Friday, March 28, 2014

Rob Anders and the Shootout at the Con Corral

When I see two guys getting ready to fight each other, my usual instinct is to try to separate them before somebody gets hurt.

In the best peacekeeping tradition of this country.

Or whatever...

But I have to admit that when I see Cons getting ready to fight each other, especially in redneck Alberta, my message to them is more like this:

Hey guys, wait until I get out of the way eh? And then feel free to beat yourselves BLOODY !!!! 

Conservative MP Rob Anders has a list of people he accuses of being "temporary Tories" intent on blocking his bid to win his party’s nomination in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill — and he plans to release more.

And of course when one of the warring parties is the ghastly Rob Anders, that's even more satisfying and entertaining.

Because you know that sooner or later he's going to shoot himself in the foot.

But it appears the list has at least one case of mistaken identity. Kinch, a Liberal candidate in 2011, says she is not a member of the Conservative Party. 

"It's a lie, of course," she said. "It's not a surprise. I mean, I can't vote for or against Mr. Anders even if I were to join his party because I don't live in his riding anymore. He'll be running in Calgary Signal Hill, I will belong to Calgary Confederation."

As that loon always does. 

During his waking hours...

And when Anders is also horsewhipped by Conservative Party officials for sending out misleading robocalls, well that's a BONUS !!!! 

Conservative Party officials are chastising Tory MP Rob Anders for what they say were misleading phone calls placed during a heated nomination battle — a pointed message that they want the race to be fair and open. 

Anders' campaign for the nomination in Calgary Signal Hill placed calls to party members last week that left the impression they were calling from rival Ron Liepert's campaign.

Especially after Anders got such a glowing endorsement from his good ol' buddy Stephen Harper. 

“Rob Anders has been a strong voice in our Caucus and Conservative Government as well as a valued member of our team,” Harper is quoted as saying on Anders’ website. “The Road to 2015 is one that needs strong, stable leadership and I’ve been able to count on Rob to get real results for his riding and our country.”

Hee Haw thank you Jesus !!!

Because the way I see it whoever wins this rattlesnake rodeo, or this Shootout at the Con Corral, Harper is sure to be the loser...

If Anders wins, his opponents will blame Harper for endorsing him, and breaking his promise to allow for open nominations. And maybe even vote for the Liberal candidate in the next election.

And if Liepert wins, some of Anders' fanatical supporters will probably blame the Conservative Party and/or Satan, and vote for the Christian Heritage Party instead. As I'm always encouraging them to do on wacko websites all over the internet.

Because when the Cons depend so much on their rabid base, any damage you can do to that support is magnified by a factor of ten. Any infighting can only weaken Harper's grip on the party.

And of course any time you can put Rob Anders and Stephen Harper in the same sentence is also something to celebrate. Because it can only serve to give decent Canadians one more reason to get rid him.

Golly. What was I saying to those two rednecks who were threatening to beat themselves bloody?

Oh yes, I remember.

Hey guys, wait until I get out of the way.

And pick up my fiddle.

And then feel free to go totally WILD !!!!

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Steve said...

an ex con says Harper abusing Jets.
We see Harper has spent close to half a billion on outside lawyers, how much of that dough is recycled back to thee party?

deb said...

lol, awesome.
and there is a christian heritage party, wow!

e.a.f. said...

Yes, I too try to get between the fighting parties and ask them to stop the fist fight. Now in the case as you have described it, gee /Simon, can you get me a ticket to the nomination meeting. Do you know what date and time the event will take place. Perhaps we can get someone in Calgary to sell tickets to the event. Proceeds to go to Veterans in Calgary who are being denied help and benefits they are entitled to.

Like this might be really fun to watch and there isn't much on t.v.

the new skull is ever so cute. Does he come on a t shirt or something? I'd buy one.

Simon said...

hi Steve...the only thing better than being a lawyer working for the Cons is working for a PR agency and making all those ads. One of my friends at McGill is working on a paper trying to figure who exactly is profiting from the favours of the Con regime. As soon as it is finished, if he gives me permission. I will share the results with you all...

Simon said...

hi deb...yes there is a Christian Heritage Party, you can read about it here:

They're as crazy as they come, and you need a microscope to find them, but every vote I can give them is one less vote for the Cons... ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I'm afraid I can't get you a ticket for anything, since I spend all my cash reserves feeding my starving swans organic baby spinach. But if I had the money, I'd definitely travel to Alberta and try to sign up for the Cons in Anders' riding. As you know I'm planning to help evict Rob Ford from office, but helping to evict the other Rob would definitely be a bonus.

P.S. Although I would have to engage the services of an exorcist afterwards, to drive the Con demons out of me... ;)