Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jason Kenney's Sorry and Surrealistic Terrorist Game

Well let nobody say I didn't warn them. I predicted Jason Kenney would be the worst possible Defence Minister for these troubled times.

I knew that sexually repressed religious fanatic would be inflamed by a religious war, and the sight of so many men in uniform.

And would soon lose control of himself, start shooting his mouth off, and trying to turn our mini-war in Iraq into an all-out crusade.

Defence Minister Jason Kenney has indicated the government is not ruling out taking Canada's military mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group beyond Iraq — to Syria and Libya.

And sure enough there he goes, or there he blows. Making it sound like he's prepared to expand our military mission.

Even though our six jets are apparently having trouble launching one bombing mission a week in Iraq, and expanding their area of operation would strain our limited resources further. 

As well as increasing the risk that one of our pilots could end up in an ISIS cage, being burned to death or beheaded.

But then of course it's all just posturing. Like that mini-mission itself. Just for show. Just a political game.

And Kenny is only trying to make the gulf between the Con position on the war and that of the opposition appear even wider, so the Harperite cult can use it as a wedge issue in the next election campaign.

And he is getting carried away. Telling everyone he meets, according to John Ivison, that his ancestors fought in the War of 1812, the Fenian Raids, the Boer War and in both World Wars.

And no doubt that his grandfather Mart Kenney, the famous Canadian band leader who he more closely resembles, played more than 200 Coca Cola Victory shows during the Second World War.

So he's a real soldier too eh?

Like his Great Warrior Leader...

Which would be hilarious, especially since Kenney is also the Minister for Multiculturalism...

And the contrast between his two jobs couldn't be more surrealistic or more Monty Python.

If it wasn't for the fact that by shooting his mouth off, and exaggerating Canada's tiny role in the war, both him and Harper are increasing the chances that we could be hit by a terrorist attack.

Which is almost certainly what what they both want, hopefully just before the next election.

And the good news? Kenney's blowhard ravings on terror and the Jihadi threat, is undermining support for the Cons in the very communities he has worked so hard to court. 

The Liberals have widened their lead over the Conservatives among foreign-born Canadians, according to a new EKOS Research poll.

Up one per cent from last week, 42 per cent of foreign-born Canadians are supporting the Liberals and 28.2 per cent are supporting the Conservatives — with a margin of error of 4.4 per cent. The NDP are in third, at 14.6 per cent, with the Greens trailing them at 8.2.

So they're gaining votes in some places, and losing them in others.

On the one hand, Conservative support in Quebec — where a recent poll showed a majority concerned about religious fundamentalism — remains strong. On the other, hints of nativism can push some immigrants away.

And it won't be long before the outbreak of fear and loathing in Quebec subsides, and other Canadians realize that Kenney is not the man for the job...

That we need a belligerent religious fanatic like him at a time like this, like we need a hole in the head, or a terrorist attack.

And that if we are to be truly safe.

That absurd Con blowhard must also be given his marching orders. All the way back to Alberta.

Before he brings disaster down upon us...

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Kirbycairo said...

As sickening and tragic as Kenny's escapes are already proving to be, they are an interesting development for this reason - the rightwing has a terrible habit of going overboard when it comes to these things. Seeing that they can instil fear and create support through a war effort, their little minds think "Hey, if a little war means a little support, then a lot of war must mean a lot of support." And what they forget is that many people like the idea of war but as soon as it gets too costly in lives or money, they quickly turn away (particularly if it is a war far away and doesn't seem directly tied to people's everyday lives.

Marmalade said...

When I stand back and take a long, hard look at the information(true or otherwise) that I have allowed(my choice)to enter my mind just this past week alone..........I must be honest with myself and finally realize that I do not believe that there will actually be an election here in Canada in 2015!

It's every man for himself in a "dog eat dog" world and basic human values have flown out the window!

Man's Greed is destroying us all and my faith in Humanity is at an all time low!

Simon said...

hi Kirby...I completely agree with you. Right-wingers like Kenney exist in a tea bag world, and when it comes to war they do have a strong tendency to go overboard. And you're right, many Canadians are quite happy to keep the war going as long as it's not too big, or too costly. And if they feel that the Cons are getting us into another major mission they will abandon them as quickly as they joined them...

