Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Insane Clown Circus

I have to admit that sometimes I can't decide whether Stephen Harper and his Cons are an insane clown posse, or just circus clowns who are so dumb they're dangerous.

But today at least that choice was a little easier.

Because the leader of the Con posse was in Germany, scaring the bejesus out of the Germans.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a solemn warning to Germans about Russia on Wednesday, reminding them of the dangers posed by a leader with a Cold War mentality who has brazenly seized territory from a weaker neighbour.

For he is the one with the Cold War mentality, and most Germans must be questioning his sanity...

While here at home his Cons were carrying on like mere circus clowns of a lower variety.

For there was the hapless stooge of Big Oil Leona Aglukkaq, painfully reading her PMO script, and claiming that NOBODY has done more to fight climate change than the Cons...

When in fact nobody has done less and like her depraved leader she's a climate change denier.

And if that wasn't scary enough, then there was old Joe Oliver posing as a Finance Minister, reciting the lines written for him on his colour coded talking points... 

To try to avoid making a fool out of himself like he did the other day.  

When he made THREE mistakes in THIRTY seconds...

Which must surely be a new record in the Guiness Book of Gross Incompetence. 

And clearly shows that Oily Joe is as dangerously out of it, as he was when he invited us to drink the water from the Tar Ponds. 

But wait it gets worse eh?

For even that scary comedic performance couldn't match Jason Kenney's defence of the Con decision to rely on Kijiji for their facts, instead of Statistics Canada. 

The Conservative government is defending its use of Kijiji to support its claims of a growing skills shortage in Canada, even though the Parliamentary Budget Officer says the website’s wonky job data are throwing off the government’s math.

By claiming he knows more than the experts.

“People are laughing at Kijiji, but it’s the new classified ads,” he told CTV’s Power Play. “I would just invite some of these economists – who sit in front of their spreadsheets of inadequate data trying to figure out the world – I wish they would actually go out into the real world and talk to employers like I do all the time.”

When in fact he's no expert, and Nathan Cullen is right:

“Kijiji’s a great place to sell a bike, but this is no way to run an economy,” said NDP finance critic Nathan Cullen after Question Period.

But of course, none of this really funny, it's absolutely PATHETIC.

Stephen Harper may be a Great Cold War Warrior, in his relentless pursuit of the ethnic vote...

But he is CRAZY.

And as the Parliamentary Budget Officer points out, he is no Great Economist Leader.

The 33-page report looked at employment, unemployment, job vacancies and wages — both nationally and regionally. It found that six years after the recession hit, joblessness still remains above the norm, particularly for the young.

There is no skill shortage.

The problem now is that there are not enough jobs. Period.

He's leading us to economic and social disaster, while trying to start the Third World War.

And anybody who still thinks he shouldn't be removed from office as soon as is humanly possible, should do as the Parliamentary Press Gallery does.

And have another drink...

Or better still just work harder than ever to defeat that insane clown leader.

Before he makes us poor.

Before he kills us all...

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  1. .. if you created a 'ranked' list of most of The Harper Party, his government (its not ours anymore) his unelected enablers and PMO .. it would be interesting. The ranking would blend common intelligence (or stupidity) basic honesty, and common sense.. and possible mood disorders. The higher you scored in the ranking, the less advisable it should be that you have political power, responsibility.. or receive votes in an election. The ranking could also mention the approx or suspected net worth of the person as it would be good to know how many millionaires are thriving within The Harper Hive.

    A great example would be Nigel Wright.. and where he ends up ranked. Very high or very low?

    Enabling or servicing Harper edicts.. does not portray intelligence in my view.. but big points for obedience. When one supports unethical values or legislation, or secrecy.. and obstruction one would say there's an absence of common sense. So how does one score a Jenni Byrne? Or a Gail Shea? John Baird? Arthur Hamilton? Senator Gerstein? Speaker Scheer? Ray Novak or Stephen Lecce? Tony Clement? Some, like Brad Butt or Paul Calandra are obvious, just like Peter Van Loan and Joe Oliver and Peter Kent, all soaring very high on my list.

    For now I'll plant Stephen Harper as the median.. right in the middle of my top twenty five.
    not the smartest and not the lowest.. just mealy.. and in the middle.

    1. hi salamander...I'm afraid it will be up to historians, or psychiatrists, to try to explain how so many Canadians were able to check their morals at the door, stoop so low in the pursuit of power, and never once dare to tell their mad emperor that he has no clothes. My theory is that Harper through his control freak tendencies was able to shape the party in his own image, and corrupt it beyond belief. Some like Nigel Wright followed the cult leader they helped bring to power because they were on a mission to evangelize the country, and subdue it to the interests of Big Business. Others are the product of right-wing training establishments heavily influenced by those in the United States. And of course most of them are just grubby old reactionaries, or opportunists who were attracted to the light of power, like mice are attracted to cheese. But it doesn't really matter. We know they are rotten, and the only challenge facing us now is how to defeat them. Because if we don't history will not be kind to us either. This generation has let the country down badly, and they better make sure that we win the next election or there will be hell to pay...

