Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rob Ford and the Sad End of the Con Clown Buffoon Show

Oh dear. I don't think Rob Ford had a very good day eh?

For one thing he's been reduced to asking people to call him if they spot a pot hole.

Which, since there is a 311 number specifically set up for that purpose, has been reminding people about his long history of drug abuse.

At least judging by this tweet from Mr Butter Chicken.

Whose name alone must have made the Fordzilla DROOL with rage.

And then there was Olivia. 

Olivia Chow will resign her seat in the House of Commons on Wednesday and launch her Toronto mayoral campaign on Thursday, according to two campaign sources. Chow, a New Democrat who represents Trinity-Spadina, will become the first left-leaning challenger to incumbent Rob Ford. Her long-expected entry likely completes the field of major candidates.

Whose announcement no doubt had Ford slurping gravy out of a bucket, or reaching for something more potent. 

Because it does mark the beginning of the end of his Buffoon Regime.

Olivia is finally ready, the polls are favourable, Kinsella's after them...

Chow’s campaign will be managed by veteran John Laschinger, who has run campaigns for Miller and top provincial and federal Conservatives. Warren Kinsella, the veteran Liberal strategist, is also involved.

And Robbie and Doug are clearly DESPERATE. 

Mayor Rob Ford's re-election campaign is ramping up this week and Councillor Doug Ford is promising more Hollywood theatrics. Doug Ford revealed Monday that Jimmy Kimmel -- the U.S. comedian that interviewed the mayor last week -- will be a guest on an upcoming episode of the Fords' YouTube show.

Can you believe that eh? Inviting Kimmel to be the star of  this tiny tacky YouTube show...


That small shabby thing, that massive bomb.

It may be "direct and unfiltered," but it's also not very popular. The Ford brothers YouTube series, Ford Nation, is not exactly burning up the internet. The first episode, posted on February 4, did well, averaging 23,289.3 viewers* for its four segments. But since then it's been downhill.

So Kimmel can humiliate Ford over and over again like he did last time.

If the police don't humiliate him, or arrest him, first.

And can you believe his oafish brother Doug comparing the Ford Nation to BRAVEHEART?

"If it was up to (challenger John Tory) and (NDP MP) Olivia Chow, they'd make sure it was winter all the way to October," Ford, who is the mayor's campaign manager, told the Toronto Sun. "When the snow melts -- have you ever seen Braveheart when the guys are coming over the hill? That's going to be Ford Nation coming at these guys. That's strength is the ground game."

Because for that I can NEVER forgive them.

Mel Gibson was disgusting enough but Rob Ford is the absolute LIMIT.

Gawd. In the savage highland hills where I come from one insult deserves another !#@!!!!

And how else are you supposed to communicate with the Moron Nation eh?

But fortunately that won't be necessary.

Because the Ford brothers have made jackasses out of themselves long enough. Their act is wearing thin, even some of their most faithful supporters would rather watch Duck Dynasty.

And this Buffoon Show will soon be cancelled just like the last one was...

I'll be sorry to lose Olivia Chow as my MP, but I'll be joining her campaign as soon as I can.

First we'll take care of one Con buffoon.

And then we'll take care of the other...

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Anonymous said...

Haha, Bravo Simon, that was funny.

e.a.f. said...

Yes Ms. Chow has announced and so has Warren Kinsella. It would seem all 3 parties are involved in Ms. Chow's election campaign which can't be all bad. Who knows it might be the start of something better in this country.

Those of the rest of us in the country loose Ms. Chow as an NDP M.P., however, Toronto really does need to get rid of Rob Ford, so for the greater good, good luck to all of you in Toronto.

Absolutely loved the pics especially the last one.

lagatta à montréal said...

Note that Olivia's website has changed colours and level of government: I'm so sick of seeing the Ford bros and their sleazy hangers-on. They have become a laughing stock the world over. Ms Chow would provide a much better (and more accurate) picture of Toronto.