Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Terror Laws and the Madness of Stephen Harper

When I saw Stephen Harper delivering his deranged speech on terrorism at a campaign-style event in a Toronto suburb yesterday, at first I almost felt sorry for him.

Because that's not the face of a well man. That's the face of desperate leader cracking up before our eyes. 

But my sympathy didn't last long. Because this is INSANITY.

Stephen Harper is proposing the most sweeping increase in power for Canadian security agencies since the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, including jail time for encouraging terrorism on the Internet, while playing down concerns over the impact on civil liberties.

“Over the last few years a great evil has been descending over our world,” said the Prime Minister, who announced the legislation in a campaign-style event in the Greater Toronto Area. “Jihadi terrorism is one of the most dangerous enemies our world has ever faced.”

And this is the face of the BEAST...

The face of the diseased demagogue, the ghastly bully, the death head of political depravity. Who would use a war to knife his opponents. 

The prime minister's speech was clear and well staged. A friendly crowd applauded on cue. His pose was the stern statesman, on guard for thee. But, it wasn't all statesman, all the time. It's still an election year and Stephen Harper did not forget to stick a knife in the opposition.

And who when asked if he was concerned about civil liberties did reply like this:

"This is really what we get from our opposition," he alleged. "That every time we talk about security, they suggest that somehow, our freedoms are threatened ... I think Canadians understand that, more often than not, their freedom and security go hand in hand ... We do not buy the argument that every time you protect Canadians you somehow take away their liberties."

And lie like a thief.

Once again, nobody's actually making that argument. In fact, Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair said the opposite, agreeing that security and liberty can coexist just fine. "We are capable of doing both at the same time," said Mulcair. "We'll make sure that this bill ensures that, and we'll ask the appropriate questions."

Over and over again:

So the prime minister's in combat with a straw man, the only one saying security means the end of freedom.

For the sole purpose of using a war, and the lives of our troops, as a way to scare Canadians into voting for him. And as a weapon to bludgeon the opposition.

As only a Con hog could could...

For what else can you call a monster who would fan the flames of fear for crass political purposes? Smear his decent opponents. Infect a country with his moral depravity. And try to turn it into a police state.

With terror laws that are not needed, because we have all the legal weapons we need to fight the threat of terrorism. We just haven't used them or used them effectively. 

Terror laws that as Thomas Walkom reminds us, would take us back to the days when the Mounties were burning barns in Quebec.

In those far-off days, most Canadians thought that it made little sense to have officers sworn to uphold the law break it. That theory, it seems, is no longer in vogue. Bill C-51 explicitly gives CSIS the right to contravene both the law and the Constitution’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Violate the Charter of Rights, and target the internet:

The government would criminalize the communication of statements that promote and advocate terrorism. This section seems to be aimed primarily at the Internet and, subject to a judge’s warrant, would allow police to seize printed or electronic material that they believe to be terrorist propaganda. The definition of propaganda in the bill includes any writing or “sign” that promotes terrorism.

One of the last bastions of freedom in this broken country.

And how could we ever trust Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime? 

When they have called environmentalists "terrorists," would make it a crime to threaten the "economic stability" of Canada, whatever that means. 

And there is no massive Jihadi apocalypse hanging over us. Two dead soldiers do not a war make. And climate change and economic inequality are the two greatest threats we face.

Except in the diseased mind of the little man in the closet...

Who was clearly so traumatized by that sorry episode, and has been rendered so desperate by the death of his oily delusions of grandeur. 

That he is now threatening to turn the next election campaign into a fascist nightmare. A grotesque, militaristic campaign of fear the likes of which this country has never seen before.

A campaign as insane as he is...

For he has gone over the deep end. Just look at him.

He is the greatest terrorist threat Canada faces.

And unless he is stopped he will plunge this country into madness.

And take us to a very dark place...

Where evil rules, and freedom and decency go to die.

Now more than ever.

Fight him, fight him, fight him.

Don't let him win...

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  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    If encouraging terrorism is going to be a crime if this bill passes, then let's save time and slap the cuffs on Harper now. No one has done more to stoke the terrorist menace than he with his war mongering ways. His actions these last few weeks have been reckless, irresponsible and shameful. I can only hope the world media ignores him as they usually do but there are always exceptions. That he would politicize it all is even more appalling and shows to what depths this maniac will go to win the election. For those who don't see this? Wake the f*ck up!

    1. hi anon...I'm afraid we're going to have to wait until he is defeated before we can charge him, and scrap those unnecessary laws. But I think what he is doing will come back to bite him. Harper is already distrusted by many Canadians, and the thought of him reading their e-mails can only make that situation worse. And at this point that's all that counts...

  2. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Using US figures as a proxy for Canada...
    You are 35,079 times more likely to die from heart disease than a terrorist attack.
    You are 33,842 times more likely to die from cancer.
    You are 6,000-24,000 times more likely to die from obesity.
    You are 4,706 times more likely to drink yourself to death.
    You are 187 times more likely to starve to death than be killed by a terrorist..
    You are 9 times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer.
    The chances of being killed by a terrorist are only marginally more than those of being killed by a meteorite.

