Sunday, February 01, 2015

Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper, and the Baloney Cons

As you probably know, I've got a sinking feeling that Oily Joe Oliver is not going to save us from our present economic predicament.

Not when he helped create the oily apocalypse. Not when he doesn't know what he's doing. 

And is not only a bumbling buffoon, but also a ghastly hypocrite. 

Friday morning, not long after the premiers had begun their discussions, federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver issued a statement saying the Conservative government would decline any requests for greater spending on infrastructure. 

“We have launched the longest and largest federal infrastructure program in Canadian history, over $75 billion over the next 10 years. However, the opposition and some premiers appear oblivious to the consequences of the current global instability and the dramatic decline in the price of oil,” Oliver said in a statement emailed to media Friday.

I mean can you believe that? Oily Olly accusing the Premiers of being oblivious to reality? 

When him and Boss Harper blew a surplus before they had one, by trying to buy votes with their porky income splitting scam.

Only to have their getaway car, or their golden coach, turn into a pumpkin...

Because they didn't see it coming, and they really don't know what they're doing.

But they do love their porky scam, they do still want to buy the votes of that 15 per cent of well off Canadians...

And Jason Kenney, the scam's biggest backer, needs to convince his rabid Reform base that he's serious about encouraging women to stay at home. 

So serious or so desperate in fact, that he's prepared to make the most outrageous claims...

Claim that Tom Mulcair's plan to kill his income splitting bill, would kill the existing income splitting plan for pensioners. Even though the two have nothing to do with each other. 

And it's just a crass attempt to scare seniors...

While not to be outdone, Boss Harper is going around claiming that the opposition would kill his plan to enhance the porky Child Care Benefit. 

"Friends, our opponents have been clear. They would take away the Universal Child Care Benefit. They've said so on many occasions."

Only to have the Canadian Press feed his words into the Baloney Meter. 

New Democrats and Liberals have sharply attacked the income-splitting plan, which will cost the federal treasury more than $2 billion a year and will impact only about 15 per cent of families. However the Conservative move to augment the Universal Child Care Benefit cheque has not generated the same degree of opposition scrutiny or criticism. 

So when Harper says the NDP and Liberals would eliminate the benefit — and have said so "on many occasions" — just how accurate is the prime minister's assertion?

And drive the needle off the scale...

Mulcair of the NDP has clearly and repeatedly stated he will not eliminate the Universal Child Care Benefit. Delegates to a Liberal policy convention last year proposed retooling the UCCB as part of a broader tax credit that the Conservatives have now eliminated, but Trudeau has not publicly endorsed the plan and has said only that he would rescind the government's family income-splitting plan. 

The Prime Minister's Office did not provide any evidence of Liberal or NDP MPs calling for the end of the UCCB. For these reasons, Harper's claim that his political opponents have repeatedly promised to get rid of the child care benefit is "full of baloney."

Because Con artists will be Con artists, Stephen Harper just can't stop LYING. 

And of course Kenney is Kenney...

And the good news? 

Judging from what I'm hearing or reading in the MSM, they're not conning many Canadians.

Stephen Harper, the self-proclaimed economist who has never held a full-time job outside of politics, keeps promoting his delusional self-image as a master of the economy and the only one capable delivering a balanced budget. I’m here to set the record straight.

No Mr. Harper, the real and difficult task is to build civilization; to put in place policies and structures that benefit and raise up the well being of all the peoples of Canada. Unfortunately, not only have you failed, you haven’t even tried.

More and more of them are finally realizing that Harper is no Great Economist Leader and that his Cons don't know what they're doing.

And that will cost them in the next election. We'll make sure of that eh?

Hold the golden carriage or the pumpkin...

The clock has struck midnight.

And the Cons are on a bumpy ride.

To the garbage dump of history...

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  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    As usual, facts are the first casualties in Harper's world. Then, his enemies, "The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round...". Then it's cover the pig in lipstick and hope the electorate can hold their nose 'till after the election. Harper's hissy fits must be approaching biblical proportions right about now. His vast work history of sorting corporate mail, making coffee and being the company fart face is catching up to him. I'd say he's in "way over his head".

    1. hi anon...I thought you summed up the situation well. Harper's world really is a bizarro one, and as crazy and un-Canadian as one can imagine. But I'm not kidding when I saw that Harper is showing signs of cracking up, and if the opposition keeps up the pressure he may very well crack under the strain. And have to be removed from office in a straitjacket rather than in handcuffs. Personally I'm not fussy about the way he leaves, as long as he goes....

  2. Nice comment Anon 7:14 AM I got my morning laugh "...Harper's hissy fits must be approaching biblical proportions..." well said.

    1. hi mogs...even in normal times Harper's hissy fits can be scary to witness. He shouts and swears until the air turns blue, and not even his faithful fluffers dare approach him. He is at his core a most grotesque bully, and let us not forget a man who once admitted that he likes to see fear in the eyes of his subordinates. He is an appalling leader and a most miserable human being....


    Harper is an evil puppet of this group...

    1. hi Liberta...Harper is a puppet of Big Oil and Big Business, and his flawed trade deals are further undermining our sovereignty. But I think he is most of all a Straussian who believes that an elite should govern the world, and that deception is a necessary tool. For that and that alone he is unfit to be a Canadian Prime Minister...

  4. e.a.f.8:22 PM

    Switzerland already has negative interest rates. Monday Denmark started it for mortgages also.