Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Rob Ford's Desperately Humiliating Hollywood Adventure

Well he went down to Los Angeles where he was given the celebrity treatment by Jimmy Kimmel.

It all went to his head like a hit from a crack pipe.

Until he left Tinseltown tonight, feeling like a sucker. 

Mayor Rob Ford spent the weekend in Hollywood singing Jimmy Kimmel’s praises. He left town complaining he had been “set up.”

Ford was roasted by the ABC late-night host in an unprecedented and embarrassing appearance on Monday night. Playing smiling assassin, Kimmel mocked and belittled the man he had picked up at the airport on Saturday night.

After being grilled like a grouper...

Kimmel confronted the mayor with questions he has not wanted to answer at home, and even forced him to stand in front of a screen and respond in real time to videos of him behaving badly.

And left looking like a MORON.

At the end of the segment, Kimmel suggested that Ford “might want to think about” seeking help “if” he is an alcoholic. As he has in Toronto, Ford brushed off the suggestion — “I wasn’t elected to be perfect,” he responded.

As was his brother Doug.

Councillor Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, had told the Toronto Sun that Kimmel was too “classy” to bring up Ford’s crack use. He told the Sun after the show that the mayor was “a little upset” — as his brother, speaking in the background, complained of an ambush.

And all I can say is if anyone in Toronto still thinks Rob Ford is fit to be be the mayor of Canada's largest city, they must be as dumb as he is eh?

Because have you ever seen such a humiliating Con clown show?


But then I suppose it could have been worse...

And the only thing that really disappointed me was that his movie didn't win an Oscar.

Because it's my absolute FAVOURITE !!!!!

And the reason I love it so much is because I love movies with happy endings.

And it's so real eh?

The election is still eight months away.

But he's already a dead Con walking...

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  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    frod should be renamed "herpes" instead of "rob" (although as a verb, that word has a very definitely correct connotation in regards to him and his angelic ex-drug dealing brother) because he is the unwanted gift that just keeps on giving, ay? Cheerio!
    Didn't anybody up here ever used to watch "The Man Show"? It would have told you what to expect from Kimmel. The guy is a black-belt, world grade smart ass who has no reverence for anybody or anything. I really liked and miss that show! "Girls on Trampolines." What a great segment!
    Way to go, Jimmy! Kimmel for President!

    1. hi anon...I have to admit I never watch the Kimmel show, I watch very little television, and I've never heard of the Man Show. But I have to admit I've finally started to enjoy theFrod Show, because with an election looming every shabby performance only diminishes his chances further...

  2. If people who would choose to live in a Ford Nation do not realize how you cant build on slogans, they should be sent to re education camps. Its like believing in a flat earth, Noahs Ark, creation or a sky god.

    1. hi Steve...well part of the problem with the Ford Nation is education. They're so dumb they think a millionaire can be a populist. But the other problem is just plain old human greed. The people who want good services, but don't want to pay taxes to support them. And of course that's where slogans can be so dangerous...

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    god bless jimmy kimmel

    1. hi anon....I didn't see the show myself, but he sure suckered the Ford brothers. Goodness knows what they thought was going to happen. But since Kimmel has been making fun of Ford more than any of the others, to see that they were surprised makes me howl with laughter. To make it even better Doug Ford was wearing his cowboy hat so they looked like the Beverly Hillbillies...

  4. I hope your optimism proves to be prophetic. I still wonder if Ford will actually lose the election. But the frustrating thing about these right-wing politicians is that even if they lose, they are still set for life. Look at that accursed Pierre Poillievre, even if he lost his seat (which he won't), he will spend the next forty years or so living in luxury. If only the fate that greeted Ford in that movie was the fate that greeted all rightwing politicians, it would be nice.

    1. we have built a civilization based upon the Anglo Saxon model. Idiots succeed and genius fails. Now the tech boom has weeded some wheat from the chaf, but the finance system is still controlled by the same old same old. In the long run we will be a nation much like Germany. I just wish it was a fast run.

    2. hi Kirby....I'm feeling pretty optimistic because some of Ford's increasingly erratic behaviour is no doubt due to the fact that he now has three fairly strong right-wing candidates, including John Tory, in the race. And they are threatening to siphon off the more intelligent members of the Ford Nation. But Ford will always be around. I can't see him losing in Etobicoke which has been a Ford fiefdom ever since Doug was allegedly the biggest drug dealer in the neighbourhood. And of course, both of them are millionaires so unfortunately Rob may end up in jail, but he will not be penniless...;)

  5. e.a.f.6:12 AM

    I'm still not sure Ford will loose the election. His appearing on Kimmel's show may just make his supporters think he's a "star". None of these people are known for their brains. On the upside, thank heavens this is all we have to complain about. We don't live in Ukraine and the people in toronto can vote him out of office. if they don't well, they get what they deserve. Will the last sane person leaving toronto please turn off the laugh track.

    1. hi e.a,f....as I just told Kirby, the right-wing vote is splintering, while the left-wingers are holding back in anticipation that Olivia Chow will eventually declare. So for once they are more divided than we are. And polls still show Chow winning against Ford and any of the other candidates. Also the Ford act is starting to wear thin, he's losing some of his base, and many of the people who want his autograph, are not prepared to vote for him. They see him as a celebrity but not as a mayor...