    1. Well done anon a terrorist and a meteorite should not Harper then start a bombing campaign on outer space meteorites? Well I guess that would not please his political handlers that's why? Shit...

    2. Don't forget bowling accidents.

    3. hi anon...very good point. People need to understand that there a million other threats far more deadly out there, than a terrorist attack. In the years since 911 and after all those years in Afghanistan all we've been hit with are two lone wolf attacks, and a number of plots that went nowhere, because the police had all the tools they needed to thwart them. Harper is just inflating a threat for crass political purposes, and it will not help him as much as he is hoping...

    4. Anonymous12:59 PM

      Would love to relay those stats, but feel a need to source verify - can you share the link to sources?

  3. OMG! I am APPALLED or am I not "permitted" to comment?

    1. Anonymous4:43 AM

      You're not permitted to be APPALLED whatsoever.

  4. Look @ Harper's eyes they look kike deep pits of evil like he has done something incredibly wrong and is trying to hide it and wants to mesmerize you. Usually when you have incredible gray around your eyes it means you drink too much alcohol and your liver is failing. Know wonder Steve is a lily livered coward. Seeing Harper as an alcoholic would explain his hissy fits his rampant mood changes and his deep dark silence at times. Um and throwing furniture around during cabinet meetings. Because he needs to go to the broom closet and sneak another drink of Russian vodka his drink of choice...

    1. hi mogs...he is evil, but when I look in his eyes these days all I see is desperation, and anger at the situation he created but now can't control. Just that alone must be driving him CRAAAZY....

  5. Seems to need more eye makeup. Or maybe go on a long vacation somewhere. Just go away.


    2. hi Hugh...yes he is looking ghastly isn't he? His paleness is striking, and as Dr david points out those periorbital circles are ominous... ;)

  6. With Harper's speech in Richmond Hill yesterday, we can see Harper "evolving" before our eyes into a combination of Ronald Reagan and Bush Jr.!

    "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." (Bush Jr., 2003)

    Note that Harper now uses the word "jihadist", a religious word, rather than the secular word "terrorist", which plays to his hard-core 30% voter base.

    Can't ignore 'jihadist terrorism': Harper

    But not all Christians think like Harper and Bush Jr.

    Hope you enjoy these articles by David D. Fowler (NOT me!, who resides in the Greater Vancouver area)


    Part 2

    Part 3




    The Religious Right still extols him for his so-called ‘pro-life’ stance. But Reagan’s decisions directly endangered the lives of all children – unborn or otherwise – and imperiled the entire planet. Considering Ronnie’s mishandling of the Cold War, one can only conclude that he was one of the most egregious and foolhardy manipulators of fear ever inflicted on the world – fear perpetuated by Raygun’s huge, unprecedented, utterly reckless arms race; his continual irresponsible baiting of the Soviet Union; and his downright loony Star Wars ‘missile defense’ program.

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      ronnie rayguns didn't make any of his own decisions during his preznitsy. You are totally forgetting bush sr. was vice-preznit (former head of c.i.a.) and cheney was bush's boy ever since nixon. rayguns had serious issues with alzheimers throughout most of his preznitsy as well as a penchant for libations.
      The bush cartel has run the u.s. gubmint for decades and, even with the advent of the clintons, still, for the large part and their political/economic connections with other ultra rightwing factions, did and do dictate (with a number of other incredibly wealthy and evil partners) what happens in and to the u.s. Never sell the bush/clinton collaboration short either. Never forget that nixon was where that shit all really got a foothold in world/u.s. economics/politics because if you look at nixon's cabinet back then, all the now familiar bush cronies were all in power back then too. They were running things at that time and still do even if o-bomb-a is now the so-called head of the country. If he hadn't made his deal with the devil beforehand, he would never have gotten "elected".
      harpie is just trying to emulate the most evil and powerful and corrupt gubmint in the history of the world.

    2. hi David...yes, Harper seems to picked up Bush's or Cheney's old handbook. There is something curiously dated about his language, and it only makes him look like a relic from the past, an well beyond his due date. You know, more than good to go...

    3. But Harper's over the top rhetoric is "red meat" for his 30% voter base.

      Stephen Harper's Canada: Better, worse or unchanged? Take our poll

  7. e.a.f.9:37 PM

    totally off topic, Forbes has an fun article on stevie's bff, Benni over in Israel. He may not win the next election. the other coalition may have 24 seats compared to benni's 20. Oh, and yes Boehner has had his foot/mouth in it.

    who knows we may have some changes in the middle east and there will be stevie out of step once again with the civilized world.

    1. hi would be absolutely terrific is Steve's best friends Benny and Tony Abbot were to be defeated. Because he's in real trouble in Australia after having knighted Prince Philip. And because he is a bothering idiot. Poor Steve, all he'd have left to flirt with would be the new king of Saudi Arabia. Oh well, they do deserve each other...

  8. e.a.f.3:29 PM

    "flirting with the new king", oh my god, a match made in heaven, one in flowing robes, the other in too much pancake make up. I can see Saturday night and Rick Mercer right now!