Friday, February 27, 2015

Bill C-51: Is Stephen Harper Feeling the Heat?

You could tell by just looking at him that Stephen Harper hated the very idea. He was angry he was vicious. 

He went after the opposition like a rabid hyena for daring to criticize his flawed and dangerous anti-terrorism bill.

He accused the NDP of "attacking the police and the security services."

But in the end he folded like cheap suit, and was forced to surrender some ground. 

The Conservatives have agreed to triple the number of parliamentary hearings into the government’s anti-terrorism legislation under pressure from an NDP filibuster for additional expert testimony on Bill C-51.

And while it isn't much ground, it is good news. Firstly, because knowing Stephen Harper, I know that if he buckled it's only because he's feeling the heat. 

It finally dawned on him that by acting like fascist he was only making his bill look like the same thing.

And that must really hurt...

And secondly, because the longer the committee hearings go on, the more Canadians will learn about the bill, and how it threatens to sacrifice our freedoms for a false sense of security. 

Even those too blind to see the danger...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

Or those usually too ignorant or crazed to understand how it could affect them...

Pascal/ Montreal Gazette

And when they do understand what could happen, more Canadians will oppose it, and hold it against the Con regime in the next election campaign.

Which explains why Harper and his foul gang are in such a hurry to speed up the hearings.

“Time is of the essence,” said Conservative MP Daryl Kramp. “I don’t want Rome to burn when Nero fiddles. 

The terrorism threat is real.” Mr. Harper urged the committee to quickly complete its study of Bill C-51 on Thursday, noting the legislation is “strongly supported by Canadians.”

Which leads to the obvious question that Michael Harris asks himself: is Stephen Harper also in a desperate rush to call a very early election? 

Steve the terror-monger has a lot of reasons to call an early election — not least the fact that the popularity of his security bill, which proposes to turn Canada into a police-state, is likely to be short-duration.

Before more Canadians understand how he is trying to turn this country into a police state. And while the fear factor is still high.

It would let Harper campaign on terrorism, not his record. He has his emotional issue: “I am the strong man who will protect you from the beheaders.”

Before the economic situation gets even worse or he is buried in scandal.

He’d escape blowback from the Mike Duffy trial, where Nigel Wright might have to tell the truth under oath, instead of a carefully constructed version of the truth designed to protect the prime minister. Meanwhile, Patrick Brazeau’s preliminary inquiry is set to begin June 1. Mike Duffy’s trial will still be on at that point — bad timing for the PM.

And of course, while he can still hope to profit from the surprise move, and the confusion he himself created.

If Harper calls an early election, there will be confusion at the polls because of changes under the new Elections Act. Many voters will turn up without the proper ID — although you can bet Conservative voters will be well prepared.

Never mind the fixed election date. For Harper, ‘fixed’ will do just fine.

To try to steal another election.

And all I can say is that's where we are, in this frozen February, in this grim Harperland...

This is where our long journey together has brought us.

Almost to the moment in Canadian history when our fate, and the fate of our country will be decided.

And we must be ready to fight the Cons harder than we ever have before. 

For we cannot fail our Canada.

And those fascist monsters must be stopped...

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  1. I can't believe that anyone would support this nonsensical bill. I can't understand how anyone could have bought into this hysteria for so long. That's why I agree with you that scrutiny will dissolve this early support.

    It must be television news and emails from right-wing relatives and co-workers spreading this stupidity.

    1. Most Canadians remain uniformed/ignorant by choice. They look at the title of Bill C-51 "Anti-Terrorism Act" and then say, "Yeah, I'm for that!"

    2. hi thwap...I think it's fear that is reading that bullshit, and of course fear leads to xenophobia, and if not tacked head on will lead us into a very dark place. But I'm confident that the more people learn about the bill and its dangers the more they will object to it, and it could still become a liability for Harper in the next election campaign...

    3. hi David...yes ignorance has everything to do with it also. But that's why the more we can educate people about the bill, the more people will resist it, and the more Harper will pay for it...

  2. Hi Simon, feeling the heat? He shoudl be feeling the history because I think thats all he cares about. But history is a cruel mistress. I the past it has exposed a few percent as overwhellming prostitutes. In the case of Steve Harper I think he will join the hareem with Tony Blair unquestioned.

    1. hi Steve...Norman Bethune is one of my greatest Canadian heroes, and example for doctors, and a true fighter for human liberation. And yes, Stephen Harper has as usual overplayed his hand, and it will cost him...

  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    1800 mid Hans Meyer immigrates to Canada - sent back - returned with money to spend

    Hans Meyer prophet of Molech the Demon God demanding human sacrifice (children preferred) to ensure the protection of the land and fertility . Molect = Enhil/Enki the Snake = Nazism = feminists militant feminists = Communism . GOD dialogues no your boundaries - Only GOD can confront Satan. Respect. Christian Clergy - Muslim Imams did not say NO to the idea in the beginning - probable unacceptable reason poverty of people.
    For me . It is best to place this in the hands of GOD. No second guessing. All My hope is in GOD. These statements are made without prejudice and are true based upon the best current accurate written data available.END . All my Hope is in GOD. Let us keep Stephen Harper in our prayers.

    1. hi anon...well you put your face in God and I'll put my faith in the good sense of the Canadian people, and together we will defeat him !!! You know the satanic Stephen Harper... ;)

  4. Oh Simon Dearie, where does one begin... You are a kindred spirit in so many ways. Brilliant post! Keep the flag flying!

    1. hi Miss Myrtle....thanks a lot. I need that, because I have eight stitches in my head, after falling on the ice while playing in the snow with a puppy, and it hurts when I laugh. But yes, I will keep the flag flying, and laughing at those horrible Cons, even if it hurts... ;)

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Let's not forget Dean Del Fatso's sentencing in May. I would be very surprised if he didn't call an early vote though he would have a lot of explaining to do after repeatedly saying he wouldn't. A word of advice though Stevie, I'm sure we wont all lose our heads if we wait 'till October.

