Monday, March 10, 2014

Pierre-Karl Péladeau and the Sun News Separatists

Well it wasn't a total surprise, but it was still a stunning sight. 

Pauline Marois and her new star candidate Pierre-Karl Péladeau 

Pierre-Karl Péladeau, controlling shareholder of the Quebecor media empire, on Sunday announced he will run for the Parti Québécois, saying his top motivation is to make Quebec independent. 

 “My joining the Parti Québécois is tied to my most intimate and profound values and that is to say I want Quebec to become a country,” he told supporters in the riding of St-Jérôme, just north of Montreal, where he will be running in the April 7 provincial election.

And of course in Quebec it is a huge story, because Péladeau controls just about every media outlet in the province.

And although he has resigned as CEO of Quebecor, his beaten down employees know he's still Le Boss, and will be sure to give him the massive favourable coverage he expects. 

Which if the PQ wins a majority, which isn't assured, and it does get enough support to hold a referendum, which it doesn't have now, could be a mighty weapon one day in the hands of the separatists.

Especially if Péladeau manages to convince other members of the province's business class to join his campaign to become the first President of an independent Quebec.

Because trust me, with his ego, that's the ONLY reason he's running.

But in the meantime, it leaves his Sun TV News operation, which he created for the sole purpose of destroying the CBC, twisting in the wind, or in the mouth of the lion. 

Among the many important and troubling aspects of his candidacy there is this, somewhat down the list; he has thrown Sun News Network, the TV channel he founded and the most stridently patriotic of organs, under a bus. 

Likewise the Sun papers, and the former Osprey titles he acquired in 2007, many of them small-city Ontario newspapers that have served their communities loyally since the 19th Century. 

Good luck to them all now, as they craft their national unity editorials, secure in the knowledge that their major shareholder has pledged all of his considerable intellect, energy and passion to the breakup of the country.

Which has Quebecor management so alarmed they're trotting out Brian Mulroney to try to clear the record.

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney, who is vice chairman of the Quebecor board of directors, told QMI Agency that "the company now has a complete segregation between Mr. Peladeau and his political interests and the shareholders of Quebecor. We are 100% devoted to the interests of our shareholders and nothing else. He has moved on, we wish him well in his life and here we are running Quebecor.

Good luck.

And no doubt the shabby gang at Fox News North preparing to shake-up their programming...

Although since they both share the twisted aims of the PQ's Charter of Values that shouldn't be too difficult.

And certainly after the ascension of Péladeau NOBODY can call the PQ left-wing.

The Quebec Federation of Labour was “stunned” by Mr. Péladeau's decision, according to a statement Sunday afternoon, adding he “is probably one of the worst employers Quebec has ever known. In terms of labour relations, Péladeau has been a catastrophe for workers.”

But it also leaves Stephen Harper in an even MORE embarrassing position. If that's possible eh?

Having to explain why he's massively subsidizing a separatist organization.

The CBC is fighting back against Quebecor’s attacks on its $1-billion in annual federal funding, accusing the private broadcaster of receiving $500-million in public subsidies over the last three years without being accountable to taxpayers.

With OUR money !@#!!!!!

Or trying to explain why Canadians should trust him to lead the country through a national unity crisis. 

When him and his Cons are kissing the fishy Sun News separatists...

And leaves our side in a position to destroy two birds, or two fish, with one stone, or one Péladeau.

And believe me we shall take full advantage of this gift from heaven.

Yup. The Battle for Quebec just became more interesting.

And King Harper could be the big LOSER...

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  1. It will be most interesting to see how Sun News columnists and Sun News Network pundits such as Ezra Levant, Brian Lilley, and Michael Coren cover Péladeau.

    Here's one article:

    How did Levant do in his recent court case re: free speech.

    I do watch snippets of Sun News Network from time to time, but I've never seen any Conservative MP interviewed on any of their programs. Why is this?

    1. hi David...I'm afraid I can't answer and questions about Sun News TV because I never watch it. I'd hate to think that by watching it I might be increasing their viewership by at least ten percent. ;) But yes it will be interesting to see how it affects their coverage. And in the meantime it's the perception that counts. If you read the comments in different outlets it's pretty clear that a lot of Canadians are VERY unhappy with Fox News North. Which of course is music to my ears...

  2. Ezra Levant, Sun News Host, Explains Trial 'Bombshell Moment'

  3. Péladeau is right-wing filth, the evil spawn of old-fashioned union-crushing fascists and Silvio Berlusconi. I'm wondering if I'll run into any former friends now standing for the PQ - Pierre Paquette, who was a Bloc MP and long active in the CSN labour confederation, comes to mind.

