Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Brad Butt and the Day of Shame

It could only happen in Harperland, a place where decency goes to die, and the Big Lie rules.

Where a Con MP can lie outrageously about personally witnessing election fraud.

And get away with it shamelessly.

After a rancorous daylong debate, Conservative MPs resoundingly rejected an opposition bid to have a House committee look into their MP's claim — now retracted — that he saw voter information cards stolen to be misused to commit fraud. 

Earlier in the day, the government invoked closure, a measure that's rarely used, to force a time limit on debate about whether the procedure and House affairs committee should study whether Conservative MP Brad Butt breached MPs' parliamentary privilege.

Even though the Speaker had ruled the day before that Butt probably misled the House.

And Butt's Big Lie, designed to support the foul voter suppression bill known as the Fair Elections Act, couldn't be more BLATANT.

And as if that wasn't disgraceful enough, not only was he not condemned, he was PRAISED by one Con after the other for having "corrected the record."

When of course the only reason he changed his story is because he was BUSTED.

And really, I don't know what else to say, except that if I had ever delivered a whopper like that one when I was a teenager, my gentle parents would have grounded me for SIX months.

Because they raised me to be better than that, and I wouldn't have complained because I would have known that I had it coming.

So good for the opposition for vowing to continue the fight:

NDP House leader Nathan Cullen said his party wants Scheer to look at whether the government is abusing closure motions.

"I think Canadians should be proud that we're not going to stand down, that we're not going to just accept the bullying that we see from Conservatives on so many bills, because this one matters most. It's the rules of the game for our democracy."

Because there can't be a more important one than the fight to save our democracy.

And of course we will REMEMBER.

In fact, to make sure that I never forget, I made a little video tonight to mark this day of SHAME...

And believe me it's just the first of many eh?

Because even the dumbest Canadians can understand a Big Lie like that one. And since it's connected to the issue of electoral fraud, it can do the Cons incredible damage.

Yup. Now more than ever.

Join forces to defeat that Stephen Harper and his foul regime.

Before they destroy what's left of our precious democracy.

Before he corrupts us further...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The CBC reported that the voting not to send the bill to committee, despite a finding of prima facie by their own Cons Speaker, Scheer, was supported by all 153 Cons MPs.

Which suggests that once again, much vaunted Cons MP, Michael Chong, voted with his party to thwart holding Butt accountable for misleading Parliament.

Does this suggest that Chong is a man of principle, or just a man of expedient principles, not unlike his glorious Dear Leader, eh?