Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Human Catastrophe in Gaza

Well I hope he's satisfied. I hope his wild cheerleading for the savage assault on Gaza earns him a tin medal from the Netanyahu regime.

Or a wet kiss from his good buddy Benny.

For Godzilla knows he deserves it. No other leader of any other government in the civilized world cheered as loud as he did.

And he must be sooooo pleased. All that senseless destruction. 

All those dead children.

As a 72-hour cease-fire took hold in the Gaza Strip, a United Nations official said Tuesday that Israel’s nearly monthlong offensive against Hamas, the militant Islamist organization that runs Gaza, had had a “catastrophic and tragic impact” on children in the territory and that reconstruction would require many hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even though nothing can justify or excuse the monstrous scale of that assault.

This is a crime against helpless humanity.

The conflict has killed 408 children and injured 2,502, Pernille Ironside, the head of the Unicef office in Gaza, said, briefing reporters in Geneva by telephone. About 373,000 children have had traumatic experiences and need psychosocial support, she said.

This is a humanitarian catastrophe.

The United Nations and other humanitarian agencies are at the limit of their ability to cope with the fallout from the assault, which Ms. Ironside said had far surpassed the combined impact of two previous conflicts, in 2008-09 and in 2012. About 270,000 people have sought shelter at around 90 centers run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, and at least 200,000 others have taken refuge with family members, friends or neighbours.

And when I think of those exhausted aid workers struggling to house and feed all those terrified people. And I think of all the heroic doctors, nurses and paramedics struggling desperately to heal the wounded, and comfort the traumatized. 

In that open-air prison called Gaza, where death and fear are everywhere, 

And hell is a hospital... 

All I can think of after that is how Stephen Harper encouraged that brutish assault, and never once called for restraint.

Even as the TV screens were filled with pictures of dead children, the horribly wounded, and the terrorized...

When I think of how he has betrayed our Canadian values, and made us complicit in mass murder.

All I can say is, oh monster, oh monster, what have you done?

And how soon can we drive you and your morally repugnant regime from power, before you shame us further?

Because we deserve better, and this is my Canada. 

The Ontario government is willing to provide medical care to 100 injured children from Gaza, it said Tuesday – several days after a Palestinian-Canadian doctor made a public plea to bring kids to Canada for treatment.

Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins issued a statement Tuesday morning arguing the province has a “moral responsibility” to help the injured children, whether Israeli or Palestinian.

Brought to you by the government Harper and his Cons hate with a passion. And these great Canadians:

The McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, the Kingston General Hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, The Hospital of Sick Children and the London Health Sciences Centre have all offered to treat the children.

My country of healers not killers, of peacemakers not warmongers.

The decent country I believe in with all my heart, and am determined to take back.

A country whose values allow me to feel exactly the same way about an Israeli child as I feel about a Palestinian one... 

Because children are the most innocent, and the most vulnerable citizens of this planet, and its precious future.

And the day we accept that they can be slaughtered so brutally and so casually, is the day human civilization ends, and we become no better than beasts.

So I was happy to find this graphic on the internet...

Because David Harris-Gershon is a writer who works to bring Israelis and Palestinians together in a just peace, even though a Hamas bomber almost killed his wife. 

And it sums up exactly how I feel. 

Along with this:

Stephen Harper will wear this human catastrophe until the last day of his shabby political career.

His shame will last forever, while ours will end as we make Canada decent again. A force for good in the world.

Stop the killing. Set Gaza free. 

Make the short lives of all those murdered innocents count for something.

Give peace a chance...

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Anonymous said...

The Gazans brought it on to themselves by supporting their Hamas mad dog heroes on their holy jihad against Israel with their rocket attacks... presumably to stop the Israelis from blockading Gazan harbours (where rockets are being brought in from Iran).

The Hamas rockets were intended to kill Israeli women and children but the Jews were too smart for the Hamas idiots and instead returned the rocket fire with retaliatory strikes on the launching sites.... residential areas, schools, hospitals, UN buildings, and flattened them into rubble. That should teach the Gazans a lesson or two.. or none if they try it again.

Now that peace seem to be taking hold, we'll soon forget about the disaster the Hamas wrought upon the helpless Gazans being held at the rocket launch sites by Hamas killers.... so that the civilian casualty count could be used for global PR .... just like on this website.

lagatta à montréal said...

As Israel continues its occupation of the Gaza strip and the West Bank - around 45 years now, in defiance of international law. I'm certainly not a "Hamas supporter" - I'm a socialist and a secularist, but the left Palestinian forces support the resistance too. This is a massacre, very similar to those Jews (and Roma) have endured in the past.

What is this racist crap about smart Jews and Hamas idiots?

Simon, we did a die-in at Mulcair's riding office. Fortunately my own NDP MP is not toeing Mulcair's line, bu the friends who organised the die-in were pretty much all NDP voters in Outremont riding (which takes in part of the Plateau and Côte-des-neiges as well as Outremont) who were bitterly disappointed in the NDP's stance.

Obviously the Cons (and Libs) are worse, but that is to be expected.

thwap said...

Hi anonymous! This crisis has been helpful for one thing! It shows what utter inhuman vermin you scum are! You've lost your shred of credibility and we can all dismiss you as the racist fools that you are. Wallow in your hypocrisy! Nobody sane or decent cares about your lies!

Anonymous said...

Israel discovers disturbing Hamas 'manual on human shields'.... Itoldyaso ....


Israelis did what they had to do to destroy the Hamas mad dogs and their suicidal rocket attacks on Israel. They brought it on themselves and planned to sacrifice Gazans for global PR. Hamas is a terrorist organization in the ME and in Canada.

Morlock said...

Israel plants disturbing manual, you mean.


Anonymous said...

the only rockets being fired into israel are by mossad agents provocateurs. Thay way, israel can claim "self defence" while committing genocide.

Anonymous said...

Hamas are "mossad agents provocateurs"..??!!! Apparently they launched over 2800 of those Iranian rockets... so I guess Mossad and Iran are allies too...lol

Anonymous said...

Nobody from Papineau riding...??

Anonymous said...

The crisis has been helpful to the Hamas mad dogs for one thing.... they successfully herded Gazans into their rocket and mortar launch sites knowing that the Israelis were going to retaliate with deadly force. Hamas barricaded the Gazans into their homes and would not let them escape as they were warned to do with Israeli pamphlets. Hamas used the Gazan civilians for PR purposes and for human shields when hiding from the IDF soldiers. It's all approved in the Koran when you are on your holy jihad. It's a fact!!

Anonymous said...

Holy jihadists are permitted to sacrifice muslim civilians in their holy quest because killed civilians will will reach Paradise and those who survive will easily procreate to make up for the dead. It's all written in their scriptures.

Anonymous said...

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