Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Totally Wonderful Downfall of Dean Del Mastro

Well it was a brave attempt, some might say an outrageous attempt, to put a fork in the wheels of justice.

But sadly for Dean Del Mastro it just didn't work, and he will not be getting another trial.

A judge has dismissed the attempt by former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro to have his case reopened after she found him guilty on all counts for breaking campaign spending laws. 

Del Mastro's lawyer argued last month that Judge Lisa Cameron had made mistakes in her November judgment and that she should reconsider her findings. Cameron has decided against allowing Del Mastro to reopen the case, and is expected to hear sentencing arguments in Lindsay, Ont. on Thursday.

And now having alienated the judge even further, if that's possible, I fear the worst...

But then, who is to say he didn't deserve it?

With this kind of record....

Especially since he was Stephen Harper's Parliamentary Secretary AND the Con spokesman on electoral FRAUD...

And you can be sure his former boss won't be pleased...

Not when he's trying to pose as a Great Crime Busting Leader.

And not with this other massive problem heading his way...

And who's to say who will be shedding more tears, the Deaner or his Great Leader?

For who can forget this memorable performance?

And I can just hear Boss Harper repeating the same thing:

Why Mr Speaker, Why? Why? WHY ??!!#!!!!!

But it will not save him, because it will only remind Canadians that he has run the most corrupt Canadian government in Canadian history.

And with a little bit of luck,  it won't be long before he'll be joining him...

Yup. A Con is a Con is a Con.

And there's only one place they belong....

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  1. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Happy to see that your are back. Hope you had a great cruise vacation welcome back.

    1. hi anon...thank you it's good to be back, even though it's sixty degrees colder than where I was. ;)
      It was nice to lose myself for a few days, and have to concentrate on not hitting rocks and sand banks. But wherever I go I'm always glad to get back, and I do miss all of you...

  2. Anonymous1:43 AM

    If Dino doesn't get jail time for not only his crimes, but his utter contempt towards the judge and her findings, then it will prove once again that our laws only apply to us regular folk. Judge Lisa Cameron has a chance to prove that justice is for all so send the message to politicians of all stripes that there are consequences to your illegal actions.

    1. hi anon...I'm hoping that Del Mastro does get some time in jail, especially after the way he has behaved during and after his trial. The man's arrogance and bluster know no limits, and I'm surprised he hasn't been found guilty of contempt of court. Let's hope that the judge is saving up her anger for the day he is sentenced....

  3. e.a.f.2:15 AM

    stevie slime and his cons have passed 81 "crime bills". So what, they operate like organized crime. There aren't that many Hell's Angels clubs with a member with 31 charges against him, but hey the cons got Duffy. who knows how many other charges the other two senate cons will have. The cons have Paul Sona behind bars. stevie slime anointed Arthur Porter to "oversea" CISIS and he was charged with a $22 M fraud. How many "organized crime" rank and file have that type of charge. No if stevie wants to deal with crime he needs to take himself and the rest of his cons off to jail. Perhaps stevie needs to take himself off to jail for causing the deaths of Canadian First Nations women. He hasn't done anything to solve the problem, so he is part of it. The "great statesment" or crime boss?

    1. hi e.a.f...yes his Great Crime Busting plans are almost as absurd as his plans to bring transparency to government. Kafka would have had a field day with Boss Harper and his degenerate regime. And I dream of the day we can finally get rid of them...

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    The pathetic fellow even brought his baby to court. And it was apparently -30 deg outside. I am sure he could afford a babysitter for a few hours. Perhaps he would be pleading with the Judge not to jail him and keep him away from his baby? Especially if both he and his baby cry on cue, eh? See, Madam Cameron, you might want to punish me but how can you do this to my sweet baby? Lol

  5. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Increase the political and economic stakes for criminogenic public servants. Scrupulously claw back all publicly paid wages and benefits, automatically forfeit MP pension, strip any and all civic honours and awards, strike record of public service from honorary records, restrict any future right to own property, counsel private sector to limit employment and remuneration status, revoke all licences of privilege, increase fine consequences significantly, dramatically increase penitentiary consequence, tightly control international travel, suppress their access to public media appearances and editorial participation, require a significant duration of post-penitentiary military service to the nation, revoke rights to own market instruments in stock, bond or trade. Crime against the public service from within the nation's public honour is a serious matter that well ought to be legally and socially weighted with meaningful and firm consequence.