Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Great War on the Economy (continued)

Yesterday I wrote a post suggesting that the opposition forget about Stephen Harper's Great War on Terror, because it's just a distraction.

And that they should concentrate instead on his Great War on the Economy, and the tumbling loonie.

Because that one is a real threat to many Canadians, and it has the potential to destroy him and his foul Cons.

And in that regard this is just more evidence.

The Canadian dollar's decline could push up the cost of fruit by as much as five per cent, and vegetables by up to seven per cent this year, according to a revised annual forecast by the University of Guelph's Food Institute.

Because what that means is that even more poor people in this country are not going to be able to afford to buy the food they need to stay healthy.

And that even more seniors are going to have to choose between eating or taking their medicine. Which in my real life is something that REALLY bothers me, for I see the tragic results all the time.

And what also enrages me is that Harper and his useless Finance Minister Joe Oliver are going around telling people the lower loonie will be good for the economy.

Because as I have also pointed out, Harper is desperately trying to recycle himself as Mr Manufacturing...

Even though for nine long years he allowed the Dutch Disease to destroy our manufacturing sector, and even a lower dollar will not revive a corpse.

But it turns out I may have been a teeny bit too hard on him. Because it may help some businesses flourish.

Just not as Rick Mercer points out, the ones we want...

Yup. As I said, forget the Great War on Terror, because it's just a distraction.

Focus on the Con's Great War on the Economy because it stands to KILL many more Canadians than any terrorists can or will.

And it WILL destroy them...

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David said...

Have you heard? The price of oil is on its way up. Noooooooooooo!

Marmalade said...

Remember KD @ 20 cents a box? Prices of EVERYTHING continues to GO UP now........different each time I go to the grocery store.........

With the Loonie going down.........basics for me are coffee, milk and TP!

I refuse to buy so-called edibles at the Dollar Store, but a lot of people do! Have you ever read the labels?

Gas going up in NS again tonight........

........my rant......gn!

Anonymous said...

I notice that your blogging and postings have begun to moderate in their vicious hatemongering. I suspect that's because you fear that the anti-terrorism act will target websites like yours for your support of homegrown terrorism. CSIS and RCMP are keeping an eye on you Simon.... believe it!!

Anonymous said...

I think you have been invaded by one of the PMO psychopaths, Simon.

Unknown said...

@anon 1:13AM "I notice that your blogging and postings have begun to moderate in their vicious hatemongering..."

You are an utter fool and probably a paid con troll that can't spell. You usually show up in a drunken stoned stupor late late at night. Simon is hard hitting with the truth which you and your con clown fool show can't handle...



But as twisted sister sang "Your not gonna break us your not gonna take us because we won't take you no more no more no more..."