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    While Harper has his tub and paddle out, to stir up as much trouble as he can, with the Russia Ukraine fiasco? Harper has nothing to lose, the other countries do. As we all know? Harper does nothing out of the goodness of his heart. Harper does what benefits Harper. Harper says nothing of China that menaces other countries, by intruding on their territories. I see Harper as, no better than Putin.

    Democratic vote, gov't without fascists needed in Ukraine
    March 25/2014

    1. Anonymous2:36 PM

      Putin is a lot better than harper. This is not to say that he's a good guy but he's intelligent and not a pathological liar and he's no coward, either. Putin actually served Russia (KGB) while harper hasn't ever even worked at anything an honest day in his worthless life. Putin's approval ratings are vastly superior to harper, also even with non-Russians, while harper has become synonymous with the global village idiot.

    2. hi anon 2:01....I would not go so far as to say Harper is the same as Putin, because I consider the Russian leader a horrible fascist, and Harper is just a second-rate political bully. I don't have much to say about Ukraine either except that I support those who would make it more democratic and less corrupt. But it is a complex situation, black and white solutions don't work. And what I hold against Harper is that he would preach democracy while stifling it in Canada....

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I recommend reading this blog if you want to know how really stupid Harper appears warning the Germans to beware of Russia: As this blogger pointed out, Harper must have totally forgotten about WWII and how it was the Nazis who had first invaded their neighbours long before Russia invaded Germany at the end of WWII. And 27,000,000 Russians had died fighting the fascists.

    Sad to see that there are some in the MSM who really should have known better but who are cheering Harper on in his dangerous behaviour:

    As for the Min. of Labour, I guess he has now earned being called Jason "Kijiji", having evolved from "curry in a hurry".

    Interesting to see that Jason Kijiji apparently supports the abuse of taxpayers' money in regard to the misuse of the challenger jets. He and Harper must worship the same God, the one who tells them to help themselves, as in God helps those who help themselves, in this case, to taxpayers' largesse.

    1. Anonymous9:02 PM

      thats the nitpost for you- the paper of ivison. are there any worthwhile opinions in it ? i don't venture over, to find out.
      drip-drain is a terrific read- and he tells it with a flair.
      taxpayers largesse pays thousands for CON Party haircuts- and Alberta says..."crickets"...manning must be going what-the-heck?

    2. hi anon...look I don't want anyone to think that I am defending the Putin regime, I'm not. What offends me is to see Harper trying to sound like some Cold War warrior at a time when cooler heads are needed. Calling the Russians Nazis, when so many of them died fighting them strikes me as wrong. And what bothers me the most is that I know Harper is doing all this for crass political reasons...

    3. Any politician is going to do things for crass political reasons - but they don't have to sound like George W. Bush's "Mini Me" and/or the village idgit while doing it. The Ukraine situation is sad enough : in hock already, they will end up in debt servitude to a master busy playing geopolitics encircling Russia ( The Great Game ) and going after petroleum ( i.e. energy politics as usual from NATO as directed by US/UK ) But the pip had to be the USA ( and sycophant ) bitching about the legality of Russia offering a place in the federation to a former member whose citizens were being victimized by black ops 'terrorists' provided by the same people who have killed in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria...there is a long list...and they are even called al Qaeda these days just to mess with peoples' minds.

  4. new harper fan6:56 PM

    Just a comment above saying that Putin is better than Harper is enough for me to see how blind and shortsighted people on this blog are, tunnel vision. I don't like Harper but to compare him with Putin is simply stupid. Get out of Canada and travel Eastern Europe or read real news, from diverse sources. With all the gay genocide and now fascism in Ukraine - comparing Harper to Putin is just ridiculous. And that would be quite a long way for Harper to go to win "ethnic vote", don't you think. And it's not like elections are tomorrow. Reading people like you makes me want to vote for Harper. Unsubscribing from this blog.

    1. .. so ? Go vote for Harper. To do that.. you'l have to vote for the Conservative candidate in your riding..
      Hey ! Maybe that's Paul Calandra.. or Gail Shea.. or Rob Anders. So you'll get twice the satisfaction .... and you can subscribe to their donation pages.. and send them money

    2. hi new harper fan...I'm sorry you feel that way, but let's be clear, I'm not defending Putin or saying that he is better than Harper. If you've actually read this blog my feelings are very clear in that regard. Neither have I written about what is happening in Ukraine, because it's a very complex situation and I don't feel qualified to do that. Neither do I object to Canada showing its support for the democratic, liberal elements in that country. What I do object to, and have focused on, is Harper's hypocrisy in standing up for freedom in one country, and doing all he can to suppress it in his own. Also, I don't control the comments, I try to respond to them as politely as possible, and I leave it to readers to fight it out in a respectful manner, and stand up for what they believe in. Which you are free to do. Finally, I find it disappointing that you could so easily fooled by Harper's shallow performance, even though all the progressive parties in the Commons are supporting your side in a far more dignified manner. And that you would betray the cause of freedom in your own country, for the cause of freedom in another...