Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Community Mailbox Scandal and the Doctor's Revolt

As you probably know, from now on in Harperland if you're old or disabled, or can't walk for miles or clamber over a snow drift to get to your ugly new community mailbox.

If you want home delivery, you have to get a doctor's note.

Not CONada Post says because they don't trust seniors. But only because they care about their health, and want to know their "special needs."

After all didn't they once suggest it might be an "exercise opportunity?"

But sadly, or scandalously, it seems those wretched suits forgot to check with Canada's doctors, and they're not happy.

Physicians are urging Canada Post to halt plans to require a doctor’s note for individuals to keep home mail delivery, saying doctors are already buried in paperwork. 

“This demonstrates a complete lack of awareness of the challenges facing health care professionals and patients seeking access to care,” said Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, president of the Canadian Medical Association, in a statement.

And who can blame them? When the last thing they need is to fill out even more paperwork, instead of seeing more patients and spending more time with them.

Or be forced to decide who is fit enough to get to a community mailbox...

What are those Cons thinking, and are they still capable of rational thought?

And who can blame seniors and the disabled for feeling that this absurd plan is a bureaucratic nightmare, and an assault on their privacy?

“I think we should be insulted by the measures they are considering,” said Susan Eng, vice-president for advocacy at CARP, which lobbies on behalf of retirees.said Susan Eng, vice-president for advocacy at CARP, which lobbies on behalf of retirees.

“Why do I have to review my medical condition in order to retain mail delivery? What are they going to do? Single me out by coming to my door?” she said.

Knock. Knock. It's the Post Office. Your papers please.

Can you believe it? In Canada. The land of snow and ice. The one with an aging population. And the ONLY developed country in the world to be getting rid of home delivery.

Doesn't that make you feel proud? 

But of course the Cons don't care. All they want to do is kill more good jobs, and degrade Canada Post, so they can sell it to the lowest bidder.

Like the Cons in Britain did with the Royal Mail...

With the same contempt for seniors.

Because all Cons are the same. They all want to kill government, screw the poor and the vulnerable, and make fat cats richer.

Oh well. Too bad Stephen Harper doesn't have to pick up his own mail eh?

The Con clown.

But let's bury him and his ghastly Cons in the next election.

Before they shame us further...

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mizdarlin said...

Allow me to play devil's advocate here Simon and tell you that most people in rural communities (anything not Toronto, Ottawa,Montreal,Calgary or Vancouver, that is) already pick up their mail at postboxes, rather than have home delivery, and in the case of BC, many have done so for many years...and yes, it truly does suck. Because my mail is up a very steep hill and blocks away, I literally have to get in my vehicle and go to pick it up..and those without a vehicle?
Here's a question to be put to Junior Trudeau bu CARP or whoever...if elected, will you continue to debase our mail system and create real issues for seniors, who rely more than most on snail mail?
I'm gonna guess that once the system is implemented, it will be 'too big to fail' and just lke the GST promises, it will continue..but hey, I AM just guessing...

e.a.f. said...

those "community mail boxes" are wonderful! We ought to have them everywhere, especially when cheques and other important documents are coming. Just ask your friendly neighbourhood thief. They love those boxes. More coming, great. It will increase their profit line.

The reason the feds have been pressuring people to have their pension cheques direct deposited is they don't want to have to deal with the paper work when they are stolen. It will cost them twice as much.

It might be a good idea if the other political parties took a stand on postal delivery.

Harper just wants to get rid of unionized staff and the pension plans they have. If there is truly a declining need for door to door mail delivery than simply reduce it to every other day. I do not use electronic banking. I don't have my bills sent via email, I don't check anything via email. I've just never trusted it. O.K. so I'm a luddite, but my mail is safe and so are my accounts.

UU4077 said...

We live in towns where we expect to not have to use our vehicles to get our mail. How about a Royal Commission on whether or not such mail delivery is a good idea. This was not an election issue.

Anonymous said...

your comments were brilliant....what I would like to know is why is no one asking "Where is the money" Canada Post was profitable up til a couple of years much so that they were given a 6 year "vacation" for putting money into the pension fund..could it be the billions of dollars spent on equipment....could it be the thousands of truck buildings being built to accommodate the new trucks... could it be the millions spent on purchasing community mail boxes....How does a company that wrote a profit share cheque of 485 million dollar to the feds 3 years ago....loose money in 3 short years.....or could it be that u can't sell a crown corp. that is making money.....where is the money