Friday, August 15, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Case of the Missing Job Numbers

OMG. All hail Great Merciful Leader !!! It seems that Statistics Canada has been saved from a horrible fate.

After a long search, and a lot of heat, it has found the missing job numbers. 

The Canadian economy created 42,000 jobs in July – not 200 as mistakenly reported last week by Statistics Canada – as revised numbers beat market expectations.

And the good news is there are more jobs now than there were last Friday, even if they are still LOUSY.

The main difference in the numbers is that the drop in full-time employment was not as severe as originally reported. Rather than a loss of 60,000 full-time jobs, the revised figures say 18,000 full-time jobs were lost in July. The number of part-time jobs created remains the same at 60,000.

And the even better news?

Now that they've solved the case of the missing job numbers, maybe Stats Can can also solve the case of the disappearing data. 

One minute, the agency, tasked with measuring the tick tock of the economy and society, tracks seemingly vital data (such as detailed breakdowns of public sector employment and wages by all levels of government, or the total value of government transfer payments to persons by province and type of transfer), the next, *poof*, they’re terminated.

As far as Statistics Canada’s troubles go, this will never get the same level of attention as the mystery of the 200 jobs. But, as it relates to the long-term reliability of Canadian data, it’s just as serious.

Because this is the bottom line eh?

Statistics Canada used to be a world class organization until Stephen Harper gutted it for the most insane of reasons...

And just like this country it won't recover.

Until the ghastly dictator and his foul regime.

Are defeated, or disappeared like that data.

To the hellish place they belong...

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  1. Some poor mug at StatsCan probably had to scan thousand upon thousands of Kiijji ad postings to come up with that number.

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Just watched Joe Oliver on Power and Politics about this job number horseshit.He looked more like a deer caught in the headlights.Either Stats Can committed the fool up of the century or somebody at S Can was read the riot act,or else.My opinion,something sticks and it has a strong Relorm/Con odor.

    1. I heard his sound bite on the 6:00 pm news and Oliver was unusually forgiving of such a HUGE mistake, one that impacted market activity, made by the hated civil service and especially the hated StatsCan. Something pretty sticky and stinky alright.

    2. hi anon 6:17...Joe Oliver has looked like a deer caught in the headlights from the moment he got his new job. He doesn't know what he's doing, he liked working for Big Oil better, he's terrified of the PMO, he just had a major heart operation, and he saw what happened to poor Jimbo Flaherty. So who can blame him eh? But yes, wherever those Con artists go, people hold their wallets, and their noses....

  3. hi Beijing....yes, the whole thing stinks.My brother who works in an ad agency says he thinks it's just a way of selling a dubious product. Diminish expectations, and then exceed them, and make sure everybody notices the change by turning it into a news story. I don't know what to think, paranoia in Harperland being a state of higher consciousness.But I do know that the Cons REALLY need good numbers now, because they are going for an early election, and they're desperate, so they are capable of anything...