Simon said...

hi Kathleen...I don't blame you for feeling that way. The world really is a crazy place these days. But it will remain crazy until the day that it's under new management, and we have no choice but to keep fighting until that day arrives.

Anonymous said...

If Harper and Kenney's mouthing off continue and their wish for an attack on Canadian soil comes to fruition, then I hope the "terrorists" ire is aimed squarely at them and not the majority of peace loving Canadians who are disgusted at their dangerous rhetoric and ridiculous fear mongering. How ironic that the closet coward is trying to pass himself off as mister tough guy. When you think about it, JT's CF18 comment was bang on.

Anonymous said...

We need to declare war on these fanatics and Kenney is the guy to show this leadership. True leadership. This blog is a communist rag. Go back to North Korea!

hinofan said...

What we have here are actors who see themselves in a religious conflict.
Both Kenney and Harper are religious zealots convinced,, as are al Baghdadi and Islamic State Salafists , that the return of Jesus is imminent and, in the case of Daesh or IS , that Jesus will fight alongside the ' Mahdi" whose return is also believed imminent, at a battle against the Antichrist, .either at Armageddon or a place called Dabiq in Northern Syria.
It sounds crazy but both groups want to hasten and facilitate Jesus' and the Mahdi's return..
(As a true believer why wouldn't you? )
The major problem for the non believer is that there are three religious groups with converging apocalyptic visions who have control of much US military weaponry to varying degrees, all concentrated in the same area.
Of course, since these Christians believe that Jews will come to accept Jesus as the Messiah just prior to the Return, full support for Israel under all circumstances is necessary and biblically warranted.
Check out Harper's church beliefs.
Also this strange Canadian Charity
ISIL beliefs.

I think we are part of something pretty diabolical !
Maybe it is time to attend a church to find out exactly what a particular " flock" is being "shepherded" into believing, supporting and voting for.
What was wrong with Tommy Douglas's version of Christianity?

Simon said...

hi hinofan....I'm surprised that more people haven't finally understood that religion, as Mencken once said, is the "greatest fomenter of hatred this planet has ever known." The whole world is in a turmoil thanks to the actions of violent religious fanatics all over the place. If religion ever worked to make the world a better place is doesn't work anymore. And thank God I'm an atheist... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...well of course they won't. They are too well protected and Harper is in his closet. Him and his Cons are deliberately increasing the risk of a terrorist attack on ordinary Canadians for crass political purposes, and for that alone they should be jailed...

Simon said...

hi that you? Surely you don't expect me to follow you to Armageddon? I warned you chastity was bad for you, so do the manly thing and resign. Before you start recruiting foreign workers to join your army. You were a disaster as an Immigration Minister, but now you're dangerous....

e.a.f. said...

its ever so nice that all these good Christian Cons like to go around killing other human beings. you know I didn't read that part in the Bible. perhaps Stevie and Jason ought to have a bible session with some one who is familiar with the Bible. Perhaps the Pope could instruct them on what is in the Bible. Oh, right they most likely think he is some left wing loonie.

Jason and Stevie's "desire" to bomb the shit out of any country they don't agree with might be their idea of a wet dream, but come on boys, its $90 thousand per bomb and income inequity in Canada is killing 40 thousand Canadians prematurely each and every year. Stats Canada has the infro to prove it. So how about we save some Canadians and have a poverty reduction plan or perhaps a plan to provide adequately for the children of this country instead of having them die prematurely when they become adults.

Marmalade said...

Hi e.a.f..........I have been wondering the same thing.........makes me feel sorry for their children!

Anonymous said...

Ya e.a.f. okay $90,000 per bomb and they carry more than one several actually. Now add the maintenance costs fuel costs pilots salary mechanics salary service costs airport fees this shit ain't free ya know. Now lets talk about logistics: every man and woman has to be fed clothed and put up somewhere to rest their weary heads when the days or nights mission is over. Do you think that is free? No way it costs up to a million dollars per hour on a combat mission to keep those F-18's flyable air-worthy fueled bomb/missile and cannon loaded maintained and all the rest. Most people do not understand these facts.

Why does a peace keeping nation need new fighter jets? Answer Pete and Steve want to play with war toys...

Mogs Moglio

So now wait a minute we are refueling other air forces jets? CTV says we are so it has gone well past the two million dollar mark per bombing hellfire missile run...