    1. hi could I forget? I'm arranging my limited social calendar to fit in that blessed event. If it wasn't so cold and I wasn't so poor, I would travel to Ottawa to cheer him when he's taken away in a prison van... ;)

  6. Deja vu, remember when experts from around the world criticized the so-called Fair Elections Act last year?

    1. hi Hugh...yes I do, although it seems like a thousand years ago. The Harper Cons have committed so many crimes that even though I blog about them all the time, I can't keep up with them. But it's OK, we should have enough evidence to put them on trail and sentence them to a thousand years each. I'm with Harper on that one, we can't be soft on criminals....

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Good gawd!!! I am far more afraid of Harper, than of any Muslim.

    Rushing electoral reforms through Parliament, without buy-in from other parties is, the kind of dangerous applications of electoral practices that we are likely to find, in third world countries.
    Stephen Harper.....1996

    1. hi anon....everybody should be more concerned about Harper than about our Muslim citizens, who are with very few exceptions, a very peaceful community. And NOBODY is more of a terrorist than Harper himself...

  8. e.a.f.3:47 PM

    If serious comments by judges, former Prime Ministers, etc. don't get the attention of the public, those cartoons certainly will, especially of the old white guy at his computer. A series of those cartoons could well sink this legislation. Nothing is worse for politicians than a really good carton.

    Con harper wants an early election so he can fuel the flames of racism, discrimination, hatred before people get a chance to realize, many of them will be in the cross hairs of stevie's gestapo. This bill is dangerous. We have only to look at Con Harper's disregard for human rights and human lives. The murder of 1,200 First Nations women isn't on his "radar". He says we don't do things this way, in response to a woman wearing a Niqab.

    People need to have a good read of history and look at how Hitler started out. Remember the line about, they came for the Jew, the labour unions, etc. and when they came for me there was no one to object. When that judge in Quebec refused to hear a case because the woman was wearing a hijab, the judge most likely didn't think about the people in other parts to Canada who still don't like the bi-lingual rights we have in Canada and how many of them would like to see them go. For those who think its just fine to "pick on" women wearing niqabs and hijabs, well wait until they come for you, because Con Stevie is not that all encompassing type.

    Have a good look back when he ran that little think tank and they went looking for security for Presto. Remember back when the "Reformers" were getting started. There was more than one white supremist in the pack. Once the party was mainstream they had to weed them out to make them acceptable to the rest of Canada, but like the American Republicans, racism is alive and well in some political parties.

    My impression is, Stevie just doesn't like people who aren't white, male, and part of his religion. the question to ask ones self is: do I trust Con Stevie to not come after me and mine, if he has another majority? If he doesn't want women wearing niqabs, will Con Stevie be insisting RCMP officers can no longer wear Turbans if they are Sikh?

    In my opinion, Con stevie does not like women. Just look how well things have turned out in the U.S.A. with religious right in control in some states. They no longer have the right to choose. In Canada the abortion bill has been "studied" by Health Canada for 3 years now and Con Harper wants it to be "studied" for another year. this pill has been in use in France since the 1980s and is approved in 60 countries. In Canada not so much. Much of Canada is rural with out adequate medical services and this pill is required. Con Stevie doesn't approve of abortion. What else does he have planned for the women of Canada? Remember this guy de funded women's groups in his first term in office.

    When we talk about radical religion we ought to have a good look at Con Stevie's religion and decide how main stream or radical it is. In my opinion, this P.M. has brought his personal religious agenda to Parliament and is using his majority to impose his religious beliefs on all of us. He is no different from the guys at ISIS. (there are different ways to "behead" a people)

    1. Check this out

    2. hi e.a.f... his rigid ideology mirrors his secret religious fanaticism, and when the workings of this foul government are finally exposed, it will be seen to have played a larger role than most people imagine. And although he has ignored the protests of many over issues like the gutting of the census, this time I think that those protesting Bill C51 can do him a lot of damage....

  9. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Here Simon is something to ponder. This is just 1/2 of the story by Michael Harris published on I Politics

    Steve the terror-monger has a lot of reasons to call an early election — not least the fact that the popularity of his security bill, which proposes to turn Canada into a police-state, is likely to be short-lived.

    Having managed to convince the public (and apparently Justin Trudeau), that C-51 is going to save us from the beheading hordes, the temptation to take political advantage must be great. An Angus Reid poll reports that 82 per cent of Canadians have been seduced by this crazed legislation; support is even higher in Quebec, at 87 per cent.

    As Stalin and Martin Bormann both observed, fear resonates with everyone — even the very intelligent — because its force is emotional, not rational. Harper is very, very good at the business-end of terror politics. He has learned from the best: Republican pollsters and spindoctors like Arthur Finkelstein and Finkelstein’s protege, Frank Luntz, who was instrumental in expanding the Reform base in Canada.

    Luntz taught Harper and the Conservatives that a political message had to be linked to the day-to-day lives of the average voter. Images and visuals are important — and images don’t get more powerful than a beheading. Warplanes dropping bombs that kill distant civilians are just video games by comparison. Images of Christians and aid workers decapitated on camera drum up domestic trauma in a way that coffins in far-away battlefields can’t match.

    1. hi anon...I read that Harris column and included it in a post. And I also wouldn't be surprised if Harper calls an election even sooner than most people imagine. He would like to strike while emotions are still running high, but he must know that he would pay a price for breaking his own election law, and in a close election it could cost him dearly. So bring it on, I've never been more ready...

  10. Anonymous12:36 PM

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