    However, I will remind you that your tone about "separatism" is very different when it comes to Scotland, and you said you'd even travel over there to fight for the Yes. Québécois have every much a right to national independence if we so desire as Scots do.

    It is hilarious, as of course his right-wing media in the RoC harboured many an anti-Québec and anti-francophone bigot. Anything for the almighty dollar, or euro.

    Péladeau was also a particularly shitty boss in France (printing businesses) and the US, and I wouldn't be surprised to find journo sweatshops elsewhere, perhaps in francophone African countries where highly educated labour comes cheap.

    Here is a quote by the famous leftist (and indépendantiste) trade unionist Michel Chartrand:

    :« Les nationalistes pardonneront les pires turpitudes au PQ. Ils sont prêts à oublier qu’il existe une différence énorme entre le nationalisme et une véritable libération nationale. Raison pour laquelle j’ai toujours été contre ces "nationaleux" qui voulaient sauver la langue et laisser crever ceux qui la parlent. »

    Fortunately there are several prominent trade unionists standing for Québec solidaire, including Claude Généreux, who had been a candidate for the presidency of the FTQ labour confederation.

    The FTQ has historically been far too close to the PQ, but in this communiqué they take a strong stand against Péladeau's candidacy:

    1. hi this point I'm making no judgements about the separatist movement in Quebec. I live with a Quebecois/French Canadian so I obviously like the idea of French and English/Scottish working together. ;) But if I felt I had to choose between living in Harperland forever or a truly left-wing society where our Canadian values could be preserved, I would probably vote Yes without hesitation. But we're not at that point yet, and the vision offered by Marois' PQ movement is definitely not one I could support. She's as bourgeois as they come and Peladeau is the final proof that they're heading in the wrong direction. What I do see is an opportunity to use the anti-separatist feeling in English Canada to hurt the Harperites and the Sun News gang. Because I am one who will use ANYTHING to destroy the Cons. As for Quebec, the interesting question now is how much PKP's arrival will cost the PQ by alienating their left-wing supporters. Could it lead to a situation where the PQ wins a minority government that depends on Quebec Solidaire to stay in power? Because THAT would be interesting...

  4. So far as I can see the main stream media is not mentioning any of the issues you bring up. How ridiculous, the Federal goverment subsidizing a company whose major shareholder is a separatist.

  5. Draw you own conclusions, but it seems Karl is a world class something.

    1. hi steve...PKP is indeed a world class something. Especially if you work for him. Sit back and watch the show it should be a good one. *groan* ... ;)

  6. As a voice from the wilderness (the West) I have often wondered about the political stripe of the PQs, since they seem to attract right wing failures who are obviously only in it for the power that is possible with ascension...
    The same, unfortunately, seems true of many of the Greens, which were organized here in Canada by disgruntled rightwingers...both parties seem to be a far cry from their origins.
    As a non-Quebecer who would love to see Quebec stay in Canada, as to me they are the only truly interesting Province in the country, it is all very confusing. But I think that Maorois has really been foolish to welcome this particular fox into the hen house...and signed her own political death warrant by doing so.

    1. hi mizdarlin...back in the mists of time the PQ was a more or less a social democratic party. But it has slowly turned into a centre right party, and only the weaknesses of its opponents make it look good these days. But don't worry Quebec isn't going anywhere. Most people are against independence, they have all the tools they need to remain a distinct society inside Canada, which is what most people ever wanted. Only a hostile reaction from the rest of Canada will ever change that. So it really is important to remain as cool as possible...

  7. e.a.f.7:30 PM

    Never thought Ms. M was all that bright but welcoming this guy to the party certainly was not a smart move. With his ambitions, he will have her out of the position asap. This going to make for fun politics yet. If Ms. M. win the election and tries the right wing agenda, she may find she is in trouble with her own party.
    Mr. Pel, maybe the death of the P.Q. Now if we could just get rid of oil can.

    1. hi e.a.f....Marois is an experienced politician. I believe she has held fifteen cabinet positions in her life. But she is also a millionaire, and thus not in touch with the real needs of people, so she's just brought a guy into the party who will spend every living hour plotting to replace her. As I told Steve stay tuned it should be entertaining...

  8. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Something more, something super fishy is going on here. Shit like this always happens when Harper is out of the country. Lot's of questions. Does PKP usually jump into things this fast? Isn't this move pretty risky for Sun Media in the ROC? If it is so risky, why would he take that risk? I'd love to know the back story. When did he decide to do this? Who approached him or who did he approach to run for the PQ and when?

  9. hi anon....I don't think Harper has anything to do with this one, although I'm sure he was glad he was out of town when the announcement was made, him and PKP being such good buddies. But Peladeau has been planning this one for months, and only the polls and his separation problems (with his former wife) prevented him from making the announcement sooner...