Canadians caught on? Because non of it is true and everyone including those doing the smearing knows it. Their just hoping that some of it sticks. Harper, his base and his political minions are intellectually and ethically bankrupt. They have no ideas and never have.They are also not very astute because sending out a memo full of lies about Trudeau is offensive to the "every-day Canadian". For them to do this shows how out of touch they are.. Like a true sociopath Harper does not face the reality that the majority of Canadians want him gone, instead he thinks he can manipulate reality toward a 2015 win.The "every-day Canadian" will shatter that delusion and send him packing for good. Thx for all you write Simon.

    1. hi Pamela...good comment and I agree with everything you say. Harper hasn't a clue how ordinary Canadians feel because he lives in the strange space in his own head, And as Preston Manning warned us years ago, he thinks he owns the truth and can bend it to his will. That's why he hates facts and science so much. And you're right, sociopaths don't have the receptors to recognize what they're doing is evil and wrong. But it is all coming back to haunt him, we will send him and his monstrous Cons packing. And our long nightmare will soon be over...

  6. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Harper began attacking Trudeau, the minute he won the leadership of the Liberals. Trudeau hadn't been in office long enough, to earn Harper's hate spite and malice. Harper's own team refused, to send out Harper's hate literature on Trudeau. That's how bad Harper's hate spewed. Harper's hate for Trudeau is, absolutely bizarre behavior.

    Harper's governing reminds me a lot of Hitler. Harper too has his degenerates and the criminal element, to do his dirty work for him. Some are already in prison, others are on their way. Harper lied and cheated to win the last election. Harper has reneged on everything he said, Harper's treachery began, the minute he won his so called majority.

    Harper too destroys books, to rewrite history all in his favor. Harper is rabid to be a big shot, on the International scene. Murray Dobbin says, Harper is the American's useful idiot.

    1. hi anon...well as you may know I don't believe in comparing Harper to Hitler, because he's evil enough in his own right. But he is a shabby little would be dictator, and we can't get rid of him soon enough...

  7. Incredible how Michael Sona resembles Joseph Goebbels !

    1. hi hinofan....well I must admit I had never thought of Sona as Goebbels. I prefer to think of him as a scared canary who I hope will start singing before or after he goes to jail....;)

  8. e.a.f.10:02 PM

    Simon, I couldn't even take that memo seriously. Who the hell would even believe that type of shit. If it were true, Trudeau would have been arrested as an organized crime figure or terrorist. These people in the con party are just too out to lunch to make sense or have anyone take them seriously.

    1. hi doesn't matter whether you or I take that insane memo seriously, the point is that they seem to think they can get away with spewing such foul nonsense. So either they believe it, and they're crazy. Or they don't and they're criminal...

  9. An unhinged tea pot boiling is both fun and dangerous to watch.

  10. Hi Simon,

    If you were channelling "Downfall", Hitler had already murdered Rommel by that time, or rather forced him to commit suicide (if not, his entire family would have been killed). Remember that Rommel was not a Nazi, just a far too loyal career military officer.

    I really fail to comprehend your enthusiasm for Harper. The Peoples' Social Forum is going on now (I'm not there; I'm working on a contract at home) and the speakers are saying of course we must rid ourselves of Harper, and we will, but also that we must work to rid ourselves of capitalism and ecocide.

    We are really pissed of at Mulcair and the NDP right now, but there is no such dissent to strangle in the Liberal Party; it is Bay Street's other party and has always supported imperialism and injustice.

    There is a class line.

  11. hi lagatta...well I have to admit that nobody has ever accused of being enthusiastic about Harper. But if you mean why do I write so many posts about him, it's because I've studied him more than most, he is a bully and I hate bullies with a passion, and have dedicated myself to the daunting task of explaining to as many complacent Canadians why he is so dangerous. As for the revolution I'm all for it, but first things first. As Bertholdt Brecht said, you can't write poems about trees when the police are in the woods...

  12. No, actually I meant Trudeau.

    I don't think Trudeau is a bully, just someone who would be nowhere if not for his wealthy and influential family (Trudeaus and Sinclairs) and ricochet trudeaumania.

    No, fighting Harper and ecocide also means fighting capitalism. Look at Naomi Klein's speech at the Social Forum, and the online blurb for her latest book. Just changing one capitalist party for another will do very little. Harper is particularly awful, but another effect of his awfulness is making leftists and social movements forget that Trudeau and the Liberal Party are enemies as well.

    Brecht was a socialist, not a liberal.