Monday, February 16, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Dirty Secrets that Could Destroy Him

I don't know what is keeping Stephen Harper awake at night these days. But judging from his deathly appearance he isn't getting much sleep.

And I bet there are a lot of things on his mind, that keep him tossing and turning in his bed. Or wandering around the grounds of 24 Sussex Drive dressed only in a housecoat.

His biggest fear is probably the economy, which is threatening to envelop him like a shroud. 

But as Michael Harris points out, the biggest monkey on his back is probably still Mike Duffy. 

That giant pot-hole on the political highway in front of Stephen Harper is the trial of Mike Duffy.

Put it in the bank; there is no deal or deal-making in the works from Duffy or his legal team. If his trial is cancelled or postponed, it will be because of actions taken by the Crown, or God, but not Duffy.

Because Ol' Duff is apparently going for broke, and although Boss Harper has managed to dodge the bullet so far.

Prime Minister Harper has managed to convict and punish his enemies without the nuisance of a hearing. They enter their trials with the aura of guilt already upon them.

If what Duffy's lawyer says is true:

The evidence will show that Sen. Duffy did not want to participate in Nigel Wright’s and the PMO’s repayment scenario, which they concocted for purely political purposes. There is much that is offensive here. But the evidence will show that it did not emanate from Sen. Duffy.”

Harper will be in big trouble. 

Perhaps it all emanated from the dark forces Hugh Segal warned of in his farewell speech last June. If so, April could prove the cruellest month for a prime minister who has so far been allowed to be the judge in his own cause.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, now he also has to worry about what his once faithful flunky flak Dimitri Soudas might also say about him.

Now that he has followed his beloved Eve Adams into the Garden of Justin...

Because Dimitri once said Harper was like a father to him. 

But he knows where all the bodies are buried, and like Duffy he knows all the dirty stories, so who knows what he might say now that he hates Big Daddy for humiliating him and his darling Eve?

Or what filthy secrets he might spill?

Soudas has a long history in the party and was often the one who fixed problems for Harper. He'd know which MPs have colourful elements in their pasts that they don't want revealed "He knows what it is to play very tough hardball, as they say, to put on the brass knuckles," Day said.

Or what buttons he might press to drive Stephen Harper CRAAAAZY.

Along with his knowledge of debate strategy, Soudas would know more generally how the prime minister thinks. Day says Soudas was with Harper all day, every day when he worked for him — "probably like nobody else, because he was right with him in virtually every moment, especially related to communications and strategy."

Because if there is one thing The Muzzler hates, it's people who know too much about the real Harper. 

And those who could squeal and pull the mask off the monster...

Which explains why he looks like he isn't sleeping well these days, and why he's trying so hard to distract us with the Great Terrorist Menace.

By making it sound like the ISIS crazies are threatening to behead us. 

“Barbaric acts such as this do not shake our resolve but, rather, confirm the rightness of our cause and the vital necessity of our mission against ISIL. We will not be intimidated.” 

While probably banging away in the basement praying or playing for a terrorist attack.

Because at this point that's just about the only thing that could win him another bloody majority.

And he is slowly going crazy, so he is capable of anything.

And the good news? The crazier and more desperate he gets, the more mistakes he will make. 

The more Canadians he will scare, or disgust.

And the more easily we will defeat him...

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  1. Duffy could be his undoing Simon but the best thing to happen would be to watch this evil creep unravel in front of the nation, Rob Ford style. Somebody, somewhere must have the "tapes" that would show just how much this low-life has lied and how many lives and careers he has destroyed in the process.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...I too would like to see the great unravelling, or the great expose. And all I can say is that Harper couldn't have made two more dangerous enemies. Both Duffy and Soudas both know a lot about the real Harper, and a carefully timed leak could do him great damage...

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I so look forward to the Old Duff trial and hope Dear Leader has to testify. If he refuses, people will see it as something to hide because in court, you HAVE to answer the questions. It wont be the pitiful joke known as Question Period where facts are seldom heard.
    As for Eve and Dimtitri, a brilliant move. Whether she is able to run or not is moot. The voices in Harper's head will be shrieking as he squirms in anguish over what beans Dimitri may spill. Soon, the fits of white hot rage will consume him until he is a babbling, incoherent psycho. Laureen!!! Call the asylum!!!!

    1. hi anon...I agree with everything you say. I don't see how Harper can escape being damaged by the Duffy trial, especially considering how few Canadians trust anything he says. The man could be innocent but still the badly damaged. And I also agree with you about the impact of Dimitri and Eve. Regardless of whether she runs or not, they are both blunt weapons that can be used to put the fear of god into the dictator. And at the very least drive his election campaign off the rails...

  3. Soudas might, just might, be able to rattle the skeletons in the Con closet..then again, doesn't it all seem a bit too pat, the two of them merrily going over to Justin the way they did, a few days after Eve got her wrist slapped, yet again..?
    Don't know why they would want to stoop to Harper's level over in the Lib camp; then again, it's nothing new for them to play the same dirty backroom tricks that the Cons are so justifiably famous for...
    Watch out, Justin, that Harper's foster 'son' Dimitri doesn't bite you in the bum when you aren't paying attention..

    1. hi mizdarlin...your partisanship is blinding you again. As you may know I have not been kind in the past to either Adams or Soudas. But her defection is apparently hurting him, and Dimitri could do him even more damage. And that really is the bottom line. As I've said before this is a war, and the only thing that counts is destroying the Cons before they destroy Canada. The sooner the left understands that the better off we will all be....

    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Yeah, so let's elect a real "progressive" leader like trudy who votes in favor of the nazi-onalistic bill C51 and welcomes with open arms poisonous, backstabbing filth like adams and soudas. Who's letting their partisanship blind them? Get over your bromance crush with trudy and start thinking with your big head, Simon!

    3. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Anon 8:52, Your lack of seeing the big picture explains your lack of intelligence. Your insinuation deserves exactly what you are. Nothing!

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Nigel Wright did aid, abet, covered up and paid the money, for a corrupt Senator that was stealing our tax dollars. How can they let Nigel Wright off his crime and not Duffy? I guess it depends on what information Duffy handed to his Lawyers? Duffy does seem to hold a grudge against Harper. Yet, another part of me wonders if the fix is in?

    1. hi anon...from a legal point of view the trial may or may not produce the results we want. But remember it is taking place in the run up to an election, so it will damage the Cons, whether the fix is in or not....

  5. In my opinion, I think Baird could see the light at the end of the tunnel and got out while he could shore up his pension..........there is a lot more to this they what we have been told!

    I would not make a very good politician........telling straight-